Sunday, December 30, 2007


the mayor look alike---
I pretend
to stare


Madison Square Park
the dollar is down---
holiday lights made of gold


Beijing morning---
is the sky
officially blue*?



a spider going up
reaches the ceiling---
end of the year


blue sky---
nothing left
of Christmas day dumplings


Colombian lunch---
are bananas


dense fog---
a smoke column
struggles to be seen


too many holidays lights
to see it coming


Winter holidays---
two little girls jump rope
in a boxing gym


overcast day
after Christmas---
I wear my new sun shades


Christmas day---
a Chinese store
has a sale on Christmas cards


Christmas morning---
a blind man and his dog
wait to cross the street


her blond hair
glows in the dark---
full moon


blue sky---
takes a nap

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Christmas shopping---
they are out
of macadamia nuts


Madison Square Park Winter---
the only stars to view
are dogs


December Saturday night---
the only bared skin
is the lower back


Winter solstice---
her fire kept me awake
all night


strong wind---
a seller of Christmas trees
ties them up


a hair dresser---
has no hair


New York City
Christmas tree---
size does matter


morning stillness---
the snowman
keeps on watching


December drizzle---
the snowman
is water proof


our snowman
lost his mouth piece---
a half moon


Thai restaurant---
Christmas songs
only in the kitchen


December blue sky---
all the white tinsel
is on Christmas trees


sunset viewing
from a heated parked car---
it's a hybrid


bitter cold morning---
I share my bed
with the cat

Sunday, December 16, 2007


strong wind---
an inflatable Santa
decides to fly back north


it's snowing again---
I need
dandruff shampoo


mid December train ride---
her skirt rises
as she dozes


December Fifth Avenue---
I eat a croissant
outside Tiffany


December New York---
above all that neon
crescent moon


December rush hour---
a rat
on steroids


winter flexes its wrath---
I stand close
to the rice steamer


walking in first snow storm---
no one
in a hurry


December sunset redness---
she wears


morning fog---
the graffiti
looks subtle


the smell of cooking
I keep eating my tuna salad


gloomy day---
the Christmas lights
shine brighter


once more
this holidays season---
gunman shoots in a crowd


rainy day---
the City Christmas tree
gets watered

Sunday, December 09, 2007


a children bookstore---
Santa Claus
is a woman


December Sunday
six AM---
my neighbor goes to work


Madison Square Park---
so many/
Christmas trees


morning stillness---
the cat watches
the Christmas lights


December snow flurries---
I go check
if they are real


morning fog---
I need to clean
my windows


at Starbucks---
a kid asks me
if I can solve Rubik's Cube


a polar bear
is still sleeping


December train ride---
she grasps her bag tight
every time the doors open


buying her a present---
the clerk asks me
what is she like


cold day---
Santa Claus face
is more red than usual


early morning---
can't tell the rising smoke
from the rain clouds


wind lifts Autumn leaves
in the air---the pigeons
mind their business


December jollies---
stuck in traffic
in Times Square

Sunday, December 02, 2007


going green---
not getting
a Christmas tree


first snow---
the doorman
is irritated


cold windy day---
a pigeon perched
on my air conditioner


blue sky---
who needs
her deep eyes


cleaning my desk---
I find November dust
on my diary


morning stillness---
sweeping away the ashes
of last night party


she says lighten up---
I wear my
alpaca sweater


want to be presidents
debate---no torture
but may be torture


geometry lesson---
day moon
next to a contrail


blue sky---
Santa Claus is living
on a boat in the North Pole


many say there will be
a recession---
I buy a bicycle


kids wait their turns
at the mall---
Santa is programmable


November gloom---
I peel
guava fruits


Monday morning rain---
a snail
drags its feet

Sunday, November 25, 2007


November sunset---
with a kick


blue sky---
we ran out
of toilet paper


Christmas shopping---
I forgot
her present size


full moon says
so what


Thanksgiving leftovers---
a harvest moon
wrapped with clouds


Black Friday
starts at midnight---
a long line to buy bagels


Thanksgiving Day---
a rat awaits
arrival of the garbage


morning haze---
I watch
high definition TV


we have house guests
for Thanksgiving--- I find
a brown leaf under my bed


harvest moon
above the skyline---
I take out the garbage


at the dentist---
someone's ring tones


dollar too low---
a street vendor
lists prices in euros


she has a twinkle
in her eyes---
I order more oysters


waiting for dawn---
I put milk
in my coffee

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Madison Square Park---
the solitude of
an Autumn Saturday night


end of November---
on the menu?


wrong address---
the doorman wears
a diamond earing


wading through yellow leaves
to cross the street---
a half moon


it's so cold
nothing is open on the beach


end of November storm---
no money
for a cab


Japan's spacecraft pictures*---
I prefer to view
the moon from the Earth


I have no
internet connection


cramming for an exam---
she swallows
the book


morning frost
on a tar roof---
the TV has no signal


more dead leaves
to shovel


overcast day---
she wears
her turquoise ring


the bridge lights turn on---
I ask for more


morning stillness---
a yellow leaf

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Veterans Day---
smart people
start wars


putting diamonds
on the heads of rusty nails---
first frost


I give her a piece
of my pumpkin pie


overcast day---
I take off
my eyeglasses


November drizzle---
she holds
my hand


no more stars
to con me


walks home alone
after school---
a kid cries


blue sky---
the Fettuccine Alfredo
tastes heavenly


cold November sunset---
the yellowness
of death


dark clouds
in the horizon


every one stares---
a woman
in fur coat


November drizzle---
a leaf sticks
to my heel


thousands of years passed---
finally King Tut
smiles at me


early morning---
can't find
where I put my eyeglasses

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Tabasco* under water---
sun sauce up your rays
to dry faster

*Mexican state flooded by rain


blue sky---
a man lifts up his head
and whistles


early November---
everyone walks
with hands inside their pockets


morning stillness---
a fly has survived


sunset viewing
through a glass window---
she's in the Bahamas


blue morning sky---
the Angora cat
sleeps under my bed


Madison Square Park---
cold wind makes it
harder to day dream


morning rush---
there is
an empty seat


at the Halloween Parade---
she says her name
is George


with all these rag dolls
for Halloween---
I miss my mummy


blue sky---
no more whistling
of sad tunes


close to Halloween---
a sign says
we have black roses


blue sky---
a column of smoke
too embarrassed to go up


he answers the door
face covered with shaving cream---
day moon

Sunday, October 28, 2007


blue sky---
as if one needs excuse
to go out for Sunday brunch


full moon before sunrise---
a chick walks ahead


October Saturday night---
no more


another day----
here heavy rain
fires in southern Cal


late October fog---
a ghost
calling me names


overcast morning---
my neighbor's bitch
giving me hard time


the flu shot---
my last time
mother held my hand


trick AND treat---
a spider busy weaving
late October


California wild fires
flames of hell---
Katrina's high waters


at the grocery store---
a blond bombshell asks
where is the pumpkin


dark clouds at sunset---
my neighbor
lights up his pumpkin


as I pick an apple---
a dark cloud shaped
like a scarecrow


late October warmth---
a witch
smiles at me


blue sky---
last night I updated
my haiku blog

Sunday, October 21, 2007


mid October---
someone forgot a skeleton
on the playground


waxing moon above
the Hudson skyline---
she leans on me


Madison Square Park
at dusk---a bright yellow leaf
hits me in the face


walking alone in Tokyo*---
she wears a Coke
vending machine

*Japanese fashion designs to fool

street criminals.Read more about it



blue sky---
a leaf swims
in yesterday's rain puddle


Sarkozy got divorced---
the socialists say
it was his fault


Times Square---
the only sex that's left
is in your head


hand in hand
they disappear into the fog---
October sunset


morning fog---
a cyclist


hazy dusk---black cat
with red neck band jumps between
tar covered roof tops


overcast morning---
I wipe the dew
off a Golden apple


new subway train---
the conductor
has no accent


first baby boomer files
for social security---
save me a slice


mid October sunset---
the cold wind
makes it sadder


going out she hides
her wedding band---
crescent moon

Sunday, October 14, 2007


October cold wind---
her yellow skirt


morning blue sky---
she made
the cappuccino


Madison Square Park---
a tourist asks
where's the bathroom*

*Many parks in New York City

don't have public bathrooms

including Madison Square Park.


blue sky---
my neighbor left
his garage door open


this time there's no
electoral college---
Al Gore wins Noble Peace Prize


morning fog---
a smoke column fights
its way through the crowd


sudden October downpour---
her cigarette
got wet


I turn on
a neon light


October sunset---
have to go to the kitchen

window to view it


morning stillness---
the cat watches
a butterfly


overcast sky---
he hands out fliers
for a tanning salon


morning rush after
a holiday Monday---
nothing changed


sweltering day---
I go out for some
Oktoberfest beer


Columbus Day---
I discover the shortest
route to an Irish pub

Sunday, October 07, 2007


an old pin ball machine
in a bar---
dollar per game


crowded subway---
he gives his girl friend
a long kiss


sunset viewing
from a train window---
I ride alone


Saturday morning---
the smell of cooking


fog hides the skyline---
Friday after hours
cigar bar


morning fog---
a school boy walks
in a straight line


October night---
warm enough for
a laced pink lemonade


morning fog---
I skip
the oatmeal


evening rush---
we touch every time the train
comes to a stop


overcast sky---
a traffic cop walks
with a smile on her face


a balloon moves up
till it disappears


Indian reservation---
too few home owners
for a subprime crisis


October First---
I put away
my Mets cap


overcast sky---
the teenager next doors
opened his windows

Sunday, September 30, 2007


standing near a chopper
as it rises---
a man adjusts his trousers


a woman puts on
her taffeta jacket


blue sky---
outside a clinic
a nurse takes a smoke break


setting full moon at dawn---
I switch discs
on the CD player


Autumn giant strawberries---
I give her
a French kiss


end of September
cool wind---
a playground swing squeaks


old age---
I'm getting to know
my genes real well


morning haze---
I wipe
my eyeglasses


It looks like I forgot
a house light on---
full moon


blue sky---
a polar bear
needs a home


A restaurant
with a raw bar---
she wears no under wear


morning stillness---
the cat tail
brushes my naked leg


the UN General
Assembly meets---
all the doves left town


blue sky---
no more

Sunday, September 23, 2007


dry late September day---
the sun shines
on her freckles


Madison square Park---
I watch the moon
through an American Elm


a nun in the subway---
I watch I don't make
any spelling errors


morning haze---
her bubble bath
is ready


a spider climbing
my window glass keeps falling---
not enough dirt


the smell of cooking rice
I go back to sleep


I'm scared
I step on her feet---
my tango teacher


as I wait
for my morning train---
an earthworm goes to work


mid September---
juice oranges are on sale
a half moon


blue sky---
the street is littered
with torn paper


suburb grocery store---
the shelf stuffers
speak English


a bride walks up
the steps of a church---
September blue sky


September play ground---
only the toddlers
keep coming


September cool---
I run into
my first Spanish teacher

Sunday, September 16, 2007


dusk---crescent moon
amongst dark clouds
I light more candles


giving her roses---


Madison Square Park
cool September day---
dogs have fun


a street artist
soon finished the skyline---
September fog


a mid September fly
acts aggressive---
I ignore it


sea food restaurant---
staff better dressed
than their customers


hot September day---
homeless man stands
by ice cream truck


morning blue sky---
last night I drank
all the white beer*

*a type of Belgian beer


My barber likes
the Russian soaps---
watches while he works


playing ping pong
with an old friend---
I decide to lose


September Eleven---
a ferryboat on the Hudson
moves on


September rain---
I take cover
under an oak tree


my dentist
takes x-rays---
the pain of the truth


morning fog---
only a chimney
is still visible

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Federer wins
the US Open---


a bee is busy
over the Azaleas


hot afternoon---
she's lost in her book
I in her décolleté


late night---
my neighbor is morning


the dog keeps barking---
a gorgeous woman


first week of school---
the rowdiness
of teenagers in the subway


clear September night---
she watches the stars
of TV


on my way to work---
she asks me
if I got a light


dry and bright
September day---
I skip the sauna


September sunset---
only the regulars
at the beach


school started---
old sneakers dangle
from a street lamp


first day of school---
a boy
forgot his name


they go out Labor Day---
he keeps talking
about his job


Labor Day---
a migrant worker sells
American flags

Sunday, September 02, 2007


bright Summer day---
viewing solar power cells
on City roofs


blue sky---
the cat plays
with a roll of tissue


Madison Square Park---
Federer playing tennis
on a big screen


a pigeon sings
but I am too sad to listen---
Summer ends


August Saturday night---
no one wants to play


August ends---
a green leaf
twirls in the wind


arguing with my neighbor
across the fence---
a sparrow changes sides


the strawberries gone bad---
our Angora cat
is shedding again


tennis rackets stick out
of shopping bags---
the US open started


a man dressed in a suit
is sock-less---
end of August


sun shines on a mosquito
as it sets---
sitting next to a redhead


end of August---
an empty window seat
on the morning train


bright August day---
a fly in my room
refuses to leave


blue sky---
no milk
for my morning coffee

Sunday, August 26, 2007


trying to balance
on one foot---
a fly won't let me


crowded train station
the stairs rail is sticky---
August heat


outdoors concert
of Arabian music---
a chorus of crickets


the smile
on his face


cool August---
a butterfly turned away
at my closed window


Madison Square Park
end of August---
no one is in a hurry


her face from a passing car
what's her name---
a waxing gibbous


morning fog---
a coyote
sounds louder


I'm wet and he asks
is it raining---
the redundancy


wearing fleece
in mid August---
global what?


the remnants
of a hurricane arrive---
and his mother-in-law


as I wait for a train---
a pigeon walks
back and forth


eating chicken---
the wish-bone so small
I wish better weather


cold August morning---
I make
hot coffee

Sunday, August 19, 2007


on a swing
only her in the park---
August drizzle


cold in August---
a pigeon retracts
its neck


church bells ring
from the force of the earth quake---
Pisco* destroyed

*city in Peru


she ties her grey hair
in a bun---
August blue sky


in the park
a fairy dances---
August smog


night time
on the beach---
a foolish dream passes by


cutting up red pepper
for the salad---
a drop of blood


overcast August day---
a fly keeps walking
on the floor


the wind turns
her skirts turns---
and my neck


Astoria Park
cool August day---
a yacht blows its whistle


the sadness
in her eyes


a Blue Jay
in the park---
I stare back


bright August day---
finishing the ice cream bar
before it melts


August drizzle---
I go
for a walk

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Madison Square Park
live folk music---
no one wears red suspenders


stargazers ooh---
the Perseid
meteor shower


bright August day---
her bleached blond hair
is unnoticed


the dirty dishes
of last night


once more heavy rain
floods the subway---
rats can swim


morning fog---
to minimalist music


a cool August day---
my friend buys
a hot swim suit


blue August sky---
a moth
on the window glass


August scorcher---
ozone so high
pigeons hang out on trees


August sudden downpours---
my grey hair
got darker


trying to find
drinking water
in empty park---August haze


a dark cloud passes
as the sun sets---
August short fuse


dark August clouds---
looking up Hiroshima
on the map


overcast day---
she cleans her
Japanese lacquer tea tray

Sunday, August 05, 2007


at a bus stop
a woman sells Chinese fans---
August stillness


more iced coffee
as if we need a reason---
Big Apple August


lil* boat
sails by the skyline---
August sunset

*urban slang for little


August lightening---
the fireflies
take the night off


she bends to pick up
water melon---
I keep my hands to myself


our new poet laureate
is a surrealist---


happy hour---
she tells the bartender
she lost her wedding ring


smell of freshly cut grass---
I caress
her crew cut


at the pier---no catches
the big fish busy eating
the small fish


bouzouki music
in the park---
dancing with men


July ends---
the next day is
September First


a neon sign says


Summer pool---
I remember
what Archimedes said


morning fog---
sits well
with the grey in my hair

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Paris Champs-Elysees---
bicycles race
Tour de France lives on


morning haze---
they both try
to avoid the wet spot


Madison Square Park---
cars honk
end of July boredom


Summer haze---
the nude beach
is empty


colored fluffy clouds---
cotton candy man comes
at sunset


hot Summer days---
men in dark suits
dozing on the train


Tour de France
doping scandal---
I miss Lance


Summer sunset---


Big Apple Summer
some roofs painted silver---
for lack of snow


outside an ice cream parlor
a homeless woman reclines---
late July


Summer afternoon---
flipping channels
I find a ballet


blue sky---
as if yesterday
did not happen


Hudson River Park---
a sparrow bathes
in the gravel


a rider on a Ferris wheel
goes up

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Big Apple Summer---
Coned screws up
once again


afternoon nap---
the buzz of a chopper
then a mosquito


viewing Venus
the skyline red lights wink---
Summer lust


late July---
a tree in a schoolyard
bears apples


Summer evening rush---
a man asks himself
why am I here


overcast morning---
a giant cockroach
comes out of the kitchen drain


top of the Alps
to the sea in one day---
Tour de France cycles on


joke telling Summer night---
a dancer tells his
with no words


Big Apple Summer---
many dress like
this is a mountain trail


Summer night
her pants slide as she sits---
crescent moon


Summer sunset---
they play tennis
on clay


going out
she curls her eyelashes---
crescent moon


rodeo riding---
the bulls
never lose


Madison Square Park
slow Summer day...
local women gossip

Sunday, July 15, 2007


mouth dripping
head Akita
sits in the hot sun


Summer sunset---
the sun comes out
for a quick dip


Bastille Day---
can democracy
truly unite Europe?


Bastille Day---
an elephant at the zoo
is let out for a walk


Friday the Thirteenth---
I make sure I remember
to put on sunscreen


morning stillness---
a mosquito buzzes
over an empty bed


Madison Square Park
after the heat wave---
the benches are full


Tour de France---
diligence of ants
climbing a sand hill


hot day in the park---
the frogs at the pond
sound bored


no flowers near by---
a butterfly lands
on my shoe lace


fallen scraps
of dead bark---
I buy dandruff shampoo


in the heat of a Summer noon
they fight---
two sparrows


hot day---
she writes a haiku
in minimal clothes


heat wave---
a homeless man
cooks with solar

Sunday, July 08, 2007


hot Sunday---
a worker on a scaffold
his sweat drops on passers by


Madison Square Fountain---
dimes outshine pennies
ten to one


Summer polluted air
turn on the air conditioner---
more pollution


the long days of Summer---
I start reading
Marcel Proust again


dry and hot day---
a pizza cook
goes on his lunch break


Summer fireworks---
a man at the bar
makes an obscene gesture


gloomy Summer day---
a black cat
chases a moth


July morning---
a squirrel stands
to do Tai Chi


Independence Day---
an illegal immigrant
serves me a meal


Fourth of July---
another day
at Guantanamo Bay


late night on the boardwalk---
a woman asks me
for a light


old couple view
a distant lighthouse---
July moonless night


July sunset---
she drops the mango pit
into the ocean


at the beach
a kid says he made
the lemonade---salty

Sunday, July 01, 2007


July First afternoon---
a fire cracker
wakes me up


July dawn---
the pier is littered
with beer bottles


Summer short fuse---
a dog chasing a squirrel
ran out of leach


brilliant blue sky---
I finally washed
my windows


late night---
fireflies rise up
in the cemetery


my dentist extracts
more teeth---
no tooth fairies


overcast morning
the smell of steaming rice---


a tree's luscious green
covers the walk signal


mid afternoon
Summer showers---
the spoiler


grey day---
the mailman passes me
with no "have a nice day"


Lincoln Center hot night---
the swing band
takes off jackets


heat wave---
a sparrow disappears
in a tree's hollow


the beach volleyball game
heats up


morning meditation---
a sparrow gives me
a strange look


Summer haze---
she is up on the roof
in the nude

Sunday, June 24, 2007


crowded train---
a teen keeps saying
she needs to pee


as I come out
of the subway---
a day moon


Summer carnival---
a flat chested woman
enters the wrong rest room


business is slow---
a street artist draws
the customer chair


end of the month---
no bread left over
to feed the sparrows


Madison Square Park---
the party tent full
of men in blue long sleeves


Summer Solstice---
an air conditioner drips
on my neck


crescent moon
at the city sky line---
watching from a beach chair


cool breeze---
the cicadas
sing louder


going to pay my rent---
I pass
a homeless man


Summer pool---
she crawls
I butterfly


nothing left
of the melon wedge
but the skin---crescent moon


fireflies blink
and her diamond tongue ring


Father's Day---
he would have stopped
had a smoke at that sunset

Sunday, June 17, 2007


blue sky---
a June bride
finishes dressing up


Madison Square Park---
after the rain stopped
the sprinklers start


the fortune teller
tells me---say less
observe more


for a rainy Sunday
to have a fish fry


once more a sparrow
wins the race
but loses the prize---to a pigeon


a black cat
comes out to stretch


a squirrel on the fire escape
I go wear some clothes


sunrise behind
overcast skies---
the milkman does not show up


subway new trains---
hard low plastic benches
now don't doze


overcast Summer day---
I flush out the mildew
from an old cap


Summer downpour---
a poodle not covered
by his master's umbrella


Summer playground---
many balls thrown
but no catches


I made
the sangria


blue sky---
she puts her blond hair
in my face

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Summer afternoon---
a passing old man
whistles a happy tune


bird sanctuary---
all the chirping stops


an ice cream truck
stands on Fifth Avenue---
it tastes the same


Summer haze---
a yellow frisbee
hangs in there


at the gym---
I finally learned
how to dance the twist


sunny June morning---
two kids walk
silently to school


Madison Square Park
at rush hour---
playing toddlers scream


cool Summer day---
the wind turns
my fan


doctor's office---
I hear the buzz
of a bee


morning stillness---
a ghost
goes home


a cool breeze---
she says something


Summer dusk---
she shares her yogurt
covered blackberries


hurricane season started---
my neighbor buys
a hybrid car


heavy rain---
the canopy leaks
a luxury tower

Sunday, June 03, 2007


she gets up from the grass
to wear her shorts


stormy Summer clouds---
a yellow butterfly


Central Park Zoo---
young male goats show off
for a living


June First---
a kid walks
with his shoelaces untied


crowded swimming pool---
her finger nails
touch my toes


hot day---
a man shares his ice cream
with his dog


dance night in the park---
two trees
have branches entangled


Madison Square Park---
much bared female limbs
the trees' fully covered


at the French Open---
her tan is reddish


a Summer dawn---
the suntan lotion ad
turns off its lights


a day moon
at sunset---
a haijin ghost


too much pollution---
a squirrel keeps
scratching itself


Memorial Day---
two sailors chat
with a homeless man


Memorial Day---
starts Iraq's
scorching Summer

Sunday, May 27, 2007


a picnic---
corn on the cob reminds me
of the teeth I'm missing


Madison Square Park
a bride and groom
get photographed---end of May


the UN tower---
all the windows
have the same color




she wears a loose short dress
the wind is calm


End of May---
I can't find
my swimsuit


Harvard Yard---
the trees
have tenure


sunset cool breeze---
the sparrows skip faster
than the leaves roll


bright day---
his black cowboy hat
casts a shadow on his eyes


clear Spring night
I buy two pizzas
for the price of one---half moon


I taste big ripe tomatoes
from her bounty---
later she gives two more


morning commute---
she has not turned
a page for a long time


boring chess game---
a grand master
defeats me


early morning---
the Spring sun shines
on my callouses

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Madison Square Park
sticky day---a sparrow
dips in the fountain


I'm dripping wet of rain---
the waiter asks
what I want to drink


listening to a sermon
on Saturday night---
no mention of hell


chilly late Spring day---
I go to pay
my overdue rent


street soccer---
a passer by
scores a goal


stormy Spring morning---
her mother
needs a ride


lunch hour in the park---
she is not
wearing panties


warm Spring night---
I stay out long enough
to see a Leprechaun


at the gym---
she calls the punching bag
a jerk


water drips
from a faucet---
the cat goes on a binge


trying on
a pair of jeans---
my diet is working


the Mets play
the Cubs


Monday afternoon---
old timers retell
their big fish stories


sitting under
a birch tree---
an ant climbs my bare leg

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Mother's Day---
she always liked
white roses


cleaner Hudson---
the old poles on which
piers stood now stand ducks


Madison Square Park---
the purple tulips
by the dog run look healthy

#Blue Jay

cool Spring morning---
a Blue Jay
lands on my windowsill


mid May---
she wears a diamond ring
on one of her toes


low Spring clouds over
the city skyline---
the smog acts natural


boring Spring sky---
a sparrow on the fire escape
jumps down


morning haze---
she's still wearing
her chiffon nightgown


hot Spring day---
an old sheik
parked by the river to pray


Spring blue sky---
the seagulls
stay airborne


a baby fly
has not found yet
the kitchen---Spring


I continue dreaming
in color


a bright Spring day---
some graffiti
looks bigger than before


morning rush---
the door of the train
does not open

Sunday, May 06, 2007


warm Spring night---
she dangles her giant tulips
over my face


Madison Square Park---
hear chatter at night
Spring warms up


sunset viewing---
waiting for a cruise ship
to pass by


Cinco de Mayo---
a songbird
crosses the border


she carries a book
by Hemingway---
I order a daiquiri


it's Autumn in Brazil---
I'd go there
if it's whatever


crowded subway car---
at the other end
an ex girlfriend


Spring blue sky---
a sailor tosses up
his hat


Spring in the park---
next to a chess game
girls play hopscotch


overcast morning---
I let my brightness
get me through it


the purple of her hair
and the sun's---
the rest is asphalt


bright Spring day---
the sun at my window
I have nothing to hide


beautiful Spring day---
I keep forgetting
it's Monday


we get in bed---
an orange full moon
is ready to go

Sunday, April 29, 2007


she lets me
hold her hand


late Spring---college girls
are out on the town
no one whistles any more


the Cherry Blossoms
of Park Avenue---
their petals don't fall


blooming daffodils
steal the show


Spring drizzle---
she lets the umbrella
dip back


morning stillness---
a snail is one step
closer to the edge


late afternoon---time to
stare into empty space
at Starbucks


morning rush---
the donut drips on
the story about trans fats


Spring dark clouds---
my barber asks
if I want all the grey out


baby leaves
go to work


end of the line---
a priest
smiles at me


she rests under
the Cherry Blossom tree


sitting in the warm
Spring sun---
I think of nothing


early morning---
a Spring breeze
carries car exhausts

Sunday, April 22, 2007


hot Spring day---
the girls across the alley
sunbath on the roof


she makes me
a blackberry smoothie


bright Spring day---
The Hudson sparkles
crystal cups click


warm Spring night---
her cleavage glistens
under a crescent moon


beautiful Spring day---
a dog never
catches the frisbee


blue sky---
a cleaning lady takes
the morning train home


no more rays
shine on the clock dial


overcast morning---
I am out
of clean white shirts


her lips are about
to kiss---
Cherry Blossom buds part


the purple buds
in her flat garden


cold and dark Spring day---
a dead squirrel
in a tree pit


morning rush---
the usual
black knights


Virginia Tech blood---
why is it so easy
to buy a gun?


high pressure moved out
low pressure moved in---
but still no sun

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Spring rain storm---
running to catch a bus
that splashed me


on Tax Day---
but for me no refunds


Madison Square Park---
a winter tree statue
sexier than real ones


morning walk---
beneath a tree
new leaves brush my cheek


feeling my age
in the gym---
an old lady flirts with me


heavy Spring rain---
in a bar the beer
runs like rivers


my friend says
there is no haiku


morning rain---
go to work


wearing a white mask
because of the pollution---
a day moon


New York subway---
her tee shirt says Red what?
early Spring


mid April---
a tree has not shot
any of its arrows yet


her picture
fell down


picking tomatoes to buy
she asks me which ones
I like best---Spring


morning stillness---
the tree buds
keep on pointing

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Easter Sunday---
a white dove
flies off a church tower


blue sky---
the cat hides
under my desk


swimming next to me---
her bikini bra
is smaller than my goggles


cold Spring day---
palm trees inside
the shopping mall


Good Friday---
my neighbor prays
in a mosque


snow flurries close to
the sound of bells


gloomy day---
a blind man passes
a blooming cherry tree


Spring chill---
I remember
January warmth


pouring rain---
I run into
my swimming instructor


too many yellow tulips
and no lilacs


eating in a deli---
the bread basket
has some unleavened


holy week---
my neighbor
gives me a hug


at the gym---
each time I look at her
she looks back at me


she has her toenails
painted pink---
Sakura petals fall

Sunday, April 01, 2007


standing in line---
all women to see
all men dancing


April's Fool---
I don't receive any mail
in my Bulk folder


Fourteen Street Pier
two boys fight
over a kite---Spring wind


a horsefly in my house
thinks it is a free country---


pissing at night---
a full moon tells me
if my aim is bull's-eye


blue sky---
above my head stands
a traffic chopper


evening rush---
a man plays the guitar
but no one hears it


warm Spring night---
a setting moon
takes its time


fine Spring day---
the Spider Mums
got me


a flock of geese
flies in a circle---


beautiful Spring afternoon---
my neighbor wears
her black leather skirt


farmers market---
a pear looks like
a potato


on a deserted sidewalk---
a long line
of ants


Spring Break---
two coeds turn their heads
to look at me

Sunday, March 25, 2007


a red grape
falls inside her décolleté


Madison Square Park rain---
a couple
don't even notice


I pet a cat
for a long time---
but no haiku


crescent moon
at my window---
I refill his glass


Spring showers---
a shut off sprinkler
spins in the wind


a dead sparrow
in the church yard---
early Spring


morning rush---
second day of Spring
and still no miniskirts


early morning---
not much left of last night
Black Forest cake


Spring solstice---
a birthday balloon
stuck in a leafless tree


waiting for Spring
to start---
I draw in charcoal


bright day---too many men
in sunglasses
stare at me


morning rush---
she steps on my toes
with her snow rubber boots


overcast day
dirty snow on the ground---
I close my gray curtains


Madison Square Park---
a pigeon shits on the snow
late March bright day

Sunday, March 18, 2007


snow on the ground---
the moon
walks on the water


late March sun shines
on more snow---
being blinded by hate


at a pub---I drink
Guinness and leave
the green beer for amateurs


Saint Patrick Day---
the weather
has an Irish temper


a snow storm---
I spill all the milk
I got


a cat drinks
from a dripping faucet---
predawn silence


Spring cleaning---
an old picture
of me in a swim suit


rubbing her callouses
the smell of pine---
almost Spring


for these colors to bloom
in my back yard


a hawk flies high---
traffic crawls
on the highway


foggy day---
I visit
the Turkish baths


a fly enters through
the kitchen window---
cooking cabbage


warm March day---
in the produce section
she smiles at me


morning rush---
at the end of the tunnel

Sunday, March 11, 2007


brunch at the pier---
eating seaweed
while watching seaweed


the clocks sprang
forward early---
while Spring still slumbers


a silent movie---
the audience
keeps on talking


the Ides of March---
a cat has passed
nine dogs


Friday afternoon---
it's too dark to find
where's the bathroom


a yellow frisbee
on a park bench---
sunny mid March


March sunset---
there is salt
in my sangria


new cover of soft snow---
an angora cat


March snow storm---
a young man
takes off his shirt


stormy morning---
some one silenced
her wind chimes


a seagull quacks
then quacks---
frigid day


morning rush---
a twin in a
crowded subway


cold wind---
her voice howls
from the other direction


blue sky---
a sparrow sees
its self in the puddle

Sunday, March 04, 2007


early March---
new graffiti
shaped like a tulip


Vietnamese noodle soup---
I look for quail eggs
Spring nears


Madison Square Park---
the snow all gone
a couple kiss at night


eating raw carrots
with chicken breast---
pass the saliva please


end of the month---
she wants to go
to her mother's for dinner


wind driven rain---
a turtle


all the snow melted---
she wears her
angora sweater


late night
the brass starts to jam---
full moon


my neighbor
paints the daffodils


warmer days---
the buds on trees
stay mum


overcast day---
she cooks


on a fire hydrant
I tie my shoes---behind me
a dog waits its turn


the waitress brings
grits with my eggs---
slush on the ground


she speaks English
with a Provence accent---
I order a glass of rosé

Sunday, February 25, 2007


she walks on the red
carpet like an actress---
Oscars' night


a woman loiters
on a street Saturday night---
the emptiness


I pull my navy tuque
over my ears---
a half moon


too many
broken hearts


early morning---only
a can of Campbell soup
in my pantry


morning rush---
she puts on lipstick
sitting next to me


watching the skyline
from a hammock---
crescent moon


he is still sitting
at the baccarat table---
Golden Pig


Ash Wednesday---
no line
at the halal food cart


she keeps pointing
her finger---
Japanese irises


Fat Tuesday---
an ice cream truck
parks on melting snow


morning stillness---
a crow finally
flies away


cat at the window
can't wait till the snow melt---
moonless night


she goes home
to feed her lovebird

Sunday, February 18, 2007


more babies are planed for
the year of the twice lucky:
Golden Pig


dirty big lumps of snow
blocks the crossway---
a kid starts to kick ass


her winter coat unzipped---
the sun copies itself
to her navel


sun rays
play in the snow---
the loudness


bathing beauty
on a billboard---
snow on the sidewalk


seeing my friend's
new haiku---I can't
believe my ears


finally those tar roofs
are brightly carpeted---
first snow


the sound of
shoveling snow


too much powdered sugar
even for Valentine Day


the red is blood
the presents bullets---
Valentine Day Massacre


the wind drives a leaf
over sidewalk snow---


a kid can not
find the purple crayon---


overcast morning---
a grey pigeon pesters me
for more crumbs


cold wind---
her blond hair
touches my face


morning stillness---
a snail
blows its horn

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Valentine Day---
the only red I want
is lips


mid February---
an Eskimo buys
his sweetheart a ring


East Village cafe---
bouzuki music plays
and no one dances


first date---
he does not
stop talking


once more
a sex symbol found dead


looking for her brand
of chocolate---I find
Belgian jelly beans


soft spoken---
her jewelry and music
are heavy metal


she watches me cook
a raspberry souffle---


too many stars---
an astronaut forgot
how to mend a broken heart


a flower shop---
her perfume is stronger
than nature's


the price of tortillas
goes up---
let them eat ethanol


very cold day---
a stuffed bear
stays under the bed covers


cold February day---
a florist takes
the red roses indoors


extreme cold weather---
the stars shine
more brightly

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Super Bowl party---
she asks me
if I like football


a seagull soars
above rising smoke---
cloudless winter skies


looking for wood
to knock on---
I found a chess table


beautiful blue sky---
a full moon refuses
to go to sleep


fog---a smoke column
is confused about
which way is up


February First---
a sun ray dances
on her cell phone


cold night---I pass the statue
of a man wearing
a winter coat


winter morning---
too many men
wearing grey suits


blue sky---
too little snow
fell to write about


morning stillness---
a man walks to work
in the snow


icy side-walk
I slip---
a tree stares


cold morning---
new graffiti
under blue sky


a cat out
on the prowl---
no dreamgirls


side-walk cafe---
only the squirrel
sits outside


late first snow---
not enough
for a snowball fight

Sunday, January 28, 2007


she does not notice
the new flowers


her lights
are still on


overcast winter day---
the old clock
is slower than usual


Saturday morning---
cold wind pushes
an empty swing


bitter cold morning---
smoke columns
take their time going up


cold night
I go home early---
in the moonlight


a kid
flies a kite---
too many seagulls


morning rush---
waiting for January
to end


pass me
the Tabasco sauce---
January sunset


who is she
behind the see-through veil?
crescent moon


Madison Square Park---
the plainness
of January


a tennis match---
where love
still means nothing


the lake swallows
the moon


I am cold Ma
I am cold


buds spring
in January---
an old dog walks on

Sunday, January 21, 2007


icy side walks---
the sparrows drink
from the gutter


bubble gum clouds---
the ice on the window
starts to melt


bitter cold---
I pass a swimming pool
emptied of water


an old man
plays in the snow---
more climate change


night of cold wind---
I take a shortcut
through the cemetery


Mexican restaurant---
her sombrero
touches mine


intense dark---
she says no need
to find the keys right away


morning stillness---
a cricket jumps
out of the ipod


dearest sun,
you missed
too many days


a clear winter day---
smoke columns
jockey for position


a normal day---
cold enough for you


morning rush
she has her shades on---
overcast sky


her little sister
asking her why she stopped---


a black and white cat
finally goes out---
can fox-trot

Sunday, January 14, 2007


gloomy afternoon---
a red haired woman
smiles at me


Sunday's silence---
a squirrel slowly
walks down the fire escape


Saturday night---
she waves goodbye
with her red rose


a new crack
in the window glass---
morning fog


after school---
she reads
a poem to her son


early morning---
I turn on the lights
to write a haiku


a soldier says goodbye
on his way back to Iraq---


beautiful morning---
I just ignore
the cold wind


snow flurries
falling from blue sky---
yesterday was summer


he still puts
catchup on his eggs---


at a general statue---
a dog salutes
by raising its leg


morning rush---
she pretends
not to see me


snacking on
blue corn chips---
moonless night


folding laundry---
the music
has too much static

Sunday, January 07, 2007


down town
Sunday morning---
nothing out there but geeks


in New York they wear shorts
all year round---


from behind grey blue clouds
into grey blue waters---
a winter sunset


overcast day---
my neighbor tells
another big fish story


camellia blossoms
in winter---don't fret
just enjoy it


morning stillness---
the winter wind
unable to move anything


an octopus stands
like a tree---winter night
Madison Square Park


morning rush---
her legs are bare
under her mink coat


new year---
more hunters are looking
for fewer boars


in the afternoon sky
a grey dinosaur yawns---


I turn off the lights---
a setting moon


crisp winter day---
I climb
a sun beam


morning rush---
a slower pace
after the winter holidays


boring day---
I rent
an anime movie


New Year's day---
a rain shower lets
the street weeds have a drink