Tuesday, November 01, 2011

1 November 2011


blue sky---
all the bad vibes pass
November First


October sunset---
not all yesterday's snow


there has not been any
for a while---the well
of wiki leaks dries up


October blue sky---
snow covers
the roofs


an October snow storm
fells many trees---
with leaves still on


October snow storm---
Occupy Wall Street members
stay inside their tents


October afternoon---
a sudden snow shower
of goblins


the cemetery on
an Autumn stormy day---
no one cares


snow on the way
and it's not even Halloween yet---


will it still light up---
miss liberty to close
for renovation


October cool---
snow birds book travel
to Florida


October cools---
I buy a fan
that heats the air


cold October blue sky---
a barber has a special
on head shaves


floods in  Bangkok---
and they ask the PM
if she's crying  


evening fog---
the taller the building
the more it's decapitated


a stormy day---
I go into an Irish pub
and have a Guinness 


civil wars---
they rarely end
after the fighting stops


late October nor'easter---
you can't see far 'cause
too many ghosts


October beach sunset---
a red Ferrari
speeds by


cloudy October---
screams heard from a house
as I pass by


Afghan kids---
when they see GI's
they ask them for pens


October contrail at sunset---
a man says that's
a spirit


Qaddafi dead---
Libya's new


October morning blue sky---
all the ghosts gone


October sunrise---
Venus sets above
the skyline


East River Autumn---
the seagulls skim
the water for fish


the eaters of horse meat---
they've never been close
to a live horse ever


last week of October---
a witch prepares
her concoction


a cat walks back


blue sky---
a yellow cab passes
with its empty trunk open


nice October Sunday---
an embassy sentry
goes out of his box


Sunday blue sky---
as I wait for
a football game to start


overcast Sunday morning---
the smell of
cigar smoke


Saturday sunset---
a redhead asks me
if I have a light


Steve Jobs bio---
I read while biting
an Autumn apple


old laptop---
I back up my data
to the cloud


October blue sky---
a man hunts for mushrooms
in the park


I wear my leather jacket---
Autumn invigorating
cold chill


lunch time---
a concrete city park
with a waterfall


clouds of various shapes---
a man goes on a safari
in his mind


Gaddafi is dead---
but what is


October clouds at sunset---
the scent of baking
pumpkin pie


October morning blue sky---
a woman in black


October evening fog---
the sound of steps
behind me


morning rain---
a frog goes back
into the pond


October morning fog---
ghosts come out
of chimneys


October sunset---
she buys
black tulips


an abandoned house---
the sound of slamming a door


nice October night---
dancers' legs


a kid wants to play
more hide and seek


an old man shaves---
a setting
day moon


blue sky---
the subway is crowded
with people going to work


my door bell rings
but no one is there---


bull riding---
it's a matter of how long
it takes the bull to win


East River October---
many bank anglers
mostly blue fish


Autumn blue sky---
a man goes into
an outdoors jacuzzi


blue sky---
a man empties his pockets
Autumn day moon


the sun starts to set
away from my kitchen---
Winter is coming


October blue sky---
but for a ghost
a day moon


plays hide and seek---
a day moon goes
behind clouds


it's witchcraft---
October moon
at sunrise


Thailand Monsoon season---
the elephants are


front porch---
their Halloween characters
are behind a sea of lilacs


a lost cat ad---
they know how to find
a better deal


my network is down---
a bird sings
on top of a cell tower


early morning---
a bald man cracks
a soft boiled egg


morning fog--- 
a witch shrieks
mid October 


Occupy Wall Street---
a cop's horse


evening dense fog---
a couple
hold hands


morning fog---
the skyline covered with spider webs
mid October


afternoon fog---
the day's news
in HD


some men still wear shorts
mid October


the charm of innocence---
a man watches
an Audrey Hepburn movie


Topeka, Kansas---
it's now legal
to beat your wife


Times Square old timers---
can get lost walking
in the middle of the street


cloudy sky---
an economist predicts
no growth


I discover the shortest
route to pizza---
Columbus Day


a ship goes to India
through the Panama Canal---
Columbus Day


blue sky---
a nanny has
the day off


a witch takes out her broom-
full moon


more Indian Summer---
some men don't look good


the race---
all the elephants are too old
to beat the lead donkey


blue sky---
a jet airplane
keeps on rising


contrails at sunset---
a man says he can smell
the smoke of hemp


East River October---
strong surf whips its banks
a rat comes out to look


Indian Summer day---
it took till the afternoon
for it to sink in


blue sky---
a Poker player loses
his shirt


blue sky---
Jews fast
Yom Kippur


Empire State Building lit
green, white, and red---
Columbus Day weekend starts


a Yemeni woman wins
the Noble Peace Prize


beauty is limitless---
blue sky


October morning blue sky---
all the ghosts have
gone to sleep


a black poodle
is out for a walk


October sunset---
no purple leaves


I thought it
just started


I find a shortcut
to my favorite bar


October blue sky---
a scarecrow wears


I find out about it
on my iPhone---
Steve Jobs dies


October cloudless sunset---
a witch closes
the curtains


aimlessly I walk---
I pass a stray dogs


morning blue sky---
a man draws the bed sheet
over his head


Autumn dawn---
Venus above
the skyline


October blue sky
at sunset---
a witch is enraged


late night---
I open a window
a moth brushes against my cheek


Assad expands---
his goons attack activists
in the US


Spain's Duchess of Alba
will remarry


finally a skyline
clear night---
October chill


stormy dark clouds---
pink through a crack
in the horizon


October over cast sky---
a seagull stays


early morning---
a peacock displays
its tail


October sunrise---
cotton candy


storm clouds suddenly clear-
a couple argue about
global warming


East River October still waters-
an oil tanker makes
its own waves


let 'em eat cake---
cuffed for protesting
the avarice of Wall Street


Sunday morning---
a man at the office working


blue sky---
the Sunday Times protrudes
from a mailbox


Saturday night---
it's still warm enough
to wait out in line


I drink Schaefer beer
the sweet redness of her lips