Sunday, May 27, 2007


a picnic---
corn on the cob reminds me
of the teeth I'm missing


Madison Square Park
a bride and groom
get photographed---end of May


the UN tower---
all the windows
have the same color




she wears a loose short dress
the wind is calm


End of May---
I can't find
my swimsuit


Harvard Yard---
the trees
have tenure


sunset cool breeze---
the sparrows skip faster
than the leaves roll


bright day---
his black cowboy hat
casts a shadow on his eyes


clear Spring night
I buy two pizzas
for the price of one---half moon


I taste big ripe tomatoes
from her bounty---
later she gives two more


morning commute---
she has not turned
a page for a long time


boring chess game---
a grand master
defeats me


early morning---
the Spring sun shines
on my callouses

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Madison Square Park
sticky day---a sparrow
dips in the fountain


I'm dripping wet of rain---
the waiter asks
what I want to drink


listening to a sermon
on Saturday night---
no mention of hell


chilly late Spring day---
I go to pay
my overdue rent


street soccer---
a passer by
scores a goal


stormy Spring morning---
her mother
needs a ride


lunch hour in the park---
she is not
wearing panties


warm Spring night---
I stay out long enough
to see a Leprechaun


at the gym---
she calls the punching bag
a jerk


water drips
from a faucet---
the cat goes on a binge


trying on
a pair of jeans---
my diet is working


the Mets play
the Cubs


Monday afternoon---
old timers retell
their big fish stories


sitting under
a birch tree---
an ant climbs my bare leg

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Mother's Day---
she always liked
white roses


cleaner Hudson---
the old poles on which
piers stood now stand ducks


Madison Square Park---
the purple tulips
by the dog run look healthy

#Blue Jay

cool Spring morning---
a Blue Jay
lands on my windowsill


mid May---
she wears a diamond ring
on one of her toes


low Spring clouds over
the city skyline---
the smog acts natural


boring Spring sky---
a sparrow on the fire escape
jumps down


morning haze---
she's still wearing
her chiffon nightgown


hot Spring day---
an old sheik
parked by the river to pray


Spring blue sky---
the seagulls
stay airborne


a baby fly
has not found yet
the kitchen---Spring


I continue dreaming
in color


a bright Spring day---
some graffiti
looks bigger than before


morning rush---
the door of the train
does not open

Sunday, May 06, 2007


warm Spring night---
she dangles her giant tulips
over my face


Madison Square Park---
hear chatter at night
Spring warms up


sunset viewing---
waiting for a cruise ship
to pass by


Cinco de Mayo---
a songbird
crosses the border


she carries a book
by Hemingway---
I order a daiquiri


it's Autumn in Brazil---
I'd go there
if it's whatever


crowded subway car---
at the other end
an ex girlfriend


Spring blue sky---
a sailor tosses up
his hat


Spring in the park---
next to a chess game
girls play hopscotch


overcast morning---
I let my brightness
get me through it


the purple of her hair
and the sun's---
the rest is asphalt


bright Spring day---
the sun at my window
I have nothing to hide


beautiful Spring day---
I keep forgetting
it's Monday


we get in bed---
an orange full moon
is ready to go