Sunday, December 28, 2008


soda fountain---
a teen and her mother
come in for ice cream


Madison Square Park---
there is no one
in the tree house


Saturday night---
the barmaid yells at me
I keep on dancing


morning fog---
my neighbor takes off
his turban


the recession---


I water
the poinsettias


Christmas night---
Venus shines
real bright


blue sky---
I do the dishes
on Christmas day


Christmas Eve---
I am too tired
to wash the dishes


more bad weather---
a couple standing on ice


the recession---
rise in arrests
for shoplifting


icy sidewalks---
a cop


the recession---
the first time Toyota
ends a year in the red


sunny day---
a paraplegic
spits on the snow

Sunday, December 21, 2008


blue sky---
she falls
on her butt


morning fog---
the snow covers


fresh snow---
the graffiti looks


the snow stopped---
a side street littered
with dog shit


the recession---
Harvard puts a freeze
on hiring


snow flurries start to fall---
the bridegroom gets
cold feet


snow in the forecast---
my neighbor's husky
wags his tail


cold night---black cat peaks
from under black car
a half moon


I turn off
the Christmas lights


morning fog---
a cop gives me
the wrong directions


happy hour---
they still look up when
Bush is on TV


the Lipstick Building---
it inspires
pyramid schemes


Madison Square Park---
near by bank Christmas lights
have no green


December Fifteen---
Feeling my age
as I climb the stairs

Sunday, December 14, 2008


near the subway---
a cemetery
is full


blue sky---
I go to buy more
Christmas gift wrap paper


cold Saturday night---
I walk into
an OTB


full moon at sunrise---
the Siamese twins
have an argument


mid December---
driving by the beach
with the heat on high


electronics store---
the salesman answers
in a foreign language


drizzle and fog night---
I stay home
and take a hot shower


morning rain---
a stray dog follows me
to the subway


the lake cold wind
smells fishy


the recession---
the office Christmas party


she went to buy
a pumpkin---
Winter sunset


morning Winter blues---
only the memory of old flames
warms me up


frigid day---
mushroom shaped smoke cloud
car makers need bail out


cold morning---
a cockroach warms up
under my coffee cup

Sunday, December 07, 2008


back home
I wipe her lipstick off my cheek---
a half moon


Pearl Harbor Day---
evil does not have
one address


first snow---
bride walks out
of a church


blue sky---
I take out the flowers
from my Jasmine tea


December evening rush---
the shopping bags
are smaller this year


cold dawn---
the Christmas trees keeper


the recession---
the barmaid stops
cashing checks


she pulls black satin sheet
over her head


East River bright day---
I look away
kids wearing parkas


blue sky---
smoke travels
shaped like a whale


as I stare at my plate---
my brain had enough


blue sky---
a monk has
nothing to say


she has two
gentlemen callers---
Venus with Jupiter and the moon


last year dust
on the Christmas ornaments