Sunday, February 03, 2013


Winter skyline is cool---
as long as you're
sitting indoors


my New York apartment---
fitting a camel
in eye of a needle


"our Winter of discontent"---
blue sky but
too windy to go out


a wind storm at sunrise January ends


the onion soup sky---
when will change
to blue sky


the weather forecast
for New York---
is very perturbing


she says her mate becomes an animal in bed


Big Apple January end
morning fog---
worse than London Town 


rain after sunset---
it's not too hot
to handle


in a hamburger joint Muddy Waters


overcast at sunrise---
brisk wind shakes a leafless tree
Winter waxes


a Nor'easter---
people with dogs have
to take them out


stormy over the skyline---
low clouds, fog,
and smoke mix


snow shower---
flakes hang in the air
like mosquitos


cross country skiing on a well trodden path


skyline morning fog---
a Winter storm is
on the way


Sunday night---
if you're alone
have a ball


Mount Lebanon Winter---
snow covered
Cedar trees


remnants of the snow fall
reminder of cold weather


Saturday night---
lovers out carousing look up
Winter full moon


East River after a storm---
kids play
in the snow


wise as a Desert Father
and smart like Einstein---
to make peace not war


a plus for frigid Winter---
the murder rate goes down
in New York


January chill---
full moon shining
on a dusting of snow


it's snowing in New York---
get out your skis
and go places


skyline fog---
I'm still thinking of
a Caribbean sunrise


single cell organisms---
they're more adaptive
than us


the Father,the Son,and the Holy Ghost 


New York City---
the wind chill index now is
two degrees Fahrenheit


late night I wake up craving
an English muffin---
full moon


blue sky sunset---
a smoke column
gets a tint of pink


a cold Winter day---
I look at the world
from iced up windows


the ghost of hurricane Sandy
keeps showing up


Winter---I get up
from under warm covers
to make hot coffee


a bald man---
is trying to find his way
in a tropical garden


a friend talks about
scaling Everest---


call a frog---
and tell it to jump
in a pond


blue sky---
but who cares
it's cold and windy Winter


Winter sunset---
a pupil draws
a hexagon for homework


Obama's says
our journey not complete---
he's the captain


Winter blue sky---
a boy looks for some mud
to mess up his new boots


Greenwich Village---
two females are out
on a date


Winter dawn---
subway lights
are always on


Obama's second term---
starts with his hand
on Lincoln's bible


a kid plays
with a black doll---
Martin Luther King Day


Obama's second Inauguration-
is on Martin Luther King Day


a starless night I drink porter beer


a Winter sunset with a flair


Winter windy day---
if cars were sail boats
they would capsize


my fav seat at the ballet first row aisle 


a ray of light hits
my bathroom mirror


Saturday night---
she gives me just a peck
a half moon


Starbucks triple espresso---
so bitter I lace it with
Jack Daniels


Saturday afternoon---
a man buys his friend
a rose


a US born person
views his family tree


blue sky sunrise---
commuters bundled up
wait for a bus


a clear sky Winter sunset she smiles


Winter blue sky the sun is back


the boys of the Summer---
waiting for their comeback
let's play ball


Winter sunrise---
I have fresh strawberries
for breakfast


some want to win
any which way they can---
Lance Armstrong


East River overcast Winter---
cold waters and brisk wind
gulls don't mind


all these names
carved in stone---
Vietnam Veterans Memorial


overcast Winter sunrise---
I pull the covers
and go back to sleep


long after the rain stopped---
a single drop is still
on my window


it's Summer down under---
and tennis in the air
Australian Open


today's rain storm---
it's just Earth's
recycled water


Winter rainy day---
glad to had done
all my errands yesterday


if you can't stand the heat
get out of the kitchen


hurricane Sandy---
we are still recovering
from its aftermath


overcast Winter morning---
the subway is full
of grey wool jackets


we haven't had any for days
better luck tomorrow


Winter blush---
a woman buys her friend
red rose


whom do you think
built Egypt's pyramids---


more morning fog---
I eat the boiled eggs whites
and discard the yellows


skyline low clouds---
the tops got to go
but the rest ok


they should invent
the counterpart for women


raw oysters---
the best aphrodisiac
without a prescription


morning fog---
street graffiti loses
its zip


East River Winter fog---
from here Manhattan looks
like a ghost town


a Buddhist monk from Japan---
got the whole world
writing daily haiku


Winter morning fog---
turning on more lights
will not help


a rainy day in New York---
play chess


a day without sunshine---
I play my Elvis


climate change---
it's not all global warming
but also icy cooling


songs from the sixties---
if you still recall them
your brain is still sharp


a nice January day waxes---
strangers become


going green---
New York State builds
more wind farms


blue sky Winter sunrise---
the flames of a fire place
warm a house


Chelsea New York City---
Google covers it
with free WiFi


overcast day---an albino doesn't mind


a green thumb is not all
it takes to plant---
add soil fertilizer 


with my morning black coffee---
double dark chocolate


I don't need a lot of it
unless I am sick


a beach bonfire party
and waves ten feet high


blue sky sunrise---
spilled water becomes ice


Winter Monday evening---
who's not


if you walk fast in LA---
people will think
you're from NYC


sign on a window store
we clean Ugg boots


Winter morning---
long wait to buy a baguette hot
out of the oven


long distance solo walking---
it enables you to solve
your problems


skyline low dark clouds---
old man Winter is
rethinking his game


rainbow at sunset---
pick your favorite


Winter before dawn---
a man listens
to Vivaldi 


January Five sunset---
it's worth standing in the cold
to see it


Saturday night at the hair dresser-
it'll all be undone


New York Winter waxes---
a travel agent has deals
to Brazil


a principle of Christianity---
love your neighbor
as your self


January blue sky---
an Eskimo's huskies team
takes him for a ride


aurora borealis---it's Lapland madness


London town---
fog is so common
no one notices


overcast Winter morning---
I add sour mash
to my coffee


January subway---
every one is bored
and wants to go home


Winter icy chill---
the sun feels like another
incandescent bulb


East River Winter---
seagulls congregate on
a fishermen wharf