Sunday, June 29, 2008


Sunday Summer showers---
she carries umbrella
but does not use it


blue sky---
a polar bear has fun


a man at the beach yells---
I need oil to drive home
late June sunset


June beach sunrise---
a man forgot
his swimsuit


the price of food is up---
people on food stamps
need more stamps


fell asleep watching
a Yankees' rerun


Summer deepens---
I start reading


overcast June morning---
lox and cream cheese
but no bagel


a peacock shows off
to a peacock---
California sunrise


blue sky---
foam from an ocean wave
at my feet


bright Summer day
East River boat ride---
the sparkle in her eyes


Summer early morning---
a fat sparrow wants me
to share my bagel


George Carlin died---
that's really


Summer fog---
a street clown
skips the make up

Sunday, June 22, 2008


June street park---
his black nanny is
his soccer coach


Summer school students


tomatoes may
contain poison---
the price is still the same


Equinox Summer sunset---
a kid's kite's
bye bye


June cloudy skies---
the bride wears


an old friend calls
full moon


mixed softball game---
the pitcher
keeps bitching


a black woman in purple dress
glares at me


economy bad---
ninety-nine cent store
charges sales tax


blue sky---
the cotton in a field
is high


Madison Square Park
dogs living well


Summer afternoon bedroom---
the Venetian blinds
are shut tight


Summer haze---
the barmaid puts
her legs on the bar


but a vampire still
has not had enough

Sunday, June 15, 2008


June playground---
little girl squeaks
the swing squeaks back


Summer downpour---
she orders her pasta
al dente


Summer showers---
I wish
I had soap


the smell of fried onions
as a car passes---
nice climate change


Fathers' day---
but where
are they


June sunrise walk---
the dog


June clear night---
outside a bodega
the Salsa is loud


hot June---
lonesome singing on the roof
a half moon


slow Summer afternoon---
the barmaid listens
to my big fish stories


June blue sky---
I go to buy
sunscreen for her


June white lightning---
the lilacs


fourth day of heat wave---
the fun part is
people wear fewer clothes


Summer lightning----
the barmaid has a special
on white beer


heat wave---
the air too bad to breath
I go to a cigar bar

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Sunday heat wave---
in afternoon showers
a drunk pisses


heat wave---
the cat has
a bad dream


Big Brown bested---
a hedge fund
takes a write down


morning haze---
an exhibitionist keeps
the curtains closed


fresh Summer strawberries---
she keeps pointing
her toes


too humid
morning run---
I cheat


hot June---
the banana cream pie
smells bad


June overcast skies---
Mariachis band
warmth in the park


June rain stopped---
a drunk waters some more
the lilacs


June rainy day---
the brick layers
play scrabble


not all legs
are created equal


the recession---
bankers still got
bankers hours


watching people
who watch the East River---
June sunset


blue sky---
but the coffee
is too light

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Summer wind---


June First---
I move my shorts
to the front of closet


Saturday night---
because of rain
a bookworm stays home


The French Open starts---
a red worm


windows closed---
I feel I'm captive
of the fly


blue sky---
I keep forgetting
which day of the week it is


with binoculars I watch
graffiti artists at work


I ate the melon
day crescent


the lilacs
May sunset


hard times---
the cab driver
used to be a banker


back to work---
vanilla ice cream drips
on my necktie


Madison Square Park hot day---
couple necking
pigeons fight