Sunday, March 29, 2009


signs of Spring---
the lilacs at the entrance
of a skyscraper bloom


clear day---
I view Citibank skyscraper
but where is the aura


Third Avenue--
a woman carrying a plant
wears snake leather shoes


morning Spring rain---
a joker* stops
to wipe his eyeglasses



March warms up---
a little girl says she has
to go pick up her daughter


blue sky---
the cat


overcast March---
the cat plays with a ball
of dust under the bed


East River still waters---
the softball game
remains scoreless


the recession---
some states close



March suburban road---
a deer stands
at a bus stop


March sunset---
the colors of Spring
but where is the bloom


blue sky---
the cotton candy man
is out of blue


cold and sunny Spring day---
the mailman in shorts
smiles then winces


a book on Greek history---
Socrates covered
in one page

Sunday, March 22, 2009


no evidence
of Spring yet---
I buy her roses


morning stillness---
my neighbors


March Saturday night---
I lost another bet
on a basketball game


blue sky---
I await
the lilacs bloom


she finished planting
the eggplant


first day of Spring---

snow flurries

the cat scratches its head


Spring drizzle---
the sound of high heels
behind me


before dawn---
a man shouts
Google is down


East River---
a man takes off his shirt
almost Spring


blue sky---
warm enough to play
hopscotch on the sidewalk


Saint Patrick Day---
the moon looks


Saint Patrick Day---
a Brit wants
to paint the town red


March haze---
a leafless tree reminds me
of my neurons


early morning---
a teacher asks
who was Richard Nixon

Sunday, March 15, 2009


East River high waters---
the park swimming pool
is still waterless


Sunday haze---
a long line to go up
the Empire State Building


the recession Spring Break---
why not stay home
and go to tanning salons


overcast skies---
she wears blue
eye shadow


Friday the Thirteenth night---
a witch needs
more time


Friday the Thirteenth---
before dawn
full moon


the recession---
even trash*
has become worthless



a grass mud-horse*
steps on a river crab---
watch your language



East River light drizzle---
a truck driver stops
to piss


morning fog---
the new grafitti is


doctor's office---
but no skeleton


early morning---
a cat passes
without looking at me


I cook rotini---
she says she wants
al dente


morning fog---
the man ahead of me
is walking backwards

Sunday, March 08, 2009


rain clouds---
she takes the towel
off her hair


Sunday morning---
my neighbor needs a couple
of aspirins


Madison Square Park
warm March day---
naked limbs of humans and trees


blue sky---
a robin lands
on new grass


East River nice day---
a used condom
on a pile of dirty snow


morning rush---
a man plays Zen music
on a banjo


a dead leaf
under the lawn mower


Upper East Side---
the happy hour is
recession proof


she puts the pads
in her bra---
a half moon


East River choppy waters---
kids have
a snowball fight


roofs covered with snow---
just ignore
the graffiti


blue sky---
yesterday's blizzard snow


a street accordionist
plays a tango---
crescent moon


flakes agitate
darn mosquitoes

Sunday, March 01, 2009


waiting for a blizzard to come---
the bar tender ran out
of white rum


snow storm---
the bus arrives
on time


Saturday night---
carrying flowers he rings
the bell of a dark house


blue sky---
dew drops on the cover
of the garbage can


thank God it's Friday---
a blues joint
is full of bankers


Spring like day---
a pigeon enters
through the window


the sun rises earlier---
but where are
the trees buds


I forget---
tell her to wipe her forehead
Ash Wednesday


East River bright day---
I bury my head
in her lap


blue sky---
she wears
a kimono


she bought me flowers---
my wallet is missing
ten dollars


morning rush---
on his porch he rides
a stationary bicycle


I take out the garbage---
frozen gutter water
moonless night


a seamstress ran out
of black thread