Friday, September 02, 2011

2 September 2011


on his way to work---
a man draws plans
for his Labor Day Weekend


blue sky---
a couple argue
about money


its battery is weak---
crescent moon sets
behind the skyline


September sunset---
a clown finishes putting on
make up


a grocery store
with narrow isles---
frottage is not allowed


a query---
do Marxists
still exist?


an Uptown Sushi bar---
the chef says
he's Chinese


when will the World rebel---
at how many Assad felled
the night before?


blue sky---
a back to school sale
September First


Wall Street power lunch---
they drink it
the food is just an excuse


August blue sky---
a man covers his head
with today's Times


a Muslim holiday---
the Empire State Building
lit in green


Muslims celebrate
end of Ramadan---
kids parade in new clothes


blue sky---
a man takes his dirty clothes
to the dry cleaner


he was there from the start---
David Honeyboy Edwards


after the hurricane---
the skyline lights
burn bright


East River aft an earthquake
and a hurricane---
as if nothing passed


when nature doesn't nurture nature-
Hurricane Irene felled
many trees


blue sky---
the subway is full
of smiling faces


the clean up
after a hurricane


cold air chases the hot---
Irene is


pigeons are flying again---
Irene downgraded
to tropical storm


Irene continues its onslaught
and I like it


on a wall in Tripoli---
"where's the guy
with crazy hair?"


"good bye Irene
good bye Irene---
I'll see you in my dreams"


a hurricane---
the flies think
my kitchen is a storm shelter


New York screeches to a stop---
the dead quiet before
a hurricane


New Jersey shore surfers stay
as the waves get bigger---


looking at pictures
of a Playboy centerfold---
just because


fog at sunrise---
the overture to
hurricane Irene


hurricane Irene---
is it La Nina


shopping for the hurricane---
Yahrzeit Memorial Candles
are on sale


a hurricane watch---
a fly acts


sunset blue and red clouds draw
a map of a costal line---
Irene nears


an August shower---
a floatplane
flies over


secondhand smoke
in a clinic restroom---
that's sick


late August morning---
the sun shines on
a black garbage bag


Sioux vs the Feds---
money and no land
or land and no money


after he's gone---
will Libya's rebels be able
to agree?


Jorge Luis Borges Labyrinth---
only a blind man
could see it


the earth quake---
it felt the same
as riding the subway


blue sky---
like a fly on a window
a chopper stands


a smokehouse---
but they don't have


August sunset---
I peel a baby


the earthquake---
I thought Zeus and Hera
were having a fight


a man posts a picture
of his lower back


blue sky---
a back to school


where the mistakes of Iraq
were corrected


an unemployed man
finds a job


August blue sky---
a cool breeze makes it feel


the Jets preseason opener---
in the poring


 "We are coming for you, frizz-head..."
Libyan rebels enter


more of August thunder 'n lightning---
I watch
a firefly


I go and buy her flowers---
she smiles


late August Sunday morning---
the HD is
not on


Summer Saturday sunset---
a blond wears
a black dress


Queens Boulevard---
from one country to another
as you cross a street


a man tosses the ash
from his pipe---
a Summer day moon


Saturday blue sky---
a betting parlor floor
covered with tossed tickets


talk radio---
some are


I turn off
the Tiffany lamp


August thunder and lightning
at sunset---
kids like it better


East River late August---
most of these skyscrapers
are empty


August noon---
construction workers talk
the economy


a Summer bee
can't make up its mind---
which rose


the edge of the universe---
a ray of light has
no where to go


Syria's Assad---
finally Obama says it:
he has to go


I close my windows---
August impersonates


August noon sun comes out---
I order
eggs Benedict


a bad haiku---
is someone else's
good haiku


August morning gray sky---
a man goes to the bank
to view his gold bars


August sunset---
from the kitchen window
as I do the dishes


kids friendly restaurant---
a little girl goes to talk
to a toddler


the loneliness of
a mid August morning---
a day moon


mid August blue sky---
a tall ship folds
its sails

#an experimental haiku

1: she lies in bed +
1: he lies with her
time passes---


a brass vase


Summer sunset---
a man says he squeezes his own
orange juice


a seafood store---
they remind you
August has no "r"


Manhattan morning fog---
the taller you are
the less they'll notice you


the obituary columnist
now writes humor


overcast August---
the Empire State Building top
is above clouds


end of a storm
the silence


August lunch hour---
the sparrows follow the pigeons
they follow the ants


aft a day of down pours---
how many feet of snow
were it a blizzard


morning dark clouds---
steam rises as I pour
a cup of tea


Iran outlaws
water gun fights


skyline lights shine
on storm clouds
as they pass-August Sunday


Summer rain---
a man on a bicycle carries
an umbrella


ballet dancers---
they are closet


Sunday fog---
a preacher says
the devil works in hidden ways


a rainy day---
a man has a garage sale
on his umbrellas


Summer Sunday morning rain storm-
it sets you


England is back---
just worrying
about soccer


Summer tourists---
the Empire State Building


Mount Rainier----
it's Summer but
the snow is still there


first it's bitter
then sweet---
I taste Schaefer beer


Saturday August Thirteenth---
yesterday was still
an unlucky day


August waxes---
a dog follows
another dog


blue sky---
a man updates his Facebook status
with nothing on his mind


August Friday happy hour---
the bartenders have time
to listen


morning subway---
I squeeze in the space
between two fat ladies


August blue sky---
a pacifist says
he has nothing to protest


like a street lamp that's
about to turn on-
the sun sets  aside buildings


August lunch hour---
there aren't enough still here
to gossip about


my next door neighbor---
five daughters
and no sons


morning blue sky---
a dog barks
at a black cat


nothing wrong with the markets-
they still don't do
what we want them to do


a sushi bar---
the better it looks
the worse it tastes


East River August---
no sounds but the calls
of seagulls


Summer blue sky---
a kid has to tidy up
his room


the end of an August stormy day-
just a red
wriggled line


London riots---
the only stores not looted
were bookstores


Summer heavy rain---
a fish truck
passes by


August afternoon fog and rain---
the yellow tulips
look lovely


Summer night---
a moth enters my bedroom
and doesn't want to leave


the fortuneteller---
no doorstep no door no bell
just a beads curtain


August blue sky---
a foulmouthed man
is having a fit


the stock market---
wait few minutes
and try again


Summer sunset---
a kitten plays with
an empty Coors can


Syria's Assad:
his killing urge wraps---
will soon topple


August sun behind clouds---
a sunflower is


Manhattan August haze---
only the tourists
are still there


Northern London---
is it becoming the UK's


Sunday afternoon ballroom---
a man can't decide
which one to ask


sunshine in my kitchen---
a giant cockroach lies
on its back


trying to write a haiku
about sleep---
I fall asleep


August Sunday morning rain---
it is invisible
but to few


Saturday fog at sunset---
the bartender cuts
more orange slices


Summer grocery store---
most buy steak
and water


Lucille Ball
her centenary today---
I love Lucy


a team of huskies are on break
till Winter


now they are old men---
victims of Pearl Harbor internment
speak out


morning clouds
a kid looks for seashells
on the beach


every one is gone
and the living is easy


Wall street Summer---
still a red bow-tie
and a navy blue suit


hot Summer day---
a man stares at an empty
beer can


she's cute---
Thailand elects
a prime minister


clouds at sunset---
here and there
orange windows


the view---
tall condos of Manhattan
look at those in Queens


a cup of chocolate Italian ice-
aft a hot  Summer


photo of a river---
a kid asks:
but where are the boats


Summer clouds up---
a man shaves
his head


yearning for freedom---
no despot survives
the anger of his people


August First---
the back to school sales


afternoon fog---
an arrogant man still pretends
not see anyone


August night dream---
a trek in
a blizzard


an unidentified insect
walks on my kitchen counter


crescent moon
over the skyline-
and a firefly


the noon sun shines on
a bag of baby carrots


August morning blue sky---
a beachcomber finds


the good old days when they did it
just for money


August First---
is Ramadan First:
we all need patience


Manhattan in August---
even the cold ac


a kid learns to walk:
by pushing her mom's
shopping cart


new immigrant---
a gray hooded gull
on Coney Island Beach