Thursday, November 01, 2012

1 November 2012

1 November 2012


November First---
a ghost shows up
one day late


at sunrise---
full moon in the western sky
November First


hurricane Sandy
fell lots of trees---
ones I admired


cloudy sky at sunset---
a black cat sits
in the kitchen window


East River post
Hurricane Sandy---
as if nada happened


for a Halloween monster---
pick any Arab


October Thirty-First---
do you know what
your kids are doing


Sandy wins by knockout---
not a one-two punch
but a hook


a wine bar---
we sip Cabernet
and French kiss


the aftermath of Sandy
now the clean up


they say Sandy has two parts---
one hurricane
the other nor'easter


morning skyline fog---
Sandy creeps on
a Halloween monster


looking for rebels---
visit an Arab


morning rush---
cancelled because of
Hurricane Sandy


Sandy is coming---
nature still
the most killer of life on Earth


in India---
a Brit stops
to ask for directions


as we wait the hit
of hurricane Sandy---
a full moon


East River Autumn---
a sail boat chases
a tanker


just the right stuff
for Halloween---
a hurricane is coming


morning sunshine---
tomorrow hurricane Sandy
will arrive


the gods on Mount Olympus---
do not cross them
they'll get you


don't ever say


Apple says---
its new iPad mini
is every inch iPad


East River grey Autumn---
a red tanker gets towed
by a red boat


another overcast morning---
I lace my coffee
with bourbon


overcast skies
the sun sets---
in the minds's eye


skyline fog---
all these CEO's don't look
out the window any way


in grief---
a touch is worth
a thousand words


late October sunrise---
a woman in black
holds a broom


late night---
as I pass a peddler of roses
half moon


lost in her blue eyes---
I ask her to repeat
what she said


Lily of the Mohawks---
the pope canonizes
a native Indian


October Sunday sunset---
a man waits for his date
to show up


Sunday afternoon in a bar-
I watch women
playing billiards


Sunday dawn---
a house window painted
for Halloween


Saturday sunset---
enough orange to make you
a dare devil


one of these days---
I'll start my own haiku group
it'll be on a cloud


late October blue sky---
pumpkins are
on sale


Friday late night---
revelers exiting a bar
greeted by dense fog


a nor'easter---
umbrellas walk
the streets


when in the Grand Canyon---
give a speech
the rocks have loudspeakers


Autumn sunrise---
dark clouds cap
the skyline


overcast sunset---
a man flags
a yellow cab


the heating season starts---
outside too cold
inside too hot


without food stamps---
many seniors will go


October sunrise---
a witch comes


nice Autumn day---
a miser counts
his gold


who won last night
presidential debate


mid October sunset---
a ghost peaks
from under a cloud


I eat almonds covered
with dark chocolate


after the rain stops---
the skyline lights


rain at sunset---
I look up
sun dance


human feet walking
on Autumn leaves


David Axelrod---
his phone is always connected
to his ear


New York State green apples
flood the market


Autumn Sunday---
a clear sunrise followed
by an overcast sky


an earthworm---
you can't tell its sex
'cause they're both


Autumn morning blue sky---
brisk wind makes
the sun's heat impotent


a continent of war
attains peace---
EU receives a Noble


Mo Yan---
a Chinese communist wins
the Noble lit prize


East River Autumn blue sky---
bank's black rocks
and the garbage strewn on it


October blue sky---
it's three weeks till


a dawn Autumn shower---
I take a hot one
before going out


skyline afternoon fog---
a railroad worker posts
the orange flag


at Starbucks---
a rainy day gets me a seat
to write a haiku


hair cut day---
my barber says
you look younger now


East River under
the Tappan Zee Bridge---
the cars sound like airplanes


Columbus Day---
a tourist ends up in the Bronx
instead of Times Square


morning stillness---
a cyclist


rainy Sunday---
no one wants to play


Sunday sunrise---
finally a night owl
comes home


East River overcast Autumn---
a red tow boat
passes by


October blue sky---
a mountain climber
is almost at the top


my neighbor rests her bare feet
on the window ledge


October blue sky---
the roofs are still wet
from days of incessant rain


morning stillness---
the cat meows
it's hungry


overcast Autumn---
a teacher asks her kids
to draw a rainbow


more morning fog---
I have not seen the sun
in days


East River Autumn fog clears-
a lone seagull stands
on a black rock


dense fog blankets all New York
watch your step


Autumn skyline fog---
I turn off
my humidifier


overcast Autumn morning---
a man climbs the fire escape
to the roof


at sunset---
I startle a black cat and
its two kittens as I pass


October First blue sky---
she wears her
turquoise ring


above the skyline dim lights-
a full moon
Autumn predawn


Sunday horizon clouds---
they think they're
the Himalayas


just before dawn---
I'm behind bed sheets
and full moon behind clouds


East River early Autumn---
strong surf and
languid faces


skyline low clouds---
the reason I won't live
on the top floor


rainy rush hour---
a blonde holds a see-through


morning fog---
a man follows
his dog


writing haiku---
there's difference
is it Mozart or noise


Autumn drizzle at dawn---
a man drinks


overcast at sunset---
a traffic light is stuck
on red

the wind shakes a green leaf
early Autumn


the majority of humans
do it on the floor


UN General Assembly meets---
lots of words
but no solutions


morning blue sky---
the windows of a hot yoga class
fog out


hot day blue sky---
the pot calls the kettle


a seducer runs out
of reasons


Autumn sunset---
blue clouds summon the night


by Neil Armstrong---
"one small step for a man
a giant leap for mankind"


Sunday morning blue sky---
a dog


Autumnal Equinox---
Halloween is around
the corner


morning cool---
low bulbous grey clouds
mix it up with chimney smoke


First Day of Autumn---
a soccer referee pulls out
his yellow card


we are now in recession---
that's why
unemployment is high


September blue sky---
a quarterback runs
and scores a touchdown


as Winter nears---
signs on dry-cleaners windows
"we clean UGG"


drastic melting
of Arctic sea ice---
penguins endangered


a baker brings out
the croissants from the oven


at sunset---
Bob Dylan sings
be my baby tonight


the flu---
take two aspirins and call
me in the morning


September morning---
after last night storm
silver lining in the clouds


stormy afternoon---
a Marine guard
lowers Old Glory


morning fog---
the skyline view as if
in a dream


September morning drizzle---
a man's baseball hat
is backwards


the Monday blues---
I have grilled octopus
for lunch


on stage---
a ballerina


September thin-line clouds---
a palm reader is open
for business

#iPhone 5

iPhone 5---
American ingenuity
lives on


morning blue sky---
I remember viewing her


water every where
but no drop to drink---
Rhyme of Ancient Mariner


September blue sky---
a woman wears very bright
red lipstick


morning blue sky---
a commuters train
goes into a tunnel


Roosevelt Island---
a miniature


living for ever---
Gilgamesh learns the hard way
it's not for humans


blue sky---
a red Corvette is parked
at the door of a bodega


the humdrum of a work day---
finally the light
at the tunnel's end


September morning chill---
fleece starts
to appear


East River serene waters---
seagulls congregate


Nine-Eleven sunrise---
a bald eagle


I like marching bands---
the college football season


morning stillness---
the whistle of a distant


Sunday morning---
a man treats his hangover
with a row egg


Sunday sunrise blue sky---
a seagull flies


the Saturday fixing of things---
handypersons sharpen
their skills


the dance of the bumblebees
by Neil Diamond---
watch it on U Tube


Saturday sunrise---
Queensboro Bridge looks
as if made of hemp


is not the same as
being alone


Summer haze at sunrise---
a mosquito


a pizza by the slice joint---
a man asks for
knife and fork


Jack be nimble
Jack be quick---
Jack jump over the candle stick


September sunrise---
a river sailboat


September blue sky---
what else do you


a tennis match ends---
as the winner celebrates
the loser leaves


I look at the sky color
then at what I am eating---
they're both oatmeal


a walk in the woods---
a fairy
greets me


September morning drizzle---
I go out
for a walk


getting tips---
a waiter works
Labor Day


Labor Day morning---
the silence of
a New York City street


skyline afternoon haze---
the US Open is in

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