Sunday, March 30, 2008


a woman wearing
the burka passes by


Sunday morning---
the preacher doesn't
talk elections


upper class gym---
there's* more
women than men



blue sky---
nothing left
of last night macaroons


the sound of laughter
on the beach---
Spring sunset


late March chill---
her naked legs
suddenly part


overcast skies---
who needs
all that progeny


morning rush---
man on my left
chats with woman on my right


late March warmth---
cloud shaped like
a mushroom head


morning rush pale faces---
no Spring break
for this crowd


pluming and heating shop---
a bombshell passes
sunny March


the blandness
of an egg whites omelet


seagull crosses to wrong
side of tracks---
an elections year


early morning---
the witch's lights
are still on

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Easter Parade---
the only time you see
fruits on Fifth Avenue


blue sky---
the sprinklers are not working
late March


candy store---/
I buy sour jelly beans/
Spring cold wind


empty subway---
I think of last year Mets games


blue sky---
a nun looks down
Good Friday morning


full moon---
the barmaid kisses me
on the cheek


Spring first day---
she wears
no bra


strong March wind---
my neighbor
coughs louder


in order to form
a more perfect union---
let's hear* one another



March showers---
I stay


not enough money
to buy a pizza slice


morning stillness---
a garbage truck


people wear green
for St. Pat Day---
naked trees


blue sky---

Sunday, March 16, 2008


sunset---clouds move in
I watch
a Grace Kelly movie


March Madness*---
I keep watching
the golf channel



St. Patrick's Day---
the man at the door
cards me


lilac buds behind
iron bars fence---
it starts to rain


Spring nears---
street gang threaten another
in a cheap diner


overcast day---
an old Checker Cab*
passes by



early Spring narrow street
lined with bare trees---
we hold hands


the barmaid is out
of lemon wedges---
a half moon


it's time the blind*
lead the seeing---
Elliot Spitzer resigns



the barmaid smiles
at my joke---
waxing crescent


blue sky---
a white poodle
sleeps at my feet


watch out for
all that spit flying around---
Client 9 uncovered*



my second time---
barmaid remembers my drink
crescent moon


brisk March---
PE class runs the tracks
as I wait my bus


the barmaid raises
her eyebrow as I enter---
crescent moon

Sunday, March 09, 2008


today's crossword too hard---
I try figure
who's she calling


grey patches of clouds---
I try to fit in my old
hippie jeans


no one wants to play checkers---
I watch
a Charlie Chaplin movie


morning fog---
my difficult neighbor
is very quiet


a meter maid asks me
what time is it---
day light saving time starts


blue sky---
the kitchen sink
is clogged again


work coffee breaks long enough
to ask for her phone number


Dred Scott Decision Day*----
but this year
he is running for president

*On March 6, 1857, in its Dred

Scott decision, the Supreme Court

held that Scott, a slave, could not

sue for his freedom in a federal



morning strands
of white clouds---
she redyes her hair


March coldness---
the playground grand turtle
raises its head


March showers---
she swooshes my shirt
with her clinking clunker


fog at sunset---
I ask for a second
Martini olive


I broke the bottle
of the orange juice


warm March evening rush---
the smell of dirty hair
and stale perfume


bus stop---she smokes
with one hand and shakes
at him the other's finger

Sunday, March 02, 2008


March bright day---
I adjust
my Yankees cap


morning stillness---
my neighbor's hand
waves hello


boy pushes a load
of water melons---
February is over


Maya* blue sky---
I sacrifice
a dozen Blue Points



morning drizzle---
my window is scribbled
with pauses


sunny--- teen girls pass me
and giggle
almost Spring


waiting for my train---
shadows of birds
travel the rails


end of February---
too green strawberries
on sale


blue sky---
I ask her
that we hold hands


miniskirt--- her walk
makes it hard not to stare
almost Spring


fog at sunset---
I view
a film noir


at Starbucks---
he grades
her exam


Madison Square Park---
couple dance tango
then pass the hat


man in trench coat pretends
pissing in snow


after snow stopped
a white feather falls