Sunday, July 29, 2007


Paris Champs-Elysees---
bicycles race
Tour de France lives on


morning haze---
they both try
to avoid the wet spot


Madison Square Park---
cars honk
end of July boredom


Summer haze---
the nude beach
is empty


colored fluffy clouds---
cotton candy man comes
at sunset


hot Summer days---
men in dark suits
dozing on the train


Tour de France
doping scandal---
I miss Lance


Summer sunset---


Big Apple Summer
some roofs painted silver---
for lack of snow


outside an ice cream parlor
a homeless woman reclines---
late July


Summer afternoon---
flipping channels
I find a ballet


blue sky---
as if yesterday
did not happen


Hudson River Park---
a sparrow bathes
in the gravel


a rider on a Ferris wheel
goes up

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Big Apple Summer---
Coned screws up
once again


afternoon nap---
the buzz of a chopper
then a mosquito


viewing Venus
the skyline red lights wink---
Summer lust


late July---
a tree in a schoolyard
bears apples


Summer evening rush---
a man asks himself
why am I here


overcast morning---
a giant cockroach
comes out of the kitchen drain


top of the Alps
to the sea in one day---
Tour de France cycles on


joke telling Summer night---
a dancer tells his
with no words


Big Apple Summer---
many dress like
this is a mountain trail


Summer night
her pants slide as she sits---
crescent moon


Summer sunset---
they play tennis
on clay


going out
she curls her eyelashes---
crescent moon


rodeo riding---
the bulls
never lose


Madison Square Park
slow Summer day...
local women gossip

Sunday, July 15, 2007


mouth dripping
head Akita
sits in the hot sun


Summer sunset---
the sun comes out
for a quick dip


Bastille Day---
can democracy
truly unite Europe?


Bastille Day---
an elephant at the zoo
is let out for a walk


Friday the Thirteenth---
I make sure I remember
to put on sunscreen


morning stillness---
a mosquito buzzes
over an empty bed


Madison Square Park
after the heat wave---
the benches are full


Tour de France---
diligence of ants
climbing a sand hill


hot day in the park---
the frogs at the pond
sound bored


no flowers near by---
a butterfly lands
on my shoe lace


fallen scraps
of dead bark---
I buy dandruff shampoo


in the heat of a Summer noon
they fight---
two sparrows


hot day---
she writes a haiku
in minimal clothes


heat wave---
a homeless man
cooks with solar

Sunday, July 08, 2007


hot Sunday---
a worker on a scaffold
his sweat drops on passers by


Madison Square Fountain---
dimes outshine pennies
ten to one


Summer polluted air
turn on the air conditioner---
more pollution


the long days of Summer---
I start reading
Marcel Proust again


dry and hot day---
a pizza cook
goes on his lunch break


Summer fireworks---
a man at the bar
makes an obscene gesture


gloomy Summer day---
a black cat
chases a moth


July morning---
a squirrel stands
to do Tai Chi


Independence Day---
an illegal immigrant
serves me a meal


Fourth of July---
another day
at Guantanamo Bay


late night on the boardwalk---
a woman asks me
for a light


old couple view
a distant lighthouse---
July moonless night


July sunset---
she drops the mango pit
into the ocean


at the beach
a kid says he made
the lemonade---salty

Sunday, July 01, 2007


July First afternoon---
a fire cracker
wakes me up


July dawn---
the pier is littered
with beer bottles


Summer short fuse---
a dog chasing a squirrel
ran out of leach


brilliant blue sky---
I finally washed
my windows


late night---
fireflies rise up
in the cemetery


my dentist extracts
more teeth---
no tooth fairies


overcast morning
the smell of steaming rice---


a tree's luscious green
covers the walk signal


mid afternoon
Summer showers---
the spoiler


grey day---
the mailman passes me
with no "have a nice day"


Lincoln Center hot night---
the swing band
takes off jackets


heat wave---
a sparrow disappears
in a tree's hollow


the beach volleyball game
heats up


morning meditation---
a sparrow gives me
a strange look


Summer haze---
she is up on the roof
in the nude