Sunday, September 30, 2007


standing near a chopper
as it rises---
a man adjusts his trousers


a woman puts on
her taffeta jacket


blue sky---
outside a clinic
a nurse takes a smoke break


setting full moon at dawn---
I switch discs
on the CD player


Autumn giant strawberries---
I give her
a French kiss


end of September
cool wind---
a playground swing squeaks


old age---
I'm getting to know
my genes real well


morning haze---
I wipe
my eyeglasses


It looks like I forgot
a house light on---
full moon


blue sky---
a polar bear
needs a home


A restaurant
with a raw bar---
she wears no under wear


morning stillness---
the cat tail
brushes my naked leg


the UN General
Assembly meets---
all the doves left town


blue sky---
no more

Sunday, September 23, 2007


dry late September day---
the sun shines
on her freckles


Madison square Park---
I watch the moon
through an American Elm


a nun in the subway---
I watch I don't make
any spelling errors


morning haze---
her bubble bath
is ready


a spider climbing
my window glass keeps falling---
not enough dirt


the smell of cooking rice
I go back to sleep


I'm scared
I step on her feet---
my tango teacher


as I wait
for my morning train---
an earthworm goes to work


mid September---
juice oranges are on sale
a half moon


blue sky---
the street is littered
with torn paper


suburb grocery store---
the shelf stuffers
speak English


a bride walks up
the steps of a church---
September blue sky


September play ground---
only the toddlers
keep coming


September cool---
I run into
my first Spanish teacher

Sunday, September 16, 2007


dusk---crescent moon
amongst dark clouds
I light more candles


giving her roses---


Madison Square Park
cool September day---
dogs have fun


a street artist
soon finished the skyline---
September fog


a mid September fly
acts aggressive---
I ignore it


sea food restaurant---
staff better dressed
than their customers


hot September day---
homeless man stands
by ice cream truck


morning blue sky---
last night I drank
all the white beer*

*a type of Belgian beer


My barber likes
the Russian soaps---
watches while he works


playing ping pong
with an old friend---
I decide to lose


September Eleven---
a ferryboat on the Hudson
moves on


September rain---
I take cover
under an oak tree


my dentist
takes x-rays---
the pain of the truth


morning fog---
only a chimney
is still visible

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Federer wins
the US Open---


a bee is busy
over the Azaleas


hot afternoon---
she's lost in her book
I in her décolleté


late night---
my neighbor is morning


the dog keeps barking---
a gorgeous woman


first week of school---
the rowdiness
of teenagers in the subway


clear September night---
she watches the stars
of TV


on my way to work---
she asks me
if I got a light


dry and bright
September day---
I skip the sauna


September sunset---
only the regulars
at the beach


school started---
old sneakers dangle
from a street lamp


first day of school---
a boy
forgot his name


they go out Labor Day---
he keeps talking
about his job


Labor Day---
a migrant worker sells
American flags

Sunday, September 02, 2007


bright Summer day---
viewing solar power cells
on City roofs


blue sky---
the cat plays
with a roll of tissue


Madison Square Park---
Federer playing tennis
on a big screen


a pigeon sings
but I am too sad to listen---
Summer ends


August Saturday night---
no one wants to play


August ends---
a green leaf
twirls in the wind


arguing with my neighbor
across the fence---
a sparrow changes sides


the strawberries gone bad---
our Angora cat
is shedding again


tennis rackets stick out
of shopping bags---
the US open started


a man dressed in a suit
is sock-less---
end of August


sun shines on a mosquito
as it sets---
sitting next to a redhead


end of August---
an empty window seat
on the morning train


bright August day---
a fly in my room
refuses to leave


blue sky---
no milk
for my morning coffee