Sunday, July 27, 2008


Central Park Summer---
the gondolier acts more drunk
than his passengers


high noon---
the air conditioner
runs on solar


Central Park Summer---
a bride
next to the water lilies


Central Park Summer---
on a tree-roofed path
live cool jazz


blue sky---
who cares what color
Earth is


a line waits outside
the dialysis center


mid Summer---
swimming pool is crowded
she plays footsie


garbage bag busted---
seagulls call
Summer smog


outside a bank homeless man
holds sign---
they had me foreclosed


after a Summer dry spell---
the dog drinks
fresh rain water


my train is late---
I watch a cockroach
going home


bright Summer day---
I dump the wilted


dead tree cut
into pieces---
July nude beach


dawn--- trying again
to steal the show
full moon

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Summer wind rushes through branches---
she stops


blue sky---
she wears her Panama hat
July heat wave


another day of heat wave---
car exhausts make
cyclist curse


new poet laureate * ---
she has the same
hair cut as mine



gay bar---
she comes on
too aggressive


July heatwave---
a rat goes out
for breakfast


July sunset---
Ozone level
too high


the hens are
all alone


at Chinese fast food to go
little girl sleeps---


July waterfall---
his friendship * also knew
how to relieve

* remembering a friend who died recently


mid July---
of naked flesh


a black cat comes out
of the garbage room


Bastille Day---
they now eat cake
and are too fat


Summer downpour---
I sit in a vine
covered patio

Sunday, July 13, 2008


the maze at
Lincoln Center Plaza


Central Park hot day---
driver of a carriage
talks to his horse


a peach bearing tree drops one
over my head---


Summer high noon---
the barmaid watches
a cowboy movie


Summer sunset---
white with envy
a half moon


July at the gym---
It's too


Summer playground---
is it Puppy who squeaks
or little girl?


blue sky---
a good friend died


the price of rice went up
I order sashimi---
saki on the side


July early morning sky---
a geisha dancer
still in make up


at Starbucks---
the smell of fish


last month power bill---
I turn off
the air conditioner


July sunset---
land too hot
a duck walks on water


five pm
church bells ring---
Frère Jacques

Sunday, July 06, 2008


crowded Tex-Mex restaurant---
smell of sulfur dioxide


Tour de France---
no carbon


crescent moon---
a July firework
fizzles out


clothing optional beach---
no one


July Fourth fireworks---
I stand next to
an Iraqi refugee


suddenly note the red
of Old Glory---
July Fourth


she wears tight blue jeans
and hijab---
July Fourth


Summer haze---
my neighbor wears
his turban


Madison Square Park July---
Blue Grass band plays
little girl dances


price of food is up---
a grocer has sale
on leftovers containers


Summer wind---
I turn off
the fan


hot day---
I take a nap
in a movie theater


Summer crowded subway---
the smell
of sardines


heavy dust on my copy
of Paradise Lost