Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Empire State Building lit
red white blue---
'cause WTC is now higher


East River Spring---
shore rats come out
to have lunch


written on a rest room wall---
make love
not war


Spring blue sky---
a river sail boat


East River nice Spring day-
kids taught to play


we put ketchup on our burgers-
as we catch up on
each other news


late April blue sky---
the cold wind makes people
wear their Winter coats


April blue sky---
I scrape the burns
off my panini


Arbor Day---
how to thank a tree
hug it


the skyline flashing red lights
are still awake


foggy day at the zoo---
the animals get relief
from human stares


Spring in the park---
lovers kiss
butterflies hover


April low clouds---
the skyline looks


April sunset blush---
a crescent moon pretends
to be above it all


clear Spring day---
a yogi does
the head stand


April---tree pollen count
for New York City is high


its veins blocked---
a surgeon goes inside
a heart with a catheter


April blue sky---
the wind whistles
a man whistles back


Spring morning fog---
I open
the bathroom curtain


April nor'easter---
watching rain drops form puddles
is hypnotic


Earth Day---
a snake disappears
behind an apple tree


Bahrain Formula One---
a rich man sport
in a land of injustice


Spring wind Saturday night---
goose bumps on
well shaved legs


Spring morning haze---
I clean
my eyeglasses


strong Spring wind---
a cherry tree gives me
a petals shower


Friday Spring blue sky---
plenty of smiling faces
in the subway


like shooting stars---
contrails come out
at sunset


Spring overcast sky---
grey pigeons gather
on left over rice


April sunset blush---
the evening news is bloody
as usual


this would still be a warm
Spring day---if it were not
for her cold goodbye


Monte Carlo Tennis Tournament-
the glow of red clay
at sunset


April blue sky---
a white carriage horse


East River Spring---
a Harley Davidson gang


Summer cool---
an ice-cream truck
breaks down


April heats up---


today's Spring wind---
it's not cold
but just too fast


Tax Day---
this year it coincides with
Greek Orthodox Easter Sunday


Spring morning---
high flying birds
in a V


Spring strawberries---
their sourness is


Saturday night carousing---
a line outside
every bathroom


Summer heat---
a gym steam room
in mid April


Saturday blue sky---
a man wears his Yankees cap


Friday the Thirteenth---
I encounter
a black cat


Friday the Thirteenth blue sky---
a man carries
an umbrella


a Spring fly---
every time I swat it
comes back stronger


I hear giggles---
a little girl first time
on a swing


Spring blue sky---
my neighbor peeps at me
through a crack in her curtains


substitute teacher---
the students ask him


cloudy Spring morning---
a propeller plane
flies low


a bird in hand---
worth ten
on the tree


the National Gallery
Japanese paintings---
outside Cherry trees


the Fountain of Youth---
I drop
a penny


April blue sky---
a fishmonger opens


East River bright day---
picnickers roast lamb
Easter Sunday


Easter Sunday blue sky---
women wear
fanciful hats


sunset paints the sky blood red-
tomorrow is
Easter Sunday


First Day of Passover---
sparrows pick on
matzo crumbs


a Spring bird tweets---
I tweet it


blue sky---
the tears are to come later
holy week


Good Friday---
the stock market is closed
so that bankers can go to church


ninety-nine-cent store---
the only thing American
is the money


pumped like a balloon---
a snake is having


blue sky---
Old Glory flutters
in the Spring wind


late night---
a bright light wakes me up
April full moon


East River bright Spring day-
black ducks stand
on the shore black rocks


Spring blue sky---
a sports car with the top up
passes by


Spring lunch hour
in the park---
a bee works


Spring blue sky---
a ballerina dances
on pointe


East River Spring wind---
basketball players dribble
ducks bounce


Spring sunset---
a tennis ball bounces back
and forth till it's dark


a Spring bright day---
cold wind


Sunday Spring drizzle---
a man goes out
for a walk


April Fools' Day---
a street preacher says
the end of the World is coming