Sunday, August 24, 2008


Olympics are over---

Obama comes back
as a mortal


bar bathroom---
they fight
over a man


fish market
Atlantic salmon---
I caught bigger this morning


the smell of watermelon
from last night garbage


restaurants food too expensive---
she wants to go
to McDonald's


wedding party---
groom much younger than the bride
Summer ends


Tony Bennett sings---
I age well


wind fueled---Hurricane Fay shows
Daytona Beach what fast
really looks like


always good weather
for a war


blue sky---
no empty spot on the beach
late August


Summer Olympics---
pandas have
plenty to eat


dawn---street lined with
empty trash cans
full moon


street lined with copper trash cans
full moon


the barmaid bows
as I pass her


I stop viewing
the lilacs

Sunday, August 17, 2008


hot August night---
she stands
staring out of her window


blue sky---
no milk left
for the kittens


hiking the woods---
their coolness sedates
late August


Olympic gymnasts perform---
I watch
a sloth sleeping


where do Yuppies
go for coffee now?


morning stillness---
during late August
downtown emptiness


through a hole in the clouds
the sun sets---
August lightening


a crow stands
on a gasoline pump


August late night---
at the bar
she wears shorts and smiles


blue sky---
I put the bedsheets
in laundry bin


August crowded pool---
no one wants
to play polo


grocery store at rush hour---
looking what's cheap
tempers flare


fancy French restaurant---
but where are
the truffles


Summer thunderstorms---
a surfer puts his board
on his head

Sunday, August 10, 2008


bicycles race on top
Great Wall of China---
that beats the Alps


August dusk---
pregnant woman takes a dip
a half moon


August Madison Square Park---
they all look like
Paris Hilton


August blue sky---
a Chinese dragon


Starbucks Summer---
young Egyptian housewives


August cloudy skies---
who cares remnants
of which hurricane


August sunset---
the eggplants have
in their soil baked


running after a bus---
mosquito in my way
August sun


Hiroshima Day---
I still want
to know why


Santa Fe---
chamber music swoons
August cactus stings


a real estate broker
says its price now is---


August dawn---
old man washes his feet
with garden hose


August fruit stand---
their cat
is well fed


Summer clouds---
the snows of Kilimanjaro
are whiter

Sunday, August 03, 2008


blue sky---
a jellyfish swims upwards


August heat---as they pass
her new boyfriend
tries to act cool


the man who
killed with anthrax---
killed himself with Tylenol


blue sky---
I look for place to hide
my diary from her


Summer barbecue---
it's the beer
that makes it taste good


a Coca- Cola sign
turns off


morning flower bulbs
at the backdoor---
who needs this kind of intrusion


morning haze---
she asks
who picked our lilacs


evening rush---
squirrel wants cross sidewalk


morning train---
he hauls his golf clubs
late July


more Summer
economic misery---
I reread Marx


Summer sunset---
she comes
too soon


Summer haze---
she wears
a beige bikini


smell coffee from house
of difficult neighbor