Wednesday, December 01, 2010


a nor'easter
a sole bird soars
then free falls


December tempestuous entrance---
tossed umbrellas
at a mosque door


morning fog---
a man wants more steamed milk
in his cappuccino


who's killing Iran's scientists---
some think it is Israel
and US


evening fog---
the cat comes back
with an appetite


Christmas trees are here---
they look better


East River nice day---
Autumn trees prick
my attention


is it a
soap opera


a rag doll still guarding
a garden---
November ends


Fifth Avenue---
so many reindeers
but no women in high heels


Thanksgiving left overs
from paper plates---
a day moon


blue sky---
smoke rises from
Santa Claus chimney


Saturday night---
she asks me if I have a light
for her cigar


a football game---
as the sun sets
the players' shadow gets taller


blue sky---
morning frost
on my window


giant garbage bags
day after Thanksgiving---
how many can they feed


morning fog---
a street vendor has a sale
on orange colored scarfs


Black Friday---
a weight loss clinic
is having a sale


Thanksgiving day football game---
the New England Patriots


morning dense clouds---
a nurse goes to work
on Thanksgiving day


East River day before Thanksgiving---
seagulls await
tomorrow's trash


blue sky---
swift wind lifts up
street trash


must be his stare---
Andrew Cuomo picked
one of the sexiest men


Penn Station before Thanksgiving---
patience will not
get you out of it


Thanksgiving week starts---
I wake up to take Alkaseltzer
a day moon


full moon faces west---
many east side windows
are dark


the day JFK died---
we still recall
where we were


if you are flying---
make sure you wear


blue sky---
a bald man looks


I wake up to feed the cat---
a harvest


the Pope condones condoms---
for male HIV positive


they nest in the elevated
station tracks---the squeaks
of breaks and birds


Autumn swings---
a girl screams as the wind
gives her a hand


I seek a palm reader insight---
a day moon changes
to a night


they decorate for Christmas---
naked mannequin
in a store window


Moroccan club---
as the belly dancer rests
Aznavour sings on tape


blue sky--
the chatter of kids
waiting for the school bus


a currency trader buys gold---
full moon
over the skyline


the wind gusts---
Autumn leaves fly in the same
pattern as the birds


blue sky---
the roofs are still wet
from yesterday's storm


his mother would have approved---
Prince William will marry
a commoner


sheep graze on a meadow---
the Muslim Feast
of Sacrifice starts


morning fog---
having a top floor office
does not mean you're farsighted


that black cat is out again---
a half moon behind
thin clouds


Obama is back from Asia---
now the haggling in Congress


Winter tidying---
what's her panties
doing in my closet


blue sky---
a flock of sheep crosses
a country road


Autumn sunset---
a black cat is let out


no more dough for a hotel---
two tourists stay on
a Central Park tree


don't ask don't tell---
Cindy McCain comes out
for repeal


as she sits at the bar---
her jeans slide
a half moon


Rockefeller Christmas tree
cut down---why not have
a permanent tree


evening walk---
the sound of a cop siren
I move right on the sidewalk


blue sky---
the cat hides
under the bed


Veterans Day---
next one is on
eleven eleven eleven


clouds at sunset---
the wind pushes Autumn leaves
towards the horizon


East River mid November wind---
it's still nice enough
to smile


Obama in Indonesia---
we are not at war
with Islam


Autumn cold gusts---
I keep wearing then not wearing
my gloves


crescent moon at sunset---
she hesitates then
kisses me


blue sky---
a fisherman puts out
his net to dry


Bush talks about Bush
on TV---
regrets but no apology


Autumn dawn---
Venus sets
as I shave


New York City Marathon---
genes decide
the winners


Daylight Saving Time starts---
the cat still awakes
when it's hungry


Winter suburban scrubbing---
how can squirrels


sunrise purple clouds---
a hunting dog tracks
a deer


Tomas hits---
muddy water covers
Haitians to their knees


pigeons feeding---/
a mother tells her kid/
dejalo comiendo


what is a tent
in the face of a rain storm---
Tomas aims at Haiti


evening fog---
some one behind me
speaks in Cockney


morning fog---
the dry cleaner says
he can't find my coat


Bush writes a book---
no WMD's
and still no regrets


East River bright Autumn day---
algae on charcoal black rocks
looks healthy


a half loaf beats none---
Obama keeps the Senate
but loses the House


cargo planes from Athens
carry bombs---
Hermes caduceus


blue sky---
New York voters cast
paper ballots


Elections Day---
go stop the bashing
of Obama


she's macho---
Brazil elects its first
female president


Autumn's colors at sunset---
nothing left for
the imagination


blue sky---
I step on
a giant cockroach