Sunday, July 30, 2006


heat wave---
a kleptomaniac
steals designer water


Sunday morning---a crow
on the roof
of a church


hot afternoon---
a Mint Julep
and J. S. Bach


end of July---
a dog has no one
to bark at


summer afternoon---
forgot to buy yogurt
to put on the berries


the marina is packed
with boats---
rainy day


two kids race
their bikes around the fountain---
I twirl my key chain


the sound of whispers
as the subway
suddenly stopped


sidewalk cafe---
her "a" cups as she
serves our espresso


truck stop---
I take one sip
and spit


rubber hose
lining the street---
want some licorice?


sweltering night---
I put ice cubes
in the miso soup


a spider web glistens
in the sunlight---
a sticky day


morning stillness---
I feel the presence
of a mosquito

Sunday, July 23, 2006


raspberry syrup over
one scoop mango ice cream


the neighbors gone
on vacation---
I get to sleep late


black cherries on sale---
can you lose
weight on black cherries?


calm wind---
I turn off the bulb
and light a candle


heavy thunder storms
cause a power outage


hot day---
a jogger waiting
for the bus


ripe grapes---
the vineyard's owner
is on vacation


rush hour---
she stops for
a cappuccino to go


a summer breeze
playing with my hair---
I let it


a thunder storm
lights up the sky---
I'm on the wrong street


a spider web
swings in the wind---
empty hammock


walking with
the umbrella open---
sunlight showers


just the two of us---
I at one end of the bar
she's at the other


morning rush hour---
the smell of sun screen
in the subway

Sunday, July 16, 2006


a horse fly
on the window glass---
please swat me


early morning---
nothing left
of last night gumbo


a ripe peach---
I stain my beige


I can't find
where she hid
the chocolate I bought her


Bastille Day---
the chef cuts
the heads of the catfish


on the subway---
man with long hair
next to a bald woman


on a crowded
a kite refuses to go up


overcast morning---
a fruit vendor
peels mango


a midsummer downpour---
she takes off
her long pearl necklace


heat wave---
a streetwalker
goes to the boardwalk


clicking glasses
with an old friend---
he made the whiskey


I cut a peach
into halves


I bought shirts on sale---
two for the price
of one sushi meal


the train is late---
a sparrow pacing
back and forth

Sunday, July 09, 2006


World Cup final---
Italy plays


salsa band
in the park---
she wears red high heels


summer day---
I can't find
something to do


I find money
in a drawer


eating all natural
peach jam---
the smell of her soap


no mirror
can tell you truly
what you are


lost mail---
I open a window
to let a butterfly out


Madison Square Park---
the fountain has pennies
but no water


rainy morning---
my shower
is not working


tour de france---
how do they go
to the bathroom?


after a long weekend---
many dozing
on the subway


independence day---
someone dropped
a tea bag in the pool


soaring bald eagles---
all about a chance
to fulfill a dream


July sunset---
waiting for the fireworks
to really paint this sky red


early July---
a kid wants money
to buy fire crackers


storms throw me
off my horse down a river---
I get picked up by a nymph

Sunday, July 02, 2006


hot day---
I wouldn't be here
if I were a penguin


sunday morning---
the designated driver
returns home


scratching off candle wax
with a penny---
a half moon


morning stillness---
a dragon broke
into pieces


western swing
night in the park---
the fireflies stay cool


eating brown
rice sushi---
sand inside my sandals

#hate/love tanka

one digs deeper
because of hate
the other digs deeper
because of love---
at the end they meet each other


rain showers in spots---
one spot
was my head


outdoors wedding
reception---a fly
pursuing the bride


offering her green grapes---
she makes
a sour expression


live swing music
in the park---a turtle
goes home


one more foggy night
haiku---this time to say
I miss you moon


a fly looking
for an open window
to get out of my house


world cup game---
the crickets are cheering
the wrong team


at the entrance
of the subway---
a lost shoe