Monday, August 31, 2009


East River August---
her artichoke salad
is yummy


morning haze---
I pass a dog whose hair
covers its eyes


Arlington Cemetery---
Ted Kennedy is lowered
crickets sing


morning fog---
a street artist
draws with charcoal


out of beer
August night---
I break the piggy bank


morning haze---
I postpone
cleaning my windows


a beer garden---
the only plants
sit at the bar


a lion fights
till the end---
Ted Kennedy dies


my wall clock
stops clicking---
I can't sleep any more


gym locker room---
two men talk


a sale on dark chocolate---
and I have only
ten dollars


blue sky---
August dust
on the radiator

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


August sun sets---
but sunflowers are
still here


Astoria Park---
two men discuss
their love of Rivers


on the Brooklyn Bridge---
they offer for sale
only bottled water


morning stillness---
the cat plays
with a fly


a black and yellow butterfly
at my window


August boredom---
a sparrow stands on my balcony
and sings


Summer tidying---
a spider web catches
my emptiness


August heat---
an ice cream truck
ran out of gas


a homeless man
sets the New York Times on fire


a new barber---
he asks if I want
less gray hair


on a bar stool---
the force of gravity
is stronger


blue sky---
the hum of the ac
August heat wave


a hookah cafe bubbles
with cool


a fly walks
up the thermometer

Monday, August 17, 2009


how to stay cool
inside a yellow cab


Central Park heat wave---
an ambulance stands
where girls in bikinis lie


Saturday night jealousy---
she tells me
it's all in your mind


the flower children
are now grandparents---
Woodstock at forty


mugged too often in Harlem---
he buys a gun
and shoots them


blue sky---
the beach is full
of umbrellas


clouds at sunset---
a dragon ran out
of fire


August cool---
she wants to go
mushroom hunting


August boredom---
I read
Alice In Wonder Land


the Perseid meteor shower---
Perseus sword beheads
the Medusa


August sunset---
I watch it from the inside
of a green house


August sun---
sweet corn ripens
in the ground


beach---a little girl
ask me to take her picture
with her camera


Summer watermelon---
I spit the seeds
to the pigeons

Monday, August 10, 2009


after a fight---
she watches
a silent movie


morning fog---
had enough of yesterday's
high definition


Saturday night---
so many women
but not enough Viagra


blue sky---
a sale on
toilette paper


our backyard fish fry---
a couple bring
their cat


East River Summer breeze---


an octopus spills
its ink---
clouds at sunset


Hiroshima Day---
the reason why
we must keep talking


Summer cherries---
I kiss her
as the sun sets


August beach---
his kite gets entangled
with hers


blue sky---
it's too hot
to wear any cloths


East River rapids---
a bass sax player moans
August heat


boring Summer afternoon---
I arm wrestle the barmaid
she wins


August sunrise---
a rooster is late
making the call

Monday, August 03, 2009


August rain stops---
a fly leaves
as I open the window


Upper East side---
a kid wears
an AIG t shirt


East River bright day---
soccer players change
mooning the sun


blue sky---
the smell of
suntan lotion


Summer sunset---
she shows me eggplants
growing in her garden


White House beer summit---
the White Sox beat
the Yankees


Summer cool breeze---
an empty swing


as I pace
the station platform---
a fly follows me


East River sudden down pour
sunbathers take
a shower


morning fog
graffiti artists are
busy working


a carriage horse
refuses to move---
July ends


blue sky---
and empty


hot July night---
my neighbor opens
her curtains


blue sky---
I watch
the surf