Saturday, March 25, 2006


light entangled in
a tree---
dances to the wind


new teacher from Japan---
his English
is better than my yoga


the Chrysler Building lights
the sky


eating lunch out
on Wall Street---
the sparrows look well fed


moonless night
on the river walk---
silently he misses her


pleasant summer day---
cloud like the top
of a carousel


summer near its end---
I paint the roof


broken homes,
single neighbors have children---
just for the weekend


day moon---
I have no change
for the parking meter


reading room---
the silence of turned pages
punctuated by snores

[inspired by a haiku Bill Kenney posted in urban-ku yahoo group]


in the clouds,
my childhood gold fish

#it's a Union Square

long kisses---
they break
to look at the full moon


winter sunset
... an old man
digs a ditch


my shadow suddenly scares me---
full moon


predawn stillness---
a melon scented candle
burns out

#summer grass

summer grass
after the rain---
I walk bare foot


piercing bricks,
my neighbor's drumming

[inspired by a haiku of Basho: stillness: piercing the rocks, cicadas' voices]


stop asking me---
do it your way,


dog keeps barking,
I ring a bell for him---
he stops


wilted leaves
where samurai swords
used to pierce

#variation on Basho's haiku 44: "warriors" (1689)

Basho's haiku:

summer grasses grow thick where the warriors used to dream

My haiku:

wilted leaves
where samurai swords
used to pierce


thunder storms
herald cool air ---
I light up a cigar

#it's a Union Square

Union Square farmers' market---
a pregnant woman
sizes up melons


morning haze---
a ferris wheel
cracks the sky

#variation on Basho's haiku 43 (1689)

Basho's haiku:

one paddy planted, I walk away from the willow

My haiku:

one paddy planted---
I am off
to play cricket

#variation on Basho's haiku 42: "spring departs---" (1689)

Basho's haiku:

spring departs and in the eyes of fish tears

My haiku:

summer arrives
and in the eyes of fish
tears---for real


hot day---
with yellow sea turtles


The sparrows on asphalt---
almost invisible
at sunset


dry night---
a firefly tries
to enter my nose


early morning---
sun light shines
rusted iron


a red and yellow kite


short night---
a tramp had his fill
of empty beer cans


the soft look---
a manatee
had a lot of mall practice


the sparrows feast
on millet, the pigeons---
left over rice

#variation on Basho's haiku 41: "Sparrows" (1688)

Basho's haiku:

A good house: sparrows delight in millet behind the back door

My haiku:

the sparrows feast
on millet, the pigeons---
left over rice

#variation on Basho's haiku 40: "Octopus" (1688)

Basho's haiku:

Octopus traps -- fleeting dreams -- the summer moon

My haiku:

an octopus trapped,
I set it free---
back to my summer dreams

#variation on Basho's haiku 38: "Fishermen's Faces" (1688)

Basho's haiku:

Fishermens' faces were seen first, then the poppy flowers

My haiku:

fishermen's faces----
I stop eating
dried cod


the bridge lights come on---
someone cooking rice


a sail boat stops---
puffed red clouds


full moon---
the light house


morning tai chi---
a shadow
wants to fight


spider web on the window shelf


very hot night---
the dogs haven't barked
for hours

#Lance Armstrong

I finally got
a yellow band---
Lance Armstrong


the alarm clock
keeps ringing

#two women

two women
have coffee on a roof---
puffed red drawings


keeps squeaking---
pulling the rope
to hang from her window laundry


it swings as she bows---
her yellow roses


a dressed woman
comes out of the cake---
grandpa soon to rewed


skeptic bookie
takes bets---
sun will rise tomorrow


behind the skyline
a higher skyline of red clouds


subway ride---
a kid asks a cop
what's in his pocket

#deep sea

deep sea---nothing is left

#Variation on Basho's "Pea Crab"

Basho's haiku 34 (1687):

A pea crab crawls up my leg from the clear water.

My haiku:

a lobster clutching
my big toe---
I pee on it


on a London bus
sightseeing in New York---
some patrons were handcuffed

[Note: true story]


I arrived late,
saw the aftermath


painted trees on a store's window---
cactus plants
sit outside


passed me,
asked for a quarter---
and smiled


Saturday's night,
a traffic island park---
the women ain't shy


early morning---
a Ralph Lauren suit
walking a poodle


walking at night,
I came across a fine pumpkin---
full moon


a red cloud lingers
over the Empire State Building


hot weather sale,
two for the price of one---

#Google Moon

I tried Google Moon---
grey dust
all over my fingers


city summer nights---
an Eskimo dreams
of his hometown


weeds grew around
a fire hydrant---
hiding it completely


heat wave---
listening to the cricket
while sitting in Starbucks


today's date same as when the Spanish Civil War started*---

[*July 18, 1936]

#in line

standing in line to buy
mini muffins, I turned---
hers were in my face

#variation on Basho's Haiku 31

Matsuo Basho's Haiku 31 (1687) "Skylarks"

Through this long day, the skylarks have not sung enough

My haiku:

with so many crickets
who needs
the skylark


hot night---
the moon just came out
of the swimming pool


foggy morning---
my neighbors
forgot wearing clothes


Saturday night---
a church organist
listens to Metallica


an ant ascends
my leg


Friday night---
a gigolo complains
about his sex life

#July fifteen

July fifteen---
a day later,
the lights are red, white, and blue


late night---
a spider crawling
Internet Explorer

#it's a Union Square

Union Square's half moon---
still looking for
its other


lunch break---
a butcher makes himself
a sandwich


summer afternoon---
under cumulus clouds
flipping hamburgers


the pizza
just arrived


almost forgotten---
the wind now and then
whistles her name


high noon on a lawn---
me and a cute bird
eating lunch


bikini panties
glowing in the dark---
crescent moon


tango in the park---
her knee swings up
too far


firefly in the subway---
the batteries never
run out


clear sky---
till what's left of
the next hurricane arrives


a summer rainy day---
I took a nap,
then another


riding the subway---
fog and rain


London and New York
are sisters---
hand in hand they walk


going to a dance
in the park---
I carry my umbrella


pigeons eating
left over rice---
they like it


gray ocean---
I stay home and listen
to B.B.King


lost on the street---
the statue of a saint
faces the right way


watching the fireworks---
suddenly the sky
has a ceiling


independence day,
all men are created equal---
even them

#sunset July third, 2005

red, white, and blue stripes---
the stars later

#a variation on Basho's azaleas

Azaleas arranged, beside them a woman dries cod.
Matsuo Basho, haiku #23, 1685

late afternoon---
a farmer rests her feet
beside the azaleas


western swing in the park---
on a count of eight
the fireflies light up


a beetle, the gates
of windows, and you too
say love africa


above the el
a seagull passed


star gazing---
a little ant walks
inside a comet

[Note:On July 4th a NASA probe, Deep Impact will walk inside a comet, Temple
1, send pictures of it to Earth and then burn out.]

#it's a Union Square

the sun shines while it rains---
nothing stays undisputed
at Union Square


eating watermelon,
after the melon all gone---
moonless night


afternoon breakfast---
eggs sunny side up
are almost over


the heat!
last night I dreamed
I was in a blizzard


hot night---
a mouse trapped
by a cool breeze


nothing to do
but staring


quickly a squirrel
crossed the side walk---
I said: you're a rat


a kid keeps moving
chairs around---
but the music doesn't stop


a city playground---
from its cement sprouts
some wild weeds


sunset in the park---
a kid scores
a slam dunk


cleaned the oven---
now baked potatoes will
smell like pine trees


popping on roof tops---
the relay cells
of cell phones


early morning---
cursing the inventor
of car alarms


as nights get warmer
voices on the roof
get softer

#it's a Union Square

Union Square---
rats cross
to enter their subway


gray and pink lines upside down---
I spilled my tequila sunrise


early morning---
motors are mowing down
a dead tree


at a distance
a towering inferno


a crane next
to water lilies---
construction in the park

#Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center Plaza,
Artie Shaw band plays---
next the frogs at the pond

#Battery Park

Battery Park---
across the waters
stands a big lady


boring night---
the cricket keeps repeating


sparrows on the tree
soon it will be all dark


early morning---
stuck in traffic,
the sound of a fog horn

#fathers day

fathers day---
he stops to buy him
ice cream


trees run then stop---
looking out of a train
first time


a tree with dense leaves,
under it were spun
many summer dreams

#at the movies

summer afternoon
at the movies---
a rude awakening


two flowers
side by side---
I pick one, not the other


a cool breeze
caresses green leaves


thunderstorms over---
the Chrysler Building's
eagles glisten


life in the fifties
so sweet and simple---
a lost ant back in the fold


painted on the roof
across my window---
the ears of a red spaniel


kids buy ices
from a passing vendor


walking to the dentist,
in the hot sun---
my mouth feels real dry


walking at night
naked limps


lunch hour downtown---
the sound of crows
drowns all other sound


a day at the pond,
I feel content like
a lotus_eater

#it's a Union Square

hot Saturday night,
out late in the park---
Eve forgot her fig leaf


early morning
a pigeon cooing:
another hot day


I doze in the subway,
wake up at Coney Island


hot day---
two sparrows play
hide and seek under a car

#summer solstice

summer solstice---
I click glasses
with shadows

#ice cream store

new ice cream store,
at the door two bicycles
lie entangled


the leaves swing
to a cool breeze

#your side

how about you tell me
your side of the story


dusk on my porch---
I can still see
the dafodils

#on high

keep it on "high cool"---
for a moment I thought
we're in July, not June


hot and humid Sunday,
I go to a bar to cool down---
no ice


at eight thirty
it's sixty degrees---
and sunny


neighbors having
a backyard party---
I could overhear the kissing

#sky window

hot day---
his car won't start,
he opened the sky window


the parakeet
at odds with the parrot---
it's plagiarism

#it's a Union Square

cold evening---
the sax player
switches to baritone

#Fat Cat

Fat Cat ran to the
next window to keep
spying on a police dog


crow walking
on a tar covered roof---
low clouds


laptops, cell phones, and
mint chip _mocha cups---
horse drawn carriages outside

#my frog haiku

Basho's frog haiku:

Furu ike ya Old pond!
kawazu tobikomu frog jumps in
mizu no oto water’s sound

my frog haiku:

I'm sick and tired
of you frog---
go jump in a lake


in shorts at night---
she bypasses Tiffany's
going to the gym


I looked up the name:
tonight's is Waning Crescent---
the moon


that same rhythm
page after page---
I fall asleep


the old man's staring---
his wife left him
for a younger man


May sun sets
behind two trees---
I hear echoes of bells jingle


cars honk
at a stop sign
a millipede crosses---slowly


that old crow's been
in enough haiku
to fill a Yahoo mail account

#haiku moments

haiku moments---
suddenly you stop,
you go back and look


the rain hitting the window
is saying sambuca

#Memorial Day

Memorial Day---
flag draped coffins
still arrive


Friday morning---
that same old boring


blue eyed blond,
blue scarf, blue coat, blue umbrella---

#it's a Union Square

naked women on the grass---
in bronze
by Rene Letourneur


at the metro card machine,
with a gun---
Pancho Villa's mustaches

#on cell

at Starbucks
the voice of Ella dwarfed
by the voice of Ella on cell


the trees fully grown leaves
hide lower level

#City Ballet Review: May 24, 2005

cool rainy day---
I go
to the ballet

City Ballet danced
Bach's Goldberg Variations,
by Robbins--it's sunny

Cameron Grant's
playing the piano---
I felt grand

partnering Weese---
Peter Boal's
very sweet

and Neal's---
beautiful little bird

many jumps to second
and tour---and tour---and tour---
that's mine!

then Glass Pieces---
also by Robbins,
dancers walk but go no where

going back home---
it warmed up
and the rain stopped


on her chair
on the porch---
a feather


toasted bagel
and cappuccino---
her delicate oriental looks


pen and paper
writing haiku
my duty every day

#the moon

I woke up feeling someone
pointing a light saber at me---
the moon

#it's a Union Square

all benches full---
except the with pigeon shit
strewn ones


from her Ann Taylor
shopping bag,
sticks out a baguette


depleted sunlight,
her shadow and her
become one


New York's well fed pigeons:
first walk--- then run--- then fly---
just kick their ass!


my boss
wrote a haiku
about his nose


nice day,
eating lunch outside---
two men discuss Plato


at a locksmith: covering
the store's windows
locked steel gates


rain and one grayish green celebrated

#the Zoo

the Zoo in May---
the young of animals
and humans


a rope walker

#mid may

mid may---
the sun's heat caresses;
the shade's cool air tickles

#a cat

a cat
at night
walking---then jumped into the bushes


ocean viewing---
with each soft caress
the splashing of the surf


under a streetlight
a dog walker


on a beach---
a seashell whispers
a distant lover's heart beat


hot day---
graffiti on the roofs

#a ride?

on the train after school
a two seater bicycle---
need a ride?


Sony Atrium---
the smell of rubber,
Spider Man walks the ceiling


Madison Square Park lunch time--
a sparrow's looking
to see who's new

#mothers' day

mothers' day---
I wish I could still say:
"o I forgot to call her"


cleaning man in the subway
plays golf:
broom stick and an m&m

#in line

standing in line---
she smiled baring her midriff,
I smiled bearing it all


still not dark enough to view
the Empire State Building's lights


bored to tears,
the crocodile
chews on weeds


rush hour---
he gives his seat,
she carries a Victoria's Secret bag


at the foot of
a black glass tower
wilted lilacs


side walk potted flowers sale---
calla lilies:
eight dollars each


one of New York's finest
to a star obstacle vaulter


the clown
at his desk
counting his marbles


fly on the window
awe stricken---
plane lands at LaGuardia

#no showing off

fog covered skyline---
just lights
and no showing off

#rain check

sun set---
nothing doing
I took a rain check


haiku wrapped insect---
click "delete"


brick paved street
at the cemetery


these empty lines---
waiting for their "moment"
and click on "send"


spring purple rose---
choosing love
over war


morning fog---
the marina sinks
boat by boat

#summer time

summer time---
and the baker has
a sale


the doctor tending the patient---
the Yankees
playing tonight

#red lights

foggy night---
all is left
are blinking red lights


the scent of a rose,
not the rose itself---
has a metal stem


pouring rain---
through a hole for two minutes
the sun watched

#sun set

sun set---
too soon slipped in a cloud belt
and set it on fire

#spring cleaning

spring cleaning day:
some weird living things---
also dead


end of the subway line
outside the station---
an H&R Block


on the sidewalk
next to the tulips
a tulip in chalk

#snow shower

cold wind gusts---
snow shower
from apple blossoms


a waterfall of light
gushing out of dark clouds


at the street fair:
ride a pony
for real---from Kentucky


all his money gone
he's still reading
the racing paper


checking the forecast---
the radar is prettier
than rain in person


in a subway tunnel
a worker sings
his ears muffled


walking passing
much apple blossom---
many April weddings

#it's a Union Square

red and yellow tulips
in Union Square---
Gandhi poses

[In Union Square, New York City there is a statue of Gandhi cast while he is


retired Checker cab
repainted Yankee's
blue and white


small tree
with small new leaves---
tickles the ears

#french fries

long yellow finger nails---
eating french fries
at McDonald

#new Pope

short wait
for white Sistine smoke


dark street---
green half moon
through spring apple blossom


sign in the subway:
"hold tight"---
at rush hour hold the others

#it's a Union Square

Washington on a horse---
the army behind him
is sun bathing


from the State Capitol
never white smoke

#hand in hand

a spring Sunday afternoon--
scantly dressed bodies
walk hand in hand


Sunday morn'
walked too far west---
someone singing gospel


some haiku---
an art store
in a suburban mall


the City from across
the East River---
concrete Titans


taking photos---
a shadow
did not miss any shadows


Saturday morning---
in an empty booth
a left over sports section


early morning---
the sound of a garbage truck

#another pointing haiku

a little girl
points to a star
with a wand

#on the wagon

cool dry April days---
pigeons going
on the wagon


two junkyard dogs
at a Porche speeding by

#over the hill

over the hill yuppies---
even donut shops
now serve espresso

#the sun

the sun in my eyes;
soon it will set---
I keep looking


a grey hound in the midst
of Saturday afternoon shoppers


crescent moon
before dark---


little buds
all over bare branches---


the Brooklyn Bridge---
did make you feel breathless?

#this week we got reminded

why Henry VIII
told the Pope
go jump in a lake
#chicken feet

Mexican food take out-
chicken feet soup
upon request


early spring---
baby pigeons
eating with the sparrows

#old man

cloudy morning---
the old man at his desk
secreting a haiku

#a frog

a frog stares at me
from under a rock---
I say no

#amusement park

sleet storm---
umbrellas bump and rebound
like cars in an amusement park


early spring
flaky showers---
seagulls shed feathers

#reason you believe

some times the reason
you believe what you believe
is just luck


the sounds of the Dead,
the smell of incense---
Marcuse covered with dust


vernal equinox---
the rain didn't feel different
than autumn's


early spring rain---
leafless branches


I can still see
my neighbor read


too cold to open a window
but still---spring


March seventeen---
the nurse wears
green shoes


spring at a swamp---
a see thru shrimp
digests its food


spring fever---
freshly painted
cherry red graffiti


day dreaming---
summer nights on a hammock:
crescent moon


mid March---
soon it'll be shamrocks
all over


florescent short nail
in a dark club---
crescent moon


evening blue sky---
shredded cotton


cafe with a telescope;
I looked---
a huge moon hangs from a ceiling


outside my window
Saturday morning---
soap bubbles rise

#Ballet News: ballet booing

[UK News]: The characters of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles were
booed by dance fans attending the Manchester premiere of the ballet "Diana,
the Princess."

Otherwise, fans at the Palace Theater were noisily appreciative of the
interpretation by Danish choreographer Peter Schaufuss and Zara Deakin, who
plays the late princess.

still not as bad
as booing---
Nijinsky "Rights of Spring"

#Ballet Talk: booooo!

when my ballet is done
it'll have plenty ballet baddies to

#dig me?

red light on tall building
whispering to passing planes:
dig me?


early morning---
still watching the water
brewing my tea

#cool down

beige fury cat
out on the sidewalk
lies on her back to cool down


snow of
yesterday's storm---
wear your eyes-shades


clean blue sky---
smoke gushing out;
red and white tall chimney


after the snow ended
some one lit a fire---
in the horizon


walking to the dentist
in a snow storm---
grinding glass


a trail of petals
leading to a window sign:
"find out who loves you"


finally it warmed up---
I didn't wear my rabbit


jet plane so high---
on a glass door


red tiled slanted
roofs over look
a rocky beach


leafless trees
behind a mesh wire fence-
above it barbed wire

#on the rocks

Tiffany lamps hang
from the ceiling---
I say Campari on the rocks

#snow girl

a snow man in a
school play ground is
a snow girl


sun is out,
but the air is cold---
soon will start spring training


more snow flurries
fueling more temper furies
at morbid weather


fresh snow--- all foot prints
lead away from entrance
to the subway


snow flakes move in the air-
like heat agitated
water molecules

#no where

tree looks like a map
roads going---
no where


asked for mint
ice cream, I got pistachio-
ate it


full moon,
Friday night-
knock on wood


you wouldn't know it's winter
till you look down-


snow falls in large flakes
like white confetti---
nothing to celebrate


some faint red light
still left in the horizon--
I pour more wine


spring day,
birds perched on the roof---
I clean my windows

#the other side!

full moon before sunrise
pretends to be the sun---
the other side!


gray sky,
walking in slush---
spiky trees


a President's Day snow storm---
all mush
and no grits


cloudy sky---
a blond
passes by

#red ears

beckoning cat
in a Chinese take-out--
has red ears


cold air outside my window,
giant refrigerators---


a dog chases ducks
into the pond---
the ice finally cracked

#bird feeder

a bird feeder hangs from a branch-
sparrows more than buds
by two to one


cold and cloudy
early Thursday morning---
I go back to sleep

#sun set

sun set---
the storm ends, the sky clears,
one cloud catches fire


the streets are flooded-
I use my umbrella
to measure depth


a blind woman
lead by a dog stops---
another dog passes by


I keep looking
for the other half of the scale---
a half moon


the rain stopped, the sun shines,
and the crow perched
on his usual place


rained all day---
the puddles got deeper,
my jumps shorter


the rain comes down
in strings
of little pearls

it's a Union Square Valentine Day:
two haiku

nothing red
except the sign of

the black dog
of the label black and white
is happy to be here


ladders lie
in storage on a roof ---
end of the line is a dive


crescent moon beams over
Manhattan sky line---
another tourist


busy streets, snow all gone,
as normal the sidewalks are

#Paris Hilton

she looked so cool
on the Letterman show---
that's hot

#Valentine Day

Valentine Day---
the grocery store has a sale
on garlic


strong cold wind---
I follow the smell of cooking
to the nearest food cart

#jelly beans

viewing the soon
to be flowers--
a jar of jelly beans


strong wind rolling
empty cans on my roof---
intense heavy metal


behind the doll
as it moves on stage
a man's shadow

#Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday---
for a moment I thought
her forehead was bleeding


in white robe and stethoscope
out on the street
for her cigarette break


dark clouds will rain
here may be


cloudy day--
I let the crow
feel welcome


she sips coffee--
one ear wired to an ipod
the other at her cell


quiet morning-
a mockingbird
answers his own call

#last month

the sun as it sets--
than at noon, last month


warm and sunny--
is empty


Super Bowl Sunday--
I am viewing
the colts beat the rams

#Leonardo DiCaprio

so it's the environment,
and how about the Indians-
God Father


in a cafe five foreign men argue,
one stands up-
to make a point


clear blue sky-
warm sun light
washes away gray dirty snow

#the sparrows

early morning
the sparrows
doing better than the competition

#it's a Union Square

sandwiched at Cosi
between people-
I ate a sandwich


the snow melted a little:
my neighbor
washes his Jeep


the snow on the roots
recedes, the buds
on the branches proceed


between an orange blue sky
and night fall
the smell of garlic


the fish know
we are here

#ocean viewing

ocean viewing---
suddenly a wave
made by a dolphin


a white coiffured poodle
on the snow

#it warmed

it warmed enough to feel
like driving south four
hundred miles last month

#cell people

no one is as happy
talking to real people
as to their cell

#street dirt

yesterday's pure white
today's street dirt

#a duck

reddish brown pigeon-
walks like
a duck

#up or down

bright sun, snow cover-
you wince whether
looking up or down


duplicate houses-
even the snow amount
in each garden

#on the street

on the street
before the mass starts-
a man smokes

#bull fighters

lifting weights in the gym
two retired
bull fighters

#black and white

snow melting
on tar covered roofs-
pictures in black and white


cold afternoon---
kids walk home from school
the smell of baking bread


frigid day--
I turn the heat up,
the sun gets warmer


the roses wilted,
the chocolate eaten-
but the poem still rhymes


smoke freezes
as it comes out
as if has seen a ghost


don't ask me why
but that's what Jupiter
said about the moon

#white wings

white wings dip and lift
don't mind the snow


caught the sea bass
in a restaurant-
stared at each other

#tooth ache

full moon
on a silver platter
and I got a tooth ache


half snow half water-
the yin and the yang


write true haiku
with your finger-
on sand


the snow starts to melt-
the moon
is still there


the snow starts to melt-
the dirt
is still there


morning blue sky-
finally something live


snow brightens a cold night
like makeup
on a street walker


all cars buried
under snow
look like giant beetles


haiku on the Internet-
bird calls
in a jungle


a blizzard---
I walk to buy food
snow in my pockets

#red mini

cherry red mini
snow cleared as soon as the sky was-
must be true love

#above it

in a snow storm
the moon stays
above it all


giant snow fall-
elephant foot prints
where ever you go


the sound of hurt feelings
kicking sand
in your face


ice fractals
on my window-
coral islands


smoke columns lean
like dozing travelers
on a cold train

#frigid night

frigid night
walking across town-
my shadow stoops


frog in winter
go back-

#it's a Union Square

Starbucks: no seats-
a girl happy to see a friend;
kissed her on the cheek

#it's a Union Square

know why they are
all happy-
Bush Inauguration


face of a nun
wearing a black habit-
the moon


too many cowardly
behind clown masks


ants working
early morning
moving mountains


smoke in
cold blue sky-
ink spraying octopus


cracked my window
said hi

#cold afternoon

cold afternoon-
walking by myself;
the sun a mere decoration


their forecast
of a snow storm-


call for prayers
at dawn-
crescent moon


crescent moon---
I like Titan


half moon above
a pizza restaurant-
one to go

#on the street

on the street-
I thought she was yelling at me;
but it was her shadow


I stopped
being seen
under a tobacco cloud


winter sunset---
a poncho
of light

#two girls

two girls in a coffee shop
talk of past men;
share a latte


rain this morning-
in tin cans

#it's a Union Square

Japanese girls take ballet class-
in the moon light


gray blanket of fog---
I close my curtains
not to see it


city streets in dense fog
leading nowhere


the moon: romance
the earth from space:


outside a flower shop
a tree
chained to a bicycle


compared to a photo
a haiku
is a shadow

#Mideast peace

it's now


another caw-
by now
I'm used to grey mornings


meaning hidden-
in the mind
of the mind


she raises her arm-
I start eating
my melon half


my neighbour sings-
the glass in the kitchen
plays the music


morning blue sky
a herd of gray buffalos---

#hold hands

moonless Saturday night-
they hold hands; cross
the street on yellow light

#lay away

the rain is back-
I'll put it
in the lay away


behind a bush a cat
eats lunch take-out:
food and water in foam


I drop a lemon peel
in my espresso

#old friends

Christmas lights linger
like departing old friends:
stand talking at the door


it's an airport lounge
where ever they are


attracting lots of
dog attention-
my rabbit fedora


dark morning-
dirt on my windows
doesn't show


waiting for the storm
at the gate-
a bag of salt


long blond hair:
walking in the mist-
king Tut

#Ballet News: E=mc2

ballet dancers
better start learning
math fast

[A British professor of physics, Jerry Cowhig has commissioned Mark Baldwin,
the artistic director of Rambert Dance Company of England, to choreograph a
ballet based on Albert Einstein's E=mc2 to commemorate the centennial of the
publication of the theory of relativity this coming Spring. BBC News, UK

#billiard balls

billiard balls
in their tray---


sometimes I have
strange thoughts---
walking alone late night

#a squirrel

a squirrel recites a haiku


what is marriage
is becoming like
what is God

#dark clouds

dark clouds and rain
the only silver lining
it'll be warm

#red and blue

the fish in a blue bawl
the bird in a red cage-
but both don't vote

#a shadow haiku

some shadows in bars
nod a lot-
to each other


as dawn progresses
sun light and house lights


we are all


new year's first morning-
hanging from a tree
a silver slipper


sitting under a bare tree
sipping coffee-
my brain's neurons


going to a new year's party-
her miniskirt


tonight new year's eve-
all the rats
will stay home

#marionettes store

a marionettes store-
a live parrot
in its window


as I enter the subway
the perfume of a
woman who went out

#it's a Union Square dog run

owners wait
their dogs play-
poised like statues

#Greeley Park

[Greeley Park is on a little traffic island between 32 and 34 Streets across
Broadway from Macy's Department Store. It has a statue of Horace Greeley,
1811—72, American newspaper editor, founder of the New York Tribune.]

warm winter night-
lights on trees shade
from Holidays' traffic

#the Marines

the tsunami terror-
send them
the Marines


little bulbs on a tree-
a sparrow
connects the dots

#placid morning

placid morning-
the chill desists
the snow softens

#good meal

at the garbage
a Christmas tree-
makes a good meal for a moose


cloudy night--
picture of the moon
on a billboard

#mass death

cries the day after joy in His birth-
mass death
tests our faith


a lone cloud-
in the shape
of a crystal ball


where would a moose
in New York City?

#cold morning

cold morning---
warming my hands
on notebook key board

#the garbage

taking out the garbage in the snow--
with sow dust on the floor

#day after

day after Christmas-
on a sidewalk
a soiled Santa hat


tsunamis in south Asia-
tear drops
across the world

#two smoke haikus

overcast morning-
a plume of smoke
aspires to be a cloud

smoke creeps-
a dragon
attacks a skyscraper


full moon over Broadway-
the marquees
suddenly turn green

#full moon

full moon as it sets-
with the curtains drawn


under a Christmas tree
a roll
of paper towels

#silent night

silent night-
Tiffany windows
glitter in the moon light

[Merry Christmas to all]

#Times Square

Times Square Christmas Eve-
only tourists
are homeless


last night the wind's horn
this morning J.S. Bach's

#a curtain

rain drops in the wind--
parting a curtain
of beads

#morning viewing

morning viewing---
but the gloom before the storm

#on a tree

perched on a tree
pigeons in a line
sparrows spread

#a rose

I gave her her gift
sub rosa-
a rose

"Sub rosa" literally means "under the rose" in New Latin. Since ancient times,
the rose has often been associated with secrecy. In ancient mythology, Cupid
gave a rose to Harpocrates, the god of silence, to keep him from telling
about the indiscretions of Venus. Ceilings of dining rooms have been decorated
with carvings of roses, reportedly to remind guests that what was said at the
table should be kept confidential. Roses have also been placed over
confessionals as a symbol of the confidentiality of confession. This
information is from

#at a cafe

at a cafe-
warmer weather
the chatter back to normal

#morning clouds

cold morning clouds--
vapor from the horizon
carbon from chimneys

#arctic night

arctic night
moon is out
wears a ski hat

#cold weather

cold weather-
stands at the garbage
an abandoned refrigerator

#wind chill

New York City
wind chill zero-
it's a desert out there

#cold wind

cold wind and snow
the shivers
smell of burning newspapers


cat in the window
tapping the glass with her claw-
i said hi

#short poem: lives

from my window
I see lines
some vertical
some horizontal
like a stack of unfinished canvas--
people in them are painting
their own masterpieces:
living their lives


suddenly alchemy---
tin is silver
in the sun light


bare tree next to a
TV antenna-
nonverbal orations

#sea bass

sea bass for dinner-
tender, delicious
melted my winter doldrums

#It's A Union Square

holiday gift stores in tents-
a souk
in an oasis

#so cold

still so cold---
a witch sends
a Christmas card

#It's A Union Square: Starbucks East

they all act like zombies-
it must be the coffee

#It's A Union Square: Virgin Store

they all take their time
and act like
real virgin


Beethoven's birthday
I comb my hair

#Christmas Tree

bright sun--
the Christmas tree

#Short Poem: Geminid

the Geminid meteor shower:
scratches in the night blanket
day light peeks through

[The Geminid meteor shower is ongoing through December 19th. Peak activity
occurs during the 13th and 14th. The meteors are composed of debris from
asteroid 3200 Phaethon. The Geminids have increased in intensity since first
seen in 1862.This information is from]


bitter cold December morning
penguins walk---
going to school

#smell of pine

in a restaurant
the smell of pine
the duck is succulent

#ballet talk: tendue

ballet style shoes
winter fashion
stuck in the snow--tendue

#Valley of the Kings

[While walking on Third Avenue in the sixties, New York City.]

tall buildings carved of mountains
traffic a river-
Valley of the Kings

[Click on valley-of-kings.htm to see
beautiful pictures and information on Egypt's Valley of the Kings.]

#a fly

in my tea cup
a fly forgot
how to swim

#windy day

windy day---
the Plaza fountain pissed off
at tourists stares

#tea cup

the tea cup
its shadow


wheels of subway trains
turn fast---
passengers at the station stand

#rain drops

rain drops on bare trees
sparkle in street lights---
ornate nails of night dancers

#the light house

the moon preempted
by fog
the lighthouse steps forward


dense fog and mist-
the fisherman's catch
came back to life

#Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
I look at myself in the mirror
thinking of you

#espresso coffee

the bud of a black rose
in a cup---
espresso coffee


the meaning
of Life
is "?"

#wind whistles

grid lock day
in the city-
the wind whistles

[A grid lock day in Manhattan is a day on which the holiday traffic is so heavy
that motorists have to abide thoroughly by traffic laws so that traffic will
not be indefinitely immobilized.]


candle is gone-
a bottle full
of blisters

#eyes of cats

fog at night-
only the head lights of cars in sight
and eyes of cats


lights through the window shades
faces in a camp fire


in the fog
skyscrapers are ghosts
of dinosaurs


then fog
and now twilight


a crow on a chimney-
a kid draws
with crayons

#a forest

lights of the city
from my window-
a forest of Christmas trees

#beautiful morning

beautiful morning-
the wind and me

#cold wind

cold wind permanent
makes me

#cold morning

cold morning---
the donuts
are frosted

#kicking legs

kicking legs-
the fish
ran out of breath

#Ballet News: Dame Alicia Markova Died

Dame Alicia Markova died-
Giselle is crying

#it's a Union Square

Blimpie's coffee
is better
than Starbucks'

#the moon

a monk's head
sleeping in candle light-
the moon


warm evening---
at her window
she cooks


loneliness cries
like a hungry wolf


wind says:
"I won't leave"
in Chinese


like the caress
of a lover
the sea breeze

#stormy day

a stormy day
the city all still
in a state of diapause


holiday glitter
electrons simulate
visible nature


snow flakes, ribbons,
and lights on strings
on trees

#day after

sunny the day after*
sky wiped clean
nothing left over

[*day after Thanksgiving]


sidewalk cafe---
nearby church bells
ring holiday cheer


airplanes pass the train station
to land and take off-
also pigeons


orange and yellow
some green left-
some trees take it slow


a well fed beige cat
peeks at me
from under a gray Honda


birds pick at
left over scone
on a playground

an octopus lets out the ink
escapes into cool darkness


a question---
is there going to be spring,
or winter then summer?


berries bought real cheap---
blackened my fingers
as if with fountain pen ink


eating grapes
that are very sour---
early spring


greeting the dawn---
a bird suddenly
switches tones


wide one-way street---
a big truck
driven the wrong way


I miss
waking up at dawn---
early spring


an orange and a plum
for desert


watching college men
play basketball---
soon I'll switch to spring


I was stood up---
the movie
was a comedy


peeling an orange
for breakfast---
spring takes its time to come


cold weekend---
I find excuses
to stay home


sunrise---a glass tower
changes color
floor by floor


St. Patrick Day---
a green ribbon
around a bare tree


hurrying home
to relieve myself


blue sky---
a bird on the balcony
all in red


cantaloupes from
a street vendor---
under a full moon


cold wind
bringing smells
of may be spring


on mars
the martians
are robots


I keep looking
behind my back---
the ides of march


cold morning---
under a car a pigeon
awaits breakfast


windy day---
a turtle
stays indoors


last night pizza---
this morning
heart burn


late enough to conflict
with reruns of Seinfeld


early spring---
the neighbors bought
a new swing for their porch


warm spring day---
a loon
keeps diving for nothing


in a dream
I touch a bonsai
to be sure it is real


a holy book
lies open---
next to the tv remote


a car covered
with pigeon shit
parked at a fire hydrant


record breaking warmth---
nothing remaining still
except my stare


spring fever---
the light house winks back
at the fishing boat


little nothings
on empty branches---
early spring


little buds
brush my face---
the cherry blossoms on my street


waiting in line---
she says she's closed
when my turn came up


morning warm up---
watching aerobics
on tv


the ceiling
is leaking---
I let it collect in a tin can


morning counter
wearing a tuxedo


warming up---
icy water drops
under my collar


oscar night---
the best actor
played a writer


between cold gusts of wind
enough warmth to take a peek
at spring


the moon at my window---
the same sardonic smile
of last night


Saturday night---
the barmaid offers me
a ride home


on tv
the beach sand clean
like our new fallen snow


blistery wind---
the moon's
sadistic smile


ice q-tips on
the tips of branches---
I squeeze my earmuffs


early march
snow sleet ice storm---
I miss warm winter


keeps looking out
of the window---
to see if the snow has arrived


fishing with spears---
they served the salmon
with asparagus


at an intersection
the light changes
when waiting cars blow their horns


fat tuesday---
the streets are flooded
with people


ice on the steps
of the station---
and the "watch your step" sign


the economy is bad---
he paints the sunset
in charcoal


I forgot
to buy orange juice


on a cold night---
with the windows closed


through the wall
a familiar voice---
diana krall sings


in the quiet of the street
Sunday morning---
someone yells my name


tight sweat pants,
a line of bare skin for a belt---
almost spring


rush hour---
the man in the token booth
counts metro cards


take-out delivery---
the chicken soup dropped
from the brown bag


running after the bus---
but the bus
does not stop


needing a wedge
of lime for a cocktail---
crescent moon


dark clouds at
I go back to sleep


crowded subway---
I remember dancing
the swing class


late winter---
taking a close look
to see if something sprouted


a mocking bird
at the feeder
looking for his paycheck


morning rush hour---
a kid on a board
thinks this is Torino


nearby church bells
ring an allegro


I walk enjoying the cold---
before it becomes
a thing of the past


I teach him math,
he teaches me
how to be patient


morning stillness---
running in place
to stay warm


drop by drop
building a rod of ice
inside a cave---with no light


long night---
the geico lizard
danced in my dream


the snow all gone,
the nights are again
cement black


the neighbors are fighting---
is this unlawful


sunset---the snow
in the park
green with envy


deafening noise---
they take a bird
to the hospital


putting gritz on my plate
warm morning---
the snow softens


slow night---
eating oreos dipped
in bailey's irish cream


pay your rent note,
pay your rent note---
no money


the moon
out in full---
Valentine night


the snow starting
to turn black---
no one cares


Valentine roses---
remembering those
I also gave my heart


mouse armstrong never
lost tour of my house---
to any cat


the flying tomato
on a snow board
like a pancake---
won him olympic gold


men dig out
their cars from the snow---
above a seagull circles


snow locked
in my apartment---
it feels good to be free


the silence
of falling snow---
makes me want more


Saturday night---
silently a blizzard
paints the town white


song on the radio
about rain---
and kissing


lying on a beach---
a mermaid says
let's dance


to my head---
the moon's


studying for an exam---
her leg
keeps kicking


cold morning---
winter refuses
to pass into extinction


cold night---
four cops standing
as he sits by his shopping cart


feeling rejected---
breaking the silence
with some Wagner


new barber
can't break the ice---
speaks Russian


rush hour---
a fresh rose
lying in a garbage can


trying to write
a super haiku---
to win her heart


they both have hair
black as a raven---
and a giant fly tattoo


at the car door in the dark---
can't find
the designated driver


super bowl forty---
even the cheerleaders
are extra large


the neighbor's dog
kept barking---
I barked at the owner


browsing in a book store---
the picture of a frog


it's been long time
since I've seen the moon---
my bad luck


from my window
I see rain falling
on a cute red umbrella


mini skirts and boots
in February---
the wild side of this winter


her checkered pants
match the floor tiles---
at a Charlie Chaplin movie


potted plants in the aisles
of a tex-mex diner---
they all want water


so many wing
tipped shoes---
but not one with a leather sole


after today's rain
let's invite the sun
to make us more tomorrow


stressful day---
my internet connection


eating a winter orange---
no juice
and thick skin


a nearby dinner
has rabbit stew for lunch


afternoon rain---
I dry
my apartment


playing tennis alone---
the wall
is haunted


a kid sitting on a bench,
guides his race car
to run the pigeons


the sound of a cello
from downstairs---
morning coffee


many short contrails
at sunset---
looking for an egg to fertilize


take a look
at the sky
this morning---
it's like being
inside a blue balloon


cold night---
looking for an extra sweater,
I find a tennis racket


early morning---
the neighbors continue
last night fight


buying a luxury car---
Mozart always lived
beyond his means


cold wind---the wings
of a seagull stretched
like the fan of a geisha


mild winter---
him and her
have their coffee on the roof


crowded gym---
he takes the dumb bells
with him to the bath room


when nothing is left
to write about
but the weather---
I, like the moon,
take the day off


too much---
garbage truck blocking the street
at rush hour


morning rain---
a tree drips enough
to get inside my shirt


beautiful day---
a yellow Beetle
parked the wrong way


pictures of flowers
in winter---
can't find black tulips


a whale swam up the Thames
to monkey around London
then died---
what will they name
the movie?


yes galaxies---
careful! counting stars
causes warts


buying donuts---
she asked him for a dollar
he gives her his wallet


warm and sunny
winter day---
I have fun


stand on one leg---
morning stillness


watching board skaters
in the park
dolphins do it better
with just water


she pours me
cold coffee
and asks if I am OK


what if a sparrow
can become a lark
by a strike of my pen?


morning rain
hitting my windows
woke me up---
once I stayed up till dawn
to hear a jazz drummer play


rainy day---
I have
no umbrellas left


swimming at the deep
end of the pool---
she wants to talk


smoke rising shapeless
to a clear sky---
a day moon


Empire State Building
lit red and green---
mid winter silence


a beaming full moon
says so what


cold windy day---
the bright sun:
just another star


after I walked in that snow---
grey enough
for a senior discount


rain, cold wind, then snow---
I call for a pizza
with every thing


last night the light
of a full moon---
tonight thunder and lightening


in the subway
women don't knit
or do their nails
like in the days
before cell phones


dense fog
on Friday the thirteen---
the ghosts will be missed


walking home,
a black cat startles me---
almost a full moon


early morning---
the dog is finally
bored barking at their cat


rainy night---
a discarded Christmas tree
finally got a drink


crunching cardboard
for breakfast---
added to milk


winter morning---
a fly
forgot something


warm winter day---
the pigeons
got a spring attitude


a wise man
telling one of his students
to stop writing haiku


silver clouds of dusk---
the moon
has the gold on


a blond kid has
her cell phone ring
to the cries of King Kong


succulent veal francaise---
the flowers
were plastic


half moon appears outside
my window---
the rest of the panini


the moon's cup---
it's too costly
to fill with coffee


overcast day---
she has her
sunglasses on


bright afternoon sun---
I saw him
with my ears


with winters becoming warmer,
what will happen
to skiing?


hand in hand
up the church steps---
at the door they let loose


after two days
of heavy rain---
a sunny morning


sitting in total darkness
Henri Matisse


the puppy
in the pet shop window
says it with sign language


heavy rain---
a cat leaps across
a basement stairway


the holidays are over---
the silence of winter


new year's day---
an inflatable Santa
lies limp on the porch


first day of a new year---
the sparrows
don't really care


waiting for the ball
to drop at midnight---
a down feather flies


new year eve,
confetti like snow shower---
at sunset


neither in the red or black:
last day of the year


windy day---
seagulls glide
between tall buildings


roofs' graffiti
blurred by the fog


a squirrel
on a park bench eating---
nothing happens


writing block---
the comedian laughs
at his own jokes


the ballerina
the same way she talks


standing room only,
she loses her balance---
into my arms


cold morning---
a pigeon
fails to crack a nut


Day after Christmas---
I forgot
to buy myself a present


a crow on
a winter tree---
foggy morning


dense fog
on Christmas day---
whiteness has many forms


alone going up
to the twentieth floor---
and the smell of jasmine


a cloud shaped
like an old man's beard---
Christmas eve at sunset


warming up Christmas eve---
so much global


the new playboy calender---
I forgot the right
way to stare


last night's dream
this morning's
subway ride


under the Christmas tree
someone left a plum


subway strike---
someone asks Santa
for a ride home


longest night of the year---
embellishes her tale


first day of winter---
I brush
my fedora


subway strike---
the rats
are happier this way


Mass Transit on strike---
helmets on bicycles
and a day moon


an oak tree---
the minimalist
meets his Waterloo


if Mass Transit goes on strike---
I'll write haiku
on a bicycle

#Tanka: knocking

a black bird
flies higher and higher
into a blue sky---
some one knocking on my door,
I ignore it


I remember none
of the frog's
last summer poems


sunday morning---
same clouds
as the week before


on my space ship
getting away from it all---
coffee on the moon


as the day got warmer---
the snow finally
had enough


another December fifteen---
the candle is shorter
than last year's


winter shortcut
through the park---
the moon is my flood light


early morning---
a red ribbon on a door


a string of lights
in the window---
ice covers everything


warm enough for the neighbors' dogs
to hang out


the street snow
is grey with dirt---
I stop wearing sunglasses


the Christmas tree
lights up


last sip of coffee---
still no haiku comes out


two Santas telling
each the other what they
want for Christmas


cakes for all occasions---
a couple of the same sex
picked one


the Gallic cook
forgot the garlic


the smell of sea tube sponge---
I bite her
iced up calluses


beautiful day---
the snow drags
its feet


early morning---
snow flakes melt
on my palm


two kids having
a snow ball fight---
day moon


falling snow leaving
behind quite
a paper trail--- shredded


bright day---
while I hail a yellow cab


he holds a rose
hoping for a kiss---
he gets a ticket


December seven---
they put barbed wire
around the chrysanthemums


dancing to clicks of a clock---
her arms read
nine fifteen


late autumn---
an hourglass
at the watch repair shop


I am still looking
for the uncommon in the common


beautiful day---
unless you have to walk
in that slush


so what we live
galaxies apart---
our souls are here and now


December fifth---
the Chrysler and Empire State
shine lights of same color


playing Sinatra's
I did it my way


overcast December Sunday---
I passed it
under covers


first snow---
to hide the steps of the fire escape


wind gusts at night---
things are back to normal


the poet
writing about death---
Monday morning


the red pepper next to
the green pepper---
early December, Times Square


hurricane epsilon---
what if we run out
of Greek letters?


the ice cream store in winter---


church bells
started ringing every day


long and skinny
bread sticks---
in a bamboo basket


walking home in the rain---
a snail need not worry
where there is mud


I keep mistaking
this month for May---
global warming


the gambler
calculating the odds---
his wife is not pregnant


a space ship landed
in the wrong season---
autumn twilight


their first fight---
she throws at him
paper tape


finals week---
two students study
out in the moon light


Saturday night---
a long walk ends
at the usual cafe


knocks on the wall---
my neighbor trying
to write a haiku


so many machines
for one purpose---
the museum of sex


she wears black
sells red roses...
at night


cold morning---
the dogs bark


Thanksgiving night---
strong wind gusts


that sinking


some loved ones
will never return---
Thanksgiving Day


a turkey in the city
misses wolf calls


heavy rain---
my umbrella drips
on her umbrella


at sunrise
no bird sings---
I whistle


her voice
has a nice ring---
like wind chimes


gloomy day---
I walk slowly
to a meeting


all their leaves are gone---
trees' nakedness
stare at me


no coffee left---
I fall asleep


one week before
Macy's is empty


cooking rice noodles
for lunch---
the temple chrysanthemum


the quiet
of a doctor's office---
an old woman starts to weep


still standing there---
an empty headed
day moon


early morning frost
on my window---
and the moon


morning yoga---
the logician
in a head stand


morning coffee---
she and her twin sister
drink just one cup


I feel emptiness---
after eating
all that spagetti


beautiful day---
my neighbor's motorcycle
won't start


writing haiku
in the subway---
about silence


saturday night---
a shadow pisses under
a half moon


sunny day---
but wait,
atumn is full of tricks


new running shoes---
I walk faster
than every body


dental office---
the rug needs
better brushing

#Armistice Day

down parkas
march to the subway---
Armistice Day


morning sun
after yesterday's storm---
three cheers!


dreary day---
the surf watcher
goes to the mall


the half moon functions,
both street lamps don't---
romantic she said


ergo sum---"
not "egret sum"


warm autumn day---
a fly came back
from the dead


the tooth I broke
the day before---
new moon


sunday morning fog---
no leaves to sweep


she whispers
to a flower she picked---
indian summer


autumn dusk---
on a tree lined street
the smell of maple syrup


the crow after Halloween---
still that
preppy humor


the autumn sun,
the leaves---
and a callus heart


beautiful spring day---
just ignore
those yellow leaves


breezy Halloween night---
a yellow leaf
pricks my ear


an egret---
wearing a crow mask:
trick or treat


the egret alone---
went to see Ballet Theater

#American Ballet Theatre October 29, 2005 at 8:00 pm NYCity Center

Fokine at his soft best---

----it takes a man
with jumps softer than girls'
to dance it

---and Maxim
was soft
like a snow flake

is it dance or sex---
"A Fawn" transcends
sex as dance

the pirate--- Corella
and his Paloma,
pas de perfect

Tharp's "Upper Room"
did not need smoke
signals---but more Glass

those steps
are what I do when
I dance in my upper room


two days before Halloween---
he ate the candy
she bought for the kids


short night---
the moon
droped the towel


doing dishes---
tea cups ring
a marching beat


morning fog---
a sesame bagel
looks like the rings of Saturn


day after the storm---
the crow
trying to be lyrical


real life weekend---
real men play football
real women bake apple pie


she takes her time
tying up her hair
while he awaits her answer


if I were rich
I'd live on Belgian chocolate---
that's all


subway rush hour---
I hold the strap of her bag:
a sudden stop

#witch tanka

a puppet witch
decorating the neighbors' door
was stolen---
some say by the next neighbors'
live in witch


autumn weekend---
another hurricane
just went by


sidewalks full of wet
yellow leaves----
imagine they were gold


orange and purple
over water---
later darkness


at the market---
she gets close
to tell me how good her melons are

#two dogs tanka

a man lets his two dogs
out in the yard---
he pets one dog
that goes and bites the other
on the neck


I emailed my haiku
then ate---
my blackberry


morning coffee---
the waitress refills my cup
with decaf


morning geometry...
a contrail tangent
to full moon


full moon autumn night,
clear sky---
worried about Wilma


buying winter clothes---
in the dressing room
a discarded yellow leaf


slow night ...
the bar maid asks her customer
for a back rub


brilliant day---
I sweep the autumn leaves


beware this winter
a turkey from turkey---
the avian flu


a man in the subway
is knitting---
two women watch him


a woman carries
nine kittens in a cage---


the rain stopped---
so did the neighbors'
love making


flooding in New York---
we will be second
to nobody


subway rush hour---
that look of not having
seen the sun in days


the autumn leaves
after the rain stopped---
what a mess!


rainy day---
I pay for the pizza
from the piggy bank


wind driven rain---
my umbrella
refuses to move


wading through puddles
to cross the street---
the Hudson last summer


a prayer rug
facing the wrong way


gloomy day---
I throw a penny
into the fountain


Columbus Day---
the sound of my neighbors
asian indan music


drive in movies---
and another autumn moon


the rain stopped---
my neighbor
has her hair done like a mushroom


heavy rain---
the fishmonger moves his goods


eating autumn melon
in candle light


autumn leaves
dancing in the silence---


morning rain---
a homeless man
pisses on orange azaleas


out of bread---
my neighbors say
they have plenty of rice


autumn wind---
racing the leaves
back home


she bows to lift her glass---
black figs
in the sunset light


all night long
learning how to hide---
the moon


clipping stalks from a tree---
a squirrel gathers
its harvest


I hate cows --- but these morning clouds!


morning yoga---
the squirrel's tail rises
like a cobra


nice autumn day---
on a swing
I go back and forth


outside an off track betting place
stands a man ---
not smoking


cramming for exams---
a line of ants
in autumn's twilight


Saturday's football games---
on the street time out
when a car passes


first day of autumn--
some one painted
the crow's beak orange


Friday night---
the bar maid
keeps forgetting my name


late night---
the owl is still waiting
for the moon's answer


autumn sunset---
waiting for the beets
to become cooked


gusty wind---
my hat chases
after a songbird


early morning
traveling clouds---
a snail leads the pack


autumn coolness---
reading a Basho haiku
to an ant

#city lights

migrant song birds---
dance till death
in city lights yregion/23birds.html?8hpib


subway vibrations---
her knee and mine


new mexican bar---
the bar maid
is a real blond


in the woods
he's no tiger---
tiger woods


grocery shopping
after tennis---
her kid bounces golden apples


moonless night---
I hang the picture
of the sun


bright day---
rock band practices
with all windows open


oaks in Rita's path---
the trunks
are still standing


hot flashes---
pizza from the oven
covered with Tabasco


the thief gun:
was stolen
from a sleeping cop

#it's a Union Square

cool autumn night,
two dogs chase each other---


first day of autumn---
the green leaves of a tree
at sunrise


early autumn
early lunch---
sweet potatoes
so sweet


over a gulf oil rig---
Pegasus intercepts


"The Joy Of Living"
by Matisse Image/matisse/matisse.bonheur-vivre. 06.jpg


fingers touch the keyboard,
the ipod makes it rhyme

#night out

night out,
one fat woman hugged another---


morning full moon---
I decide to cook
pumpkin pie


black night---
an owl
stares into the abyss


afternoon haze---
the ghost of a train
crosses the bridge

# a fly

a fly comes back
to be swatted once more


early autumn---
a penny got lost
in fallen leaves


foaming surf---
I ran out of


under a full moon
she said:
got a light?


humid day---
a glass of green tea


to be
or not to be---


a sign
on the door of a gold mine:


the log in the water
has many holes---
but still you can stand on it


a leaf under a parked car
pretends to be a sparrow


Sunday morning---
a 711 down town
ran out of coffee

#September 11, 2005

clear sky, a plane sparkles
heads bowed in silence---
freedom breathes


a drunk
debates the bar maid---
arranged marriage better


cloudy day---
I close
my curtains


blacker than a moonless night---
the crow
at sunrise

[Inspired by a Basho haiku: Whiter than the stones on Stone Mountain---the
autumn wind]


a passenger train
crosses a long bridge---
day moon


cool September day---
the hot temper
of star tennis players


brilliant day---
the Hudson river
full of little mirrors


black bird
eating with grey pigeons---
they pick on him


day after Labor Day---
kids in the subway
read a comic book


a mouse got stuck
in my waste can---
I let it stay


labor day morning,
empty streets---
a couple kiss


her dog getting
mad at his dog---
he just stands there

#Labor Day

Labor day weekend---
the subway slow
due to repair work

#it's a Union Square

Union Square---
the same bumming around
also for Labor Day


jazz at dawn---
when will the Big Easy
surface again?


in a low cut shirt
she's running---
makes my pulse race


sun setting
in the crack between two highrises---
molding iron


pictures of Mars
up close---
I'll just stay in Arizona


the shadow of a bird
climbs a cab's billboard---
amazon dot com


watching tennis
with long earrings---
itchy neck


summer movie---
some one snoring
during the sex scene

#the Mississippi

hurricane's rains---
the Mississippi

[inspired by a haiku of Basho: Gathering May's rains, the swift Mogami River]

#New Orleans

no man is an island,
sunken city---
New Orleans


Summer moon
stands motionless---
I told him


end of summer---
the crickets play
a bluegrsss breakdown

#sun sets

all day watching the radar
screen of Katrina---
the sun sets


Noah sitting
in the Superdome---
Katrina has arrived


Flushing Meadows Park---
a bird whistles
"Yankee Doodle Dandy"


early morning---
under a tree,
pink high heels


late Saturday night---
that busy moon
asks was it her


cool evening

before dark---
a blimp sinks through
layers of blue and orange taffeta

#the sun sets

early spring---
where I see the sun sets
has moved behind a skyscraper

#reading tea leaves

America will be
and visa versa

#self portrait

I painted my self portrait---
with hair cut


warm spring weather---
I visit the snakes
at the zoo


blond in the subway---
two bags one black, one brown
two shirts: black and orange

#homework for the dirty

the ten commandments
then wash yourself


tic tac toe---
toy bamboo ladders
in a flower shop window


graffiti on roof tops
looks brighter
during spring time

#sea gulls

sea gulls---
soaring high as airplanes
in a no fly zone

#mind under matter

ask a peacock if
he's got more mind than matter
he'd say that's insane

#baseball cap

nice spring day---
out on a lake my shadow
wears a baseball cap

#rateology 101

to get rid of a rat
that rat to come out

#Hegel, Marx, and History

history is the
solving of great
human contradictions

#in the age of globalization

a human is a collection
of zeros and ones---
like this

#John Paul II 1920-2005

heavy rain in New York---
all day
tears of millions remember him

#flash flooding

more flash flooding here---
I look up the forecast
for Riyadh

#reductio ad absurdum

have you heard the reductionist
he forgets when you ask:"why?"

#lost love

a lost love is missed
on a cloudy day
at sunset

#review of complex numbers

life is
a complex number:
with real and imaginary parts

#rush hour

rush hour---
poster of a peeled tangerine
above a tight empty seat

#metal gates

my windows metal gates drawn-
a checkered crow
passes by

#I was wrong

I thought asleep
I said yes to her-
but I was wrong


clouds wrinkle
as they dress the sun

#an urban haiku

vibrations of subway trains
parked cars alarms


the bird went looking for mother-
last time they met
she was so lonely


after the flooding of last night
the sky still cloudy-
no bird sings

#back to Earth

a huge tunnel made of light
dragged the bird
back to Earth

#old sponge

then the bird flew
landed on the moon
had a bite, then said: old sponge


a cute bird
stood on my shoulder
and sang a sweet lie

#Easter sky

grey Easter sky---
a chorus of birds sing
from thorny branches

#Easter morning

Easter morning---
behind the bushes
flashes of white fur