Wednesday, February 01, 2012

1 February 2012


a half moon at sunset---
tries to act


a geometry pupil is
still trying to "square a circle"


Winter blue sky---
a Nordic woman gives me
an icy look


crescent moon behind clearing clouds---
like a row boat
on a stormy sea


East River sunset---
ducks also sink their faces
but rise again soon


Winter carnival---
a snake charmer
plays the flute


rays of red light sneak under
my curtains to wake me up


Sunday night lonesomeness---
crescent moon gets closer
to Venus


January blue sky---
a locomotive lets off


it's boring if you come back
with the same vices


a dry Winter day---
I come across a
Harley Davidson showroom 


Saturday blue sky---
a vintage pink Cadillac
passes by


the sound of a siren---
as lust rages


the graffiti on a wall


Mozart birthday---
I listen to a little
night music


seafood restaurant---
they serve the octopus


crescent moon at sunset---
couples stand to watch
a doubleheader


fog blocks sun light
a minimalist version
of the skyline


Winter morning fog---
a minimalist version
of the skyline


in storms---
New York City has the look
of a small town


Obama's State of the Union---
it lasted more
than an hour


morning rain---
a garbage truck gets
a cleaning


crescent moon behind light clouds---
a veiled woman


going out in a black dress---
she makes the aurora
light up


solar storms rage---
the aurora lights up
a Winter night


East River Winter day---
warm enough to take
a leisurely walk


morning after a storm blue sky---
the wind chimes change
their tune


the ravages of Winter---
dolphins stranded on Cape Cod
many die


the year of the dragon---
a dead giant cockroach
on my kitchen floor


morning fog---
the snow turns to slush
Monday blues


their field goal kicker misses---
the Ravens lose
to the Patriots


at the fortune teller---
an old maid seeks
an answer to a question


morning after
a snow storm ended---
Sunday subway is crowded


grey clouds---
fresh snow on the ground
chimney smoke in-between


the skyline towers in
a snow storm---Don Quixote
might have charged at them


at the sound of a knock
on his bedroom door---
a teenager goes soft


first snow in late January---
it's making up
for all the lost time


East River Winter---
cold wind, cold waters,
and the lonely


a dungeon mistress---
she knows how to elicit
from pain pleasure


morning blue sky---
a dog lies legs up
to scratch its back


New York Winter---
I don't pay for the heat
the landlord does


lunch time---
I watch a sushi chef
prepare my order


morning blue sky---
the weatherman says
snow on the way


a clear Winter night---
looking at the skyline
from the Brooklyn bridge


East River Winter brisk wind---
I can feel its sting
just staying home


as I pass a cemetery---
plenty of
dead roses


January blue sky---
a blue eyed blond woman
stares at me


Lincoln Center---
suddenly a cell phone
joins the orchestra


rainy Winter day---
a salon has two can tan
for price of one deal


a very cold Winter---
I wait for
Groundhog Day


Martin Luther King's Day---
Somali immigrant says
"I have a dram"


New York Giants beat
Green Bay---
next San Francisco


frigid day blue sky---
a poodle out for a walk
wears boots


a very cold night---
a man in t-shirt and shorts
goes out to smoke


our anti-heroes---
GI's piss on dead
Taliban soldiers


a cyclist pedal uphill
against cold wind


brisk cold wind dies---
snow flurries


Friday the Thirteenth---
the office politics takes
a turn to the worst


skyline evening fog---
the tourists go


morning fog---
a cabbie stops
at yellow lights


Japan's earth quake---
Germany shuts its
atomic energy plants


a night moon
changes to day moon


before dawn---
I check the weather
full moon over the skyline


January blue sky---
a heating oil truck
breaks down


at a school---
they scour where
this morning stink bomb was set off


who discovered America first?
the Vikings beat


I clean my window
to see it better---
full moon behind clouds


Winter sunset---
clouds shaped like
goose bumps


cloudy Winter Sunday---
hunters return from upstate
empty handed


New York Winter---
no one exposes body parts
but the hot blooded


just baked bagels
on a tray


the barmaid rings the closing bell-
Saturday night
full moon


January blue sky---
I toast it with a cup
of warm milk


late night January full moon---
I check the price
of gold coins


in a blue portion of the sky---
contrails keep crisscrossing


East River January---
few of each
except the seagulls


idle time at the office---
a man recalls his
last night dream


full moon behind clouds---
I get up to put
a second blanket


crowded subway---
she demands her birthday kiss
here and now


overcast Winter day---
a smoke column joins
the clouds


Winter ennui---
get yourself a partner
for whatever


Winter on Fifth Avenue---
fur covered creatures
in high heels


the night watchman
uses green technology---
Waxing Gibbous


a cold day ends---
dark smoke shoots out of chimneys 
sunset blush


January cold wind---
I warm up by
taking the subway


cold and windy day---
a little girl pretends to be
an airplane


away from home
for the first time---
a college kid keeps calling his mom


wearing multilayers
before going out---
January blue sky