Sunday, January 27, 2008


a diner late January---
I touch a rose
to see if it's real


boring January---
I go get
a seaweed salad


Winter sunset---
she leaves me


cold morning---
I exercise by
clearing my desk of books


all it took was that
his opponent wear black---
Federer lost*

*at the Australian Open


blue sky---
except for
a setting day moon


doing yoga---
the cat thinks
I'm a real tree


morning oatmeal---
the no pleasure
of preventing heart attacks


blue sky---
a child asks
where are the stars


my night light won't go off
full moon


women's basketball---
why aren't
the cheerleaders men?


blue sky---
the gluttony
of a smoke column


Martin Luther King Day---
I have a dream there'll be
no more hunger


bitter cold morning---
a witch has
her curtains open

Sunday, January 20, 2008


a Bangkok sidewalk cafe---
an elephant*
walks in



a truck stop---
what does your car
want to eat?


a party---
trying to dance salsa and
speak Spanish at the same time


new graffiti
in black and white


sunny January day---
I teach a kid
how to draw beach balls


blue sky---
white lilies stick out
of a garbage bag


the Australian Open---
watching them play
while here it snows


late night half moon
at the window---
she covers her hair


first date---
she lets him hold
her iPhone


she offers to read
my Turkish coffee cup---
a half moon


at the gym---
everyone watches
the financial news


morning train in a tunnel---
the cool silence
of dead phones


overcast afternoon---
a garbage truck
wakes me up


her shiny hair
on my face

Sunday, January 13, 2008


mid January
betting on a football game---
out of habit


blue sky---
forecast of a snow storm


Madison Square Park---
got a quarter?
I have to use the toilet*

* Madison Square Park has now
a toilet which costs 25 cents per
use. Read more about it at


morning stillness---
the cat wants to talk


at the race track better luck sign

than horseshoes---
crescent moon


from top of the world
he peeked at heaven---
Edmund Hillary* dies



cloudy sky---
no milk to put
the granola in


the whiteness
of an all night diner


bright day---
the dirt on my mirror
stares back at me


new year waxes---
dumped Christmas trees
line the street


West Village bar---
she talks with
a hoarse whisper


New Hampshire


blue sky---
who cares how white
her satin dress is


bills of last month

Sunday, January 06, 2008


mild winter night---
a street cat
acts up


January Saturday night---
Empire State Building
red head points out


Hudson river---
snow on the shore rocks
and seagulls


I get over
my January blues


after winning Iowa---
Obama is now
black enough


Big Apple Winter---
the wearing
of black


very cold day---
a chimney
keeps on talking


blue sky---
looking through
an iced window


January bitter cold---
hugs me


January started---
the silence
of going back to work


the cat sniffs
a spent firecracker---
soon comes the brown earth rat*

*name of the Chinese new year


new year's day---
there is rice
on the sidewalk


new year's eve---
a man pisses
on fifth avenue


last day of the year---
the snowman
is all gray