Sunday, April 01, 2012


Spring Break---
an art student visits


skyline fog---
tourists on the Brooklyn Bridge
view each other


he takes a photo
instead of writing a haiku


March blue sky---
the wind makes it feel
like a giant turbofan


a man calls home
to talk to his wife---
his best friend answers


Spring blue sky---
the wind whistles
her name


March sunset---
an ice-cream truck
plays its tune


it's unfair---
the gap between the rich and poor
keeps growing


morning blue sky---
a carriage horse is having


crescent moon---
a lime wedge is dropped
into a gin tonic


East River Spring day-
a woman flying a kite
entangles a man


"she makes the stars burn bright"-
Romeo encounters


March blue sky---
the cold wind makes me
put my head down


crescent moon---
the lonesome finally
look up


cold gusty wind---
the cherry blossoms petals
hang in there


morning blue sky---
a florist has
black tulips


crescent moon rises---
a hamburger eater asks
but where is the meat


nice Spring Sunday---
a minister marries
a male couple


Sunday morning cloudy sky---
dog shit
on the sidewalk


I buy her Spring strawberries---
she gives me
a soul kiss


at a bakery late night---
the smell of sugar
getting cooked


a black dog walks
a man


Spring blue sky---
"only a weatherman knows
which way the wind blows"


Spring blue sky---
a cyclist adjusts
his helmet


East River hot Spring day---
ducks float
I wish I could join 'em


as I eat spareribs---
a dog


morning fog---
chimneys blend
with their smoke


evening dense fog---
a shy man


morning dense fog---
hiding nature
by nature


morning dense fog---
a pipe smoker says it's


First Day of Spring---
a woman goes to water
her garden


running for president---
they all say now
we need a change


morning dense fog---
too far from the river
to hear the horn


patchy clouds at sunset---
a black haired woman
stares at me


signs of Spring---
the flower market
at Union Square


morning haze---
a hookah cafe
has its curtains open


Spring contrails at sunset---
earth worms go


Sunday morning fog---
the cat wants
to go out


pigeons perched on
the dish antenna of a pub---
Saint Patty's Day


the luck of the Irish
on Saint Patrick Day


Saint Patrick Day---
Manhattan is full
of leprechauns


fog over Manhattan---
here the sun shines
tomorrow St. Patty's Day


hidden in his basement---
his Playboy mags


morning fog---
a waiter asks me
how I'd like my eggs


Spring Break---
if you misbehave
you'll be Facebooked


cloudy sky at sunset---
a smoke column
is stuck


Ides of March---
a math teacher defines
the median of a sample


cloudy sky---
a sparrow flies into
an army mess hall


contrails at sunset---
a yellow balloon


Spring blue sky---
tourists climb
the Statue of Liberty


early morning---
a radio astronomer
checks out a red dwarf


cloudy sky---
looking at the flat top
of my refrigerator


at the dentist---
time passes quickly
waiting for an extraction


morning blue sky---
a stutter orders breakfast
at McDonald's


East River Spring Sunday---
the algae is more fecund
than the humans


Sunday blue sky---
a nocturnal worker


Japan's Three-Eleven
first anniversary---
their hard work bears fruits


New York City
Sunday morning---
a man whistles Dixie


Spring blue sky---
an old man changes
the color of his hair


playing soccer---
the ball is not only thing
that gets kicked


March cloudy sky---
a squirrel climbs
the fire escape


Spring waxes---
women start to show
some leg


equal work for
equal pay---
International Women's Day


Festival of Purim---
history tends
to repeat its self


an upstate farmer
wakes up to milk the cows---
full moon


Lenten fast---
ain't nothing like


March morning blue sky---
a man in black coat
walks a black dog


late night---
a trader checks the gold price
full moon above the skyline


French restaurant---
a man on a diet
reads the menu


Spring late night---
a man pisses outdoors
full moon


blue sky---
people stand as the judge
enters a court


one year ago---
Japan suffered a catastrophe
but they're back humming


day moon at sunset---
a goalie kicks
the ball away


New York---
a seminary teacher is
still hiding in the closet


a cold day blue sky---
a husky sits


a soccer game---
the sun sets behind
goal post of the losing team


after my death---
I'd like to come back
as a butterfly


Sunday morning---
Sabbath of some walkers
from cleaning after their dogs


Kokeshi dolls---
remembering all the kids
who died in the earthquake


morning fog---
a yogi does
the head stand


East River Spring---
a horde of seagulls share
their food with one duck


as she grows older---
she tightens her wedding ring
so that it won't slip


Spring overcast sky---
a woman holds her tulips
with heads pointing down


skyline Spring night---
smoke columns and low clouds
are mating


is it Spring or Winter---
after a drenching rain storm
plum blossoms


skyline fog---
a cat sitting in the window