Friday, June 18, 2010


moon above the skyline---
a lonely man looks through
a telescope


clouds at sunset---
they go indoors and drink
Tequila Sunrise


mid June---
the smell of antiperspirant
makes me sweat


crescent moon over the skyline
her fluorescent eyeshadow
winks at me


Obama's oil spill speech---
I switch back to the
the world cup


World Cup vuvuzelas---
with them on the field
who needs phallic symbols


an ice cream vendor forgets
to put a cherry on top


evening fog---
I pretend not
to see her


morning clouds---
the out house is out
of tissue paper


Saturday night bar---
men watch the World Cup game
women mope


East River nice day---
students in prom dress
have their pictures taken


World Cup soccer starts---
the kids who play in the street
don't show up


a gym men room---
some of the conquest stories
are reverse seductions


Israel allows foods in
which previously were banned


morning haze---
no one wears
a swim suit


evening thick fog---
a black cat doesn't seem
to mind


June swings from warm to cold---
I recall my ex
mother in law


how to stop the oil spill---
a kid says
just turn off the TV


June cold spell---
a beachcomber watches
real birds


Dark bar---
old man younger woman
and a condom machine


blue sky---
cool breeze as she passes me
in hot shorts


June beach cold front---
a red head gets


Sunday sunrise---
no dog


Astoria hot day---
a gyros spit
drips fat


after pelicans were
saved from extinction---
the oil spell threatens them


food deserts---
markets where all you can buy
will make you fat


solar energy farm---
the smell of exhaust fumes
from cars passing by

Friday, June 04, 2010


math class---
the board is full but
no eraser


morning haze---
behind a column of smoke
more smoke


East River June---
a rock shaped like
a woman doing her wash


afternoon walk---
the buzz of air conditioners
and flies


blue sky---
a man rides his bicycle


the liberty flotilla---
'cause Gaza is
a concentration camp


morning after
a long weekend---
kids shuffle to school


Memorial Day---
a drone over Afghanistan


the High Line---
New York roof is not
very high


Moonless night---
the East River lights
make her want to kiss


blue sky---
the beach is full
of string bikinis


the beaches open---
the only real sharks
are on the boardwalk


the French Open---
Roddick loses
to a qualifier


Louisiana Gulf shore---
a dead sea turtle is
covered with oil


a barber shop---
a man wants to know
what "cuckold" means


morning clouds---
a cigar bar has
its doors wide open


pelicans can not fly
when covered with oil


hot in the park men in shorts
women in bikinis---
birds in feathers


end of May sunset---
I have had enough

passing through Queens melting pots---
I have flashbacks
of my youth


blue sky---
a yogi does


I watch ice hockey
as she sunbathes on the roof


the sins of the rich---
BP is
wiling to pay


Sunday morning fog---
she has a second
hair of the dog


Saturday night---
the woman next to me says
she is a man


a black cat has not had
her fill


listening to forties swing---
when my parents
conceived me


East River green waters---
no BP to spill anything
over here


Queens Boulevard---
at each end
a cemetery


the Rolling Stones return
from exile---they release
an old album


evening fog---
I step out of a strippers bar
to get some fresh air


morning fog---
a beggar pleads
with both palms