Friday, April 01, 2011


afternoon fog---
the cat watches TV
instead of the window


Fukushima heroes---
some of them
are bound to die soon


low clouds---
a smoke column bends
and goes side ways


morning Spring drizzle---
a dog shakes itself
as it passes me


dark clouds over the skyline---
a cigar smoker says
it's romantic


nice Spring day I climb a hill---
at the top
four contrails


mostly cloudy sky---
an MD
looks up


it keeps on


a new lost cat---
how come they all
look alike


Spring fever---
a cobra escapes from
the Bronx Zoo


blue sky---
a banker takes off
his suit jacket


sunrise---new leaves


Obama's Libya speech---
he does not want to intervene
more now


morning walk---
I search for
Cherry Blossoms


blue sky---
a man climbs the fire escape stairs
to the roof


skyline at sunset---
airplanes from Newark Airport
keep on rising


sun at my kitchen window---
the smell of barbecue
from my neighbor


Spring walk---
the sun is hot the wind cold
a China man smiles at me


early morning---
a teacher forgets
today is Sunday


Syria's dilemma---
with violence he can't stay
and without he leaves


Sunday blue sky---
I empty my desk


Earth Hour save energy event ---
skyline lights shut off
for one hour


March beach sunset---
they are all inside their cars
doing whatever


sunny Spring day---
old graffiti catches
the eye


rebels retake Ajdabiya---
finally the no-fly-zone
gets teeth


from bad to worst
a nightmare


Spring blue sky---
a frog jumps
into a pond


food shortage in North Korea---
babies starve while the army
well fed


aid to Japan---
is now big business
in the US


cold noon walk---
all content even dormant
babes in their moms pouches


East River ducks flock rests---
all at once they swim
in the same direction


blue sky---
a beggar counts
the coins in his cup


the Spring sun at
my windows---
the Winter dust makes me cough


morning low grey clouds---
snow on the ground
and no rhyme for my honey


Tokyo tap water is radioactive---
send them
Poland Spring


Elizabeth Taylor died---
I thought she had already
with Richard


Obama's Libya compares
not to Bush Iraq---
but Bush dad Iraq


fog at happy hour---
the bartender forgets
my tequila sunrise


Spring snow shower---
it's rain
when it lands


morning fog---
a ghost is unhappy
getting ignored


mayor Bloomberg among
his cohorts---
he talks down to them


only ones with money play---
others die


East River Spring day---
rapid wind rapid waters
and rapid kissing


storm clouds are clearing---
a Bluejay stops


where is the meat---
the no fly zone is not enough
to oust Kadaffi


Taro, Japan---
their tsunami wall
was not high enough


fog over the skyline---
I steam up my windows
cooking pasta


morning fog---
an eye doctor says
he can't see anything


a cold night---
a kids playground is empty
the wind whistles


East River first day of Spring---
the ice-cream truck
shows up


the French connection---
Kadaffi makes me like
Sarkozy better


where George Bush outsourced
one of his torture cases


Tokyo Tower bent
by the earthquake
that's the first fix it


Spring first day---
the cat wants
to go out


Sunday blue sky---
the airports
stay open


a super moon rises
a worm creeps on


Saturday night wedding---
the bride
is a man


March sunset---
it feels like
Winter is over


Spring break---
their teachers travel


morning blue sky---
but no maple syrup
for my pancakes


March Madness---
not the loop variety
but the Libyan


the sun shines into
my kitchen as it sets---
the smell of baked sugar


walk under
the East River Triboro bridge---
a kid pulls his toy car


warm Spring day in the park---
that kissing is getting
out of hand


Libya is no exception---
they are all like
Saddam Hussein


blue sky---
out there is
a desert


may be not too late---
US forces will intervene
in Libya


the Empire State Building
doled in green---
Saint Patrick Day ends


the warmth of an Irish smile---
nice weather on
Saint Patrick Day


Saint Patrick's Day---
the East River looks
as if it's green


blue sky---
a fortune teller says
she can see what's coming


late night---
a drunk crawls home
a Full Worm Moon


Benghazi ---
Obama's inaction
will cause a bloodbath


will any one still buy oil
from Kadaffi


nice Spring day---
kids draw in colored chalk
on the sidewalk


five pm---
I relax in a pub
tomorrow is Saint Pat's Day


morning fog---
a pickpocket thinks
no one can see him


Japan's scenes of rubble---
they will rebuild
they have done it before


East River Spring wind---
ducks fail to swim up stream
switch to go with the flow


the tear drop is
becoming a lake


Spring blue sky---
a smoke column mates
with a cloud


late night---
the light of a candle
and a half moon


Japan's power plant radiation---
the wind will decide
who dies


I watch the evening news---
Obama has plenty
on his plate


East River Spring dark clouds---
only the black squirrel
acts happy


living on a fault line
makes you smart to survive


blue sky---
she hauls deposit paid
empty containers


overcast Sunday---
my neighbor says
everything has two sides


as Japan's plants close---
a tsunami of world wide inflation
will come


the god of earthquakes---
man's cruelty is nothing
compared to nature's


Day Light Saving Time starts---
the cat jumps
every time it passes the clock


Saturday night---
women walk selling roses
red only


Japan has survived
many disasters---
our dropping of atom bombs


a contrail sinks into
the horizon also


morning blue sky---
the mailman delivers
nothing to me


the end of
news article on Libya---
google ad for Gun Oil Lube


March morning---
a gardener checks
on the tulips


Japan's disaster---
it makes your mind shut off
and your heart cry


a kid in a carriage puts
back his head and laughs---
nice Spring day


East River nice Spring day---
blue sky blue waters and
few clouds: white


11/3/11 ---
tsunamis hit
Japan and Hawaii


now Hawaii---
the earthquake of Japan's
tsunami yields one more


Obama's reserve---
US Libya policy
is full of potholes


a tsunami hits Japan---
hope my haiku friends
are all well


clearing storm clouds start
to show sky skin


heavy rain---
a drunk pisses while
holding his umbrella


foggy day---
I run into many dust balls
Spring cleaning my attic


morning fog---
the crew supervisor
keeps yelling stop


dawn---a giant ghost
Empire State Building
with its lights off


dark clouds over the skyline
the lights shine


Kadaffi must go---
or oil price will push
stimulus doe down the drain


March Wednesday---
a nurse has ash
on her face


morning cloudy sky---
a nurse comes out for a bit
of polluted air


crescent moon over the skyline---
she shows lots
of cleavage


East River gentle waters---
buds appear on trees
a warm breeze


blue sky---
a white carriage horse


Fat Tuesday---
it's still "Mardi Gras"
in the "Big Easy"


International Women's Day---
we all have an
X chromosome


"Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark"
I watch
"Titanic": the movie


crescent moon over the skyline---
Fat Tuesday


crescent moon at sunset---
a sign says two for
the price of one


Monday blue sky---
yesterday people went to church
in a rain storm


breakfast diner---
no new faces but
a new juke box


morning cloudy sky---
I had enough
of that oatmeal


fog mixes with smoke
mixes with low clouds---
like a Fellini movie


McCain says
US should not be passive


Sunday morning fog---
more ghosts
than the usual


Saturday night seafood restaurant---
she asks I eat
more oysters


March blue sky---
a sign on a window says
no more oysters


cloudy Saturday morning---
the cat does the same
it does every day


the Zawiyah massacre---
still no no-fly zone
for Libya


clouds move over the skyline---
the bartender goes
to wipe the tables


clouds at sunset---
a yoga class starts
with the sun salute


blue sky---
clouds elongate
like contrails


how many should die
in Libya till US sends the marines


afternoon blue sky---
two contrails intersect
a sinner looks up


lunch hour---
a cigar smoker asks
what the rush for


blue sky---
coldness makes the heart
yearn more


eventually the price of oil
will impose a solution


sunset--- I tell a dirty joke
enough of a blush
to ask her out


East River March choppy waters---
ducks bob seagulls soar
people just me


Wall Street lunch hour---
the food does not matter
the price does


blue sky---
a leafless tree stares back


Empire State Building
in red white and blue---
must be a software error


rush hour---
a squirrel decides to cross
traffic slows down


he can have him---
Hugo Chavez likes


blue sky---
a junk yard dog
barks at me


morning sunshine---
a bus driver smiles
March First