Sunday, December 31, 2006


last day
of the year---
it is too sunny


New Year's party---
the moon is watching
all this foolishness


after the clouds cleared---
a gliding seagull
blocks the sun


early morning---
too many
mocking birds


no more cheap wine---
last sunset


a cat climbing
a street tree stops---
noisy night


Herald Square
holidays lights---pigeons
among the viewers


lonely night
I cook huevos rancheros---
a half moon


cold and windy day---
the sun shows
no remorse


end of the year
emptiness---it's cooler
in the Bahamas


on the way
to see a movie---
I pass a couple fighting


rainy morning---
I have no more change
for the parking meter


the sound of Muslim
call for prayers---
Christmas day


I eat another
raw turnip---

Sunday, December 24, 2006


he cuts me off
on Christmas Eve---
crescent moon


stardust on
leafless branches---
Madison Square Park


or no anchovies---
no anchovies!


praise goes
to his head---
an inflatable snowman


late December---
an inflatable Santa
goes south


end of the year---
a stocks broker
gives his bonus to the poor


first day of winter---
a deer eludes
its hunters


winter solstice---
I'll just wait
till Christmas Eve


bright day---
my ski sweater
gets lots of attention


before Christmas---
the overweight dolls
are on sale


slices of pepper
of all colors---
December sunset


morning rush---
a sparrow stays
on the sidewalk edge


she wears her red high heels---
I order champagne
by the glass


under the Christmas wreath
a note---
rain drops melt the ink

Monday, December 18, 2006


the office
Christmas party---
too much work


morning stillness---
a Great Grey Owl
sees me


mid December---
a want ad
for a chimney sweeper


beautiful winter dawn---
I ran out of
Jasmine tea


today marks six decades
that I follow my shadow---
where ever


Beethoven's birthday---
my neighbor plays
that deafening music again


overcast morning---
not enough sugar
in the rice pudding


Christmas lights
on bare trees---
I buy her more jewelry


morning commute---
the silence
of end of the year stress


all in red
and nothing is green---
December sunset


morning haze---
I keep recounting
how many Santas


got a penny?---
at a fountain
just before Christmas


a turtle hides---
full moon


lunch hour---
a kid asks me
where's Santa


m&m's sprinkled
all over the dark---
Christmas lights

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Sunday night---
she's still doing
today's sudoku


my breath
fogs the window


cold Saturday night---
the barmaid puts sake
in my green tea


morning stillness---
an icicle
starts to melt


as I ring my
doctor's doorbell---
a tree with no leaves on


morning rush
no one looks up---
the December coldness


melon in New York
is always in season---
Winter sunset


December day---
a woman in red
jumps the ATM line


early morning---
a biplane flies over
gliding seagulls


holidays shopping---
size of the tree
does matter


baldness becomes him---
full moon
from under a winter tree


first frost---
too much noise in the park
I put my hands on my ears


a chorus line
with pink cheeks kick high---
December sunset


morning stillness---
a kitten

Sunday, December 03, 2006


I bought a talking Santa
made in China---
Hu Hu Hu


early morning---
last night stardust
is on the lilacs


strange faces are out
this saturday night---
the moon


the storm passed---and
warnings of tornadoes
that were hot air


rainy Friday night---
I stop at a bar
to dry out


who is this
masked man?---
the moon


Union Square---
a herd of pigeons
chase away a human


a parrot sounds
a bit arrogant


the year close to its end---
a bonsai behind
trees on sale


overcast morning---
starting with
a blank slate


all the wires
are unplugged---
winter trees


morning rush---
the dozing lady has
a new red shopping bag


the Christmas lights
are not working---


the harvest is over
I hang the sickle---
crescent moon