Saturday, October 01, 2011


a man has a nightmare---
the "Shock and Awe"
invasion of Iraq


skyline low clouds---
the outline of
a Himalayan village


Autumn cleaning---
it now smells of chemicals
instead of bacteria


as the Earth circles the Sun---
each day is the start and end
of a year


blue sky---
a kid says he can't
find his homework


a lover's gaze---
the skyline


the rain stops
the sun comes out---
a couple kiss


afternoon dark clouds---
a smoke shop has a special
on nicotine gum


a man tries to think
of something to say---
September ends


Autumn sunshine---
a swarm of flies over
street spilled garbage


evening low clouds---
the Empire State Building
loses its prick


afternoon fog---
a smilie face is
turned upside down


Rosh Hashanah---
Jews will celebrate
their new year


morning fog and rain---
a school kid is happy
to be in class


Saudi Arabia---
sentenced to ten lashes
for driving a car


fog at sunset---
a man orders
a pepperoni pizza


there's no meaning to dead end
other than dead end


Astoria Park---
the sound of walking
on dead leaves


a mother says:
"you always harvest what you sow"-


morning fog---
a man keeps re-cleaning
his eyeglasses


Autumn sunset---
a store has no more


a downhill skier
looks at a bare slope---


early morning---
a circus clown


blue sky---
an ambulance is stuck
in the morning traffic


Saudi Arabia grants
women right to vote---
but still they can't drive


street food---
grass grows in cracks of sidewalks
sparrows love it


East River Autumn---
a duck swimming downstream
keeps whirling


next to the sunflowers---
pumpkins are
on sale


blue sky---
a little girl drops
her rag doll


the storm clouds start
to recede---
sunshine in the horizon


a kid asks his dad
where did it come from---
the moon


a flashing yellow
traffic light


the Mideast talks---
Arabs and Israelis talk
a lot


an Autumn rain storm---
it's romantic
if you're indoors


First Day of Autumn---
everyone carries
an umbrella


there's something that's
faster than light: neutrinos---
dump your physics books


overcast day---
enough pink to know
the sun has set


overcast day
the subway has more
pizzazz than the street


morning fog---
a couple kiss at the top
of the Empire State Building


Feast of San Gennaro---
Little Italy swings
in-spite of the rain


cloudy days---
they make loneliness


morning fog---
a pencil sketch needs
sharper lines


the "don't ask, don't tell"---
is now


I crack a window
to get some fresh air---
I get more smell of cooking


a parked car has
its windows steamed---
a rainy beach day


cloudy sky---
a man has egg whites
for breakfast


a ballet dancer starts
to warm up


East River---
so many bridges now
hence, no more ferries


under the same roof---
a dog and a cat decide
to coexist


morning blue sky---
nothing is left of last night
blueberry pie


East River brisk bright
September Sunday---
cotton puffs clouds


Children chant---
an Ukrainian church
has a street festival


a man says he does not
believe in spirits---
a day moon


Sunday blue sky---
a Muslim woman readjusts
her head scarf


Saturday sunset---
a hair dresser
works faster


Saturday morning---
rabbits on the tracks
a train blows its horn


September sunrise---
a leaf falls off
a tree


Autumn nears---
I look for
a sweater


sudden September chill---
I drink
my coffee hot


morning day moon---
just the snow cap
of a mountain


morning blue sky---
a man looks
at lilacs


at the end of a rainy day---
the horizon clears
at sunset


September shower---
no one takes


New York fashion week---
the audience also
dresses up


a man bites into a biscuit
waning moon


Mideast deal---
Israelis will not yield
'cause Obama seeks second term


the glow of gold---
the sun sets behind
City Bank headquarters


afternoon dark clouds---
a man puffs
on his pipe


gang kids---
making an asphalt park into
an asphalt jungle


the skyline lights turn off
a September full moon


East River mid September---
only the ice-cream truck 
is missing


attention men---
the more caring you are
the less your sex drive*

*ref: NYT 9/13/2011


blue sky---
a cards player thinks
it's his lucky day


a night moon changes
to a day moon


Empire State Building
lit in blue---
September full moon


the US Open
men's final---
Nadal lost


age does not matter---
Doris Day has
a new album


day after---when a president says
we don't torture
he should mean it


morning blue sky---
a bakery is out of
powdered donuts


a student does another
all nighter---
a setting moon at sunrise


overcast sky at sunset---
September the Eleventh


waiting for him she stares
at her engagement ring---


as we mark Nine-Eleven---
Japan marks six months
since Three-Eleven


the night watchman acts jittery
a full moon


US Open---
Nadal versus Murray:
they both won


sun peaks through holes
in the clouds as it sets---
a kid holds a rag doll


blue sky---
an astronomer looks
for dark matter


it's still too early
for pumpkins---
a setting full moon


late Summer---
the sun sets behind
the chimneys of a power plant


Obama's jobs creation speech---
without jobs
he might lose his job


city life---
strangers will get to know you
without speaking with you


as an old lady sweeps
dead leaves---blue sky appears
from behind dark clouds


the fans are on---
a fly keeps walking
the floors


East River Summer---
the tennis players think
it's the US Open


after the storm---
an old lady feeds
the pigeons


a morning of dark clouds---
I hurry to go
into the subway


the storm fog
still covers the top floors---
just CEO's are affected


math class---
a student flashes back
to his Summer vacation


morning fog---
a dog walks
its owner


they all want to visit
the Big Apple---
remnants of storm Lee pass through


is not for writing:
it's for speaking


a nor'easter---
birds do fly in the rain:
if they have to


a college town---
the fog adds
to the confusion of new students


for the first day
of the school year---
a new rain storm


a walk at sunset---
garbage bags line the streets
Labor Day ends


the US Open on Labor Day---
tennis players
are well paid


Labor Day---
the politicians continue their
mundane blabbering


a Summer picnic---
a poodle has the hots
for another


new PM in Japan---
may be they should choose
a woman for a change


dark clouds at sunset---
the US Open lights
brighten up


when horses ran the bus system---
time on the job:
dead in four years


they're having their own Spring---
Israelis protest economic
hard times


the Olympic Games---
I'm still bitter about
losing to London


UN vote on
Palestinian statehood---
US will lose by winning


this Labor Day Weekend---
just say
yes we can


cloudy sky at sunrise---
I put sugar
on my grapefruit


Empire State Building
lit in red, white, and blue---
Labor Day Weekend starts


robots replace


East River choppy waters---
just a seagull to view:
late Summer