Monday, July 27, 2009


July sudden downpour---
there are no


Summer sunrise---
salsa dancers are still


Yellow Yellow *---
she should teach
at Harvard



stupid *---marked by or resulting
from unreasoned
thinking or acting



playing tennis---
I confuse a sparrow
with the ball


noon disparate clouds---
she has the tears in her jeans
in the right places


Manhattan lunch hour---
my shadow quits
on me


a wind farm---
Don Quixote would
have had a field day


eclipse of the sun---
monks in orange


blue sky---
I order my eggs
sunny side up


evening fog---
a race car driver
takes the subway


morning fog---
a beggar wears
an orange coat


starless night---
a fisherman talks
to himself


July Twenty---
Neil Armstrong walks on the moon
in the Earth light

Monday, July 20, 2009


East River July---
so many picnics
I get hungry


Sunday blue sky---
a kid comes out
of confession


Central Park July---
a juggler


and that's the way it is---
Walter Cronkite


dense fog---
a nudist beach
empties up


Summer ennui---
there are no girls to watch
on the beach


the moonlight sonata
on a moonless night---
and empty arms


Judge Sotomayor's smarts---
she grew up watching
Perry Mason


clouds at sunset---
a Yoga class
does the head stand


Summer rush of wind
through the leaves---
she stops whispering


Bastille Day---
in a cafe they eat cake
as homeless men pass


blue sky---
she tells me
a white lie


Summer sunset---
coal miners


Madison Square Park Summer---
boys watch girls
girls watch every thing

Sunday, July 12, 2009


East River blue sky---
the wake
of a speed boat


Obama travels
to Africa


Saturday night---
the chaperon
goes for a walk


blue sky---
a monk does


East River breeze---
a sail boat overtakes
an oil tanker


a beer garden---
there is a bathroom
every where you look


I go so deep into
a pine wood---
I start thinking of porcupines


cool July day---
the ice cream man
goes for a coffee break


Tour De France---
all these men do this
for a kiss and flowers by day's end


blue sky---
a column of smoke
moves sideway


lonely in the park---
a dragonfly
caresses my face


morning stillness---
I watch
a Tai Chi class


Central Park green house gases---
a carriage horse shits
as he passes me


blue sky---
where did yesterday's
seagulls go

Sunday, July 05, 2009


July Fourth fireworks---
he tells me they got
bigger ones in China


Fourth of July sunset---
streaks of red and orange
the fireworks follow


beautiful weather
on July Fourth---
in God we trust


July Fourth---
Iranian protesters say
they were tortured


blue sky---
I buy dandruff


Sarah Palin resigned---
to do


blue sky---
a fisherman's bucket
is still empty


late night on the beach---
the only light on
is that of the lighthouse


a beach downpour---
they come out of the ocean
into a shower


on the beach---
a man tells me
go fly a kite


Summer haze---
the bikinis are skimpier
than usual


Summer moonless night---
in the light of fireflies
we kiss


Summer day clouds---
so what
if they will rain


hot day---
a beggar asks for money
to buy a bottle of water


blue sky---
but for a crowd
of Summer kites