Sunday, August 27, 2006


around a lamp
in the sunlight---
a butterfly circles


overcast day---
a homeless man
puts on sunglasses


last weekend in August---
a cat
walks home slowly


a fly
on my computer screen
is at an Issa link


long pearl necklace dangles
under her umbrella---
and big rain drops


he cuts the weeds
in his drive way---
his head always shaved


she unties the bun
of her red hair---
August sunset


end of August---
a snail
takes it easy


his mother-in-law---
walks around the house
in her bikini


a squirrel
goes down the fire escape


bright day---
I look at the sky
searching for a haiku


a pigeon picks
at corn seeds---
my tooth ache returns


early morning---
a mocking bird
hovers over a crow


August midnight---
a city owl
goes home

Sunday, August 20, 2006


boring day---I put
shredded chocolate
on the no fat vanilla


morning---sun light
running through
my jasmine tea


August Saturday night---
the only ones still
in town are the bores


overcast day---
she wears
her orange dress


watching turtles stare
at me from under water---
Central Park Boat House


mid August morning---
like a funeral
is the subway


fallen tree---
the parking lot at a
funeral home is full


morning stillness---
a blank sheet of paper
flew away


she blushes as
she kisses me goodbye


clear morning---
a giant gold bar
in the western skyline


barbecue chicken joint---
two fat women
serve it with no bras


hot night---
I remember how
a sick wild duck fell


broken lighthouse---
with a flashing
red light on its top


early morning---
I spread suntan lotion
on rusted joints

Sunday, August 13, 2006


kids playing in
a parking lot--- hide only
behind US made cars


spreading bean paste
on a warm tortilla


Sunday leisurely walk---
all the mosquitoes
stayed home


cool morning---
the green leaves swing in
tandem with her brown hair


Friday night---
I rush there before they
run out of fried fish sandwich


too much red pepper
in my salad


a crossword puzzle
has for clue:
"a brief poem"


early morning---
no one in the courtyard
but a worm


obstructed full moon---
the hood tilting
on the head of a monk


as I wait for a bus---
a blond in a red sports
car passes


I can smell the
beef carpaccio to here


cool summer wind---
I stroll
to the subway


Italian cafe---
the World Cup crowd
still boasting


on a park bench
a blue jay stops
to look at me

Sunday, August 06, 2006


August at
Union Square---
only the pigeons and bums


bookies are taking bets
as to when---
Cuba libre


he walks a dog
on a leash and a cat---
moonless night


early morning---
the opera singer
is on a roll


it looks smaller
now the heat wave is gone---


making iced coffee
in the morning---
the buzz of a fan


cool metal with
the volume up---
the heat


fourth day of a heat wave---
Romeo sleeps
under the balcony


heat wave---
I hang out
in ice cream parlors


blueberry strawberry raspberry
makes lesss your misery


she bends down
to pick up a small coin---
August full moon


an ant climbs the wall
of a four star
french restaurant


evening cool---
finally the neighbor's
bitch shuts up


empty seats
at rush hour