Sunday, May 31, 2009


New York bans cars
in Times Square---
the streetwalkers are unhappy


Hudson River cool breeze---
so many men
go topless


moon above the skyline---
and all I got
is a half pita bread loaf


blue sky---
a fish monger opens clams
a May lone cloud


pizza for dinner---
it's been long time
since I've seen the moon


morning fog---
the cat ignores
the neighbors' husky


East River---sparrows drink
from a street puddle
May mist


morning fog---
I visit my friend
the fortuneteller


the sun behind a thin cloud---
the groom unveils his bride
late May


morning haze---
a rat stares back
at me


late night---
she shows me her garden
I taste her tomatoes


blue sky---
as if last night fireworks
never happened


East River---
the sun shines
Memorial Day


kids fight a gun battle
in the swimming pool---
Memorial Day

Sunday, May 24, 2009


late May---
a fly lands on
a poem by Isa


Saturday morning fog---
a boy wears his uniform
to go to school


whistles as she passes---
a bird
flies away


blue sky---
but not enough


East River rapids---
I run my fingers
through her white hair


ozone level too high---
a woman wears nothing
under her skirt


a women softball game
ends in lots of hugs


bared bodies watching weather
I keep my cool


the sound of people singing
as I pass a church


late May---
a butterfly stands outside
my closed window


East River stills waters---
I toss a rock in them
clear skies


blue sky---
a monk
looks up


a street park---
I watch a pigeon
try to earn daily bread


May clouds cracked enough
to see purple and red

Sunday, May 17, 2009


first time in a casino----
he asks if they have
credit default swaps


overcast May---
the bride wears
a yellow gown


East River Saturday
clouds clear---
she smiles


morning blanket fog---
the cat wants
to go out


East River green waters---
a friend gives me a sip
of his absinthe


morning haze---
I receive an ad
for a cemetery


afternoon dense fog---
the barmaid gives me
another for the road


morning fog---
more talk about more
pictures of detainees' torture


East River nice day---
a gust of wind blows
trash in my face


blue sky---
she walks around the house


I step on
dog shit


morning commute---
the bicycle lane
is the fastest


a grocery store---
finding out what two priests
like to eat


asphalt park---
the squirrels are not afraid
of dogs

Sunday, May 10, 2009


on side streets
kids carry flowers---
Mother's Day


blue sky---
a sale on kitchen ware
for Mother's Day


finally the sun came out---
how May can be
may be


morning fog---
my voyeur neighbor
loses his hard-on


East River warm Spring day---
an old dog pisses
on new grass


blue sky---
a rare friend
comes home


after a stormy day---
she's done putting on makeup


the sound of women
moonless night


East River low clouds---
the Chrysler Building needle


still no sunshine---
I eat
an orange


the emperor has no clothes---
the swine flu is just
another flu


gloomy Spring day---
a parrot keeps saying
smile honey


cold rainy day---
Cherry blossom petals
carpet the sidewalk


morning mist---
she takes off her eyeglasses
to see me better

Sunday, May 03, 2009


rainy May Sunday---
at a bus stop
an empty can of beer


short on cash---
Kentucky Derby won
by a fifty-to-one long shot


Saturday night---
but no kissing
the swine flu


the bard has no beard---
the UK first female
poet laureate


Friday afternoon downpour---
a beer truck stops
to unload


May Day---
a monkey at the zoo
raises his fist


East River dark clouds---
bright green leaves sprout
April ends


Obama's news conference---
I turn off


Hudson River sunset---
no talk here about
the swine flu


blue sky---
I forgot
my flu mask


at the gym---
does their sweat
carry swine flu virus


April heat wave---
I decide not to
turn on the ac


swine flu scare---
I stay home and cook
my pork real well


blue sky---
my neighbor shaves
her legs