Wednesday, November 18, 2009


East River nice day---
a duck opens its mouth wide
Thanksgiving nears


East River nice day---
a tug boat strains
fallen leaves


blue sky---
I remember nothing
of last night brawl


November waxes---
a decapitated scarecrow
in the garbage


fog over the skyline---
not just files
but life on a cloud


a love potion---
there is water
on the moon


Friday the Thirteenth---
I win a free trip
to where I live


cold wind gusts---
a morning jogger
runs in place


as I listen to an opera---
my neighbors
have a fight


view but no warmth

Armistice Day---
the seconds hand
passes eleven


Veterans Day---
the fresh wounds
of Fort Hood


Autumn Monday afternoon---
nothing happens
Roosevelt Island

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


East River Summer day---
just ignore
the falling leaves


morning fog---
a turkey walks into a wall


Claude Levi Strauss dies---
a florist has
wild forget-me-nots


blue sky---
fingers yellowed from smoking


a sale
on yellow pepper


Fort Hood---
when a coward with a gun
runs out of options

blue sky---
but for
a day moon


dark clouds at sunset---
bright yellow leaves
get noticed


the Yankees win
the World Series---
Pettitte at his best


blue sky---
no more ghosts
November Third


full moon at sunrise---
a yogi
faces west


election results---
Bloomberg lost because
his win is not big enough


East River nice day---
a kid falls asleep
on his mama's lap


Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I ask for whipped cream
on the pumpkin pie---
Autumn ennui


New York City Marathon---
women run up a hill
I walk on


all saints day---
a witch acts as if
yesterday never happened


a lone wolf waits
till it's dark---
October ends


Central Park---
a swan casts a spell
on a witch


a ghost changes into
a pile of trash bags


Upper East Side---
the barmaid recommends
pumpkin beer


noon wind gust---
a ghost rides a swing
in the park


a Halloween party---
I go as myself
no comments

morning rush---
a robot


morning fog---
a ghost takes off
the white sheet