Sunday, January 25, 2009


the recession---
Sunday's sermon
is all about greed


blue sky---
no more tissue
in the bathroom


out with her---
he is stuck for words
moonless Saturday night


Winter doldrums---
outside a dance school
a little girl strikes a pose


January warms up---
my neighbor walks
in her underwear


internet cafe---
a man falls asleep
while viewing porno


cold wind---
the headline says
no torture


the recession---
quality of subway musicians


blue sky---
I forget the tea kettle
is on the stove


purple horizon---
Obama wakes up
in the White House


Obama takes the oath---
words jump
he reins them


with a shovel on his shoulder
he sizes up the snow---
crescent moon


snow at dusk---
a white poodle
is out for a shit


Martin Luther King Day---
is tomorrow

Sunday, January 18, 2009


East River Winter day---
a biplane flies low
then rises


Sunday morning snow---
all the talk shows guests
have gray hair


frigid day blue sky---
a white smoke column
acts up


bitter cold day---
a house for sale
has its door wide open


blue sky---
it's too cold to cook
marshmallows outdoors


Hudson River Winter day---
a jet airliner
lands on the water


the recession---
Paris is not Paris
without Champagne*





morning rush---
snow falls inside
my new shoes


the recession---
waiting for Obama's


January blue sky---
the circus is still
in town


chilly night---
I ask
if I can sleep with her


late night
a banker worries about
his golden parachute--- full moon


blue sky---
who cares about that sliver
of pink and orange


the recession---

Sunday, January 11, 2009


out for a walk---
the sun sets now
later than before


blue sky---
snow covers
tar painted roofs


Saturday night---
it snows
we go ice skating indoors


cloudy January---
a white plastic bag
on a leafless tree


Japanese restaurant---
the Cabernet is


January night---
the game keeper falls asleep
full moon


January evening rush---
an empty seat
where the heat works


snow flurries---
the fire escape steps
need cleaning


January rainy day---
the barmaid
has a hickey


the recession---
I limit my bets
to only horses


snow in the forecast---
I open the curtains
the moon


morning stillness---
the train conductor---
makes no announcements


the recession---
plastic surgeons
offer discounts


warm January day---
the zoo polar bear
stays indoors

Sunday, January 04, 2009


January East River---
a contrail
follows it


a kid kicks
a soldier's helmet---
January half moon


blue sky---
a seagull
flies alone


the recession---
my neighbor puts
another lock on his door


getting away from it all
in Times Square


a Christmas tree
sticks out of the garbage


I am tired
of her sword play---
crescent moon


blue sky---
she wears new shoes
on New Year's Day


snow flurries
on New Year's Eve---
a drunk says Merry Christmas


New Year's Eve---
a banker hides his bonus
under his mattress


so what we are
out of bread---
crescent moon


Tex-Mex restaurant---
the mariachi band plays
Jingle Bells


after Christmas---
a bag lady carries a bag
full of empty bags


the recession---
so many deserted pools*
skateboarders jump in