Sunday, July 18, 2010


July sunset---
I fetch the ball for
the tennis players


blue sky---
the beach is covered
by umbrellas


the iphone four
antenna ruckus---
Jobs says Apple is not perfect


Summer park---
a man falls asleep
looking at his cell phone screen


BP stops the oil spill---
but will the gulf
ever recover


crescent moon
over the skyline---
a sushi chef looks up


July sunset---
after a hot day
the watermelon tastes cool


July morning---
a fly lands on
her hair brush


Bastille Day---
here they say
let them eat pizza


morning fog---
the pigeons stop


probability of rain---
I try to decide
to go out or not


Summer low moving clouds---


East River Summer day---
so many gazers
all alone


Summer doldrums---
a car mechanic sweeps
the side walk outside his shop


World Cup Final---
Holland plays dirty
but Spain still wins


blue sky---
a cruise ship passes
a retired lighthouse


the World Cup semifinal---
Germans play


July beach---
a purple kite soars
above the seagulls


waning crescent moon---
the heat wave


July early morning---
a jogger carries
two bottles of water


heat wave---
a beggar says
he ran out of money buying water


the heat wave continues---
the sun takes
the day off


New York City heat wave---
many walk with umbrellas
over their heads


Tour de France---
Lance Armstrong is back
to a sluggish start


no more dirty jokes---
the new barber is
a woman


blue sky---
a sign lists the rules
at a nudists beach


July sunset---
Frank Sinatra


the stock market is closed---
a big crowd
at an OBT parlor

Monday, July 05, 2010


July Fourth fireworks start----
Venus is over
the skyline


Independence Day---
an unemployed man has
a garage sale


July Fourth---
an illegal immigrant
has the day off


Saturday night beach party---
clothes are optional
but there are no lights


the bus driver acts
absent minded---
a July day moon


Summer sunset---
she puts lilacs
in her charcoal colored hair


cool July morning---
the mailman has
the hiccups


W. S. Merwin is
the new poet laureate---


Elena Kagan
confirmation hearing---
she has her done


blue sky---
I need to clean
my windows


June sunset---
she puts her navel
in my face


I watch pigeons shake their wings
like fans in the hot humid air


the proof of the pudding---
Elena Kagan confirmation hearing


Summer hot day---
the sound of some one
playing the flute


the World Cup---
UK loses to Germany
Churchill moves in his grave


morning fog---
Citibank building loses
the other half of its top


Lawrence of Arabia---
or is it
Stanley o Afghanistan


West Village Saturday night---
the skirts are short the legs young
and I'm old


because they are easy to start
they are very common


our genome---
the difference between you and I
is two percent


blue sky---
a June bride poses


full moon---
a man looks up when
he is pissing


East River Summer dusk---
they all leave
except the swans


no one uses the word
victory any more


general McChrystal---
or is it


blue sky---
an octopus runs out
of ink


June sunset---
she asks me to taste
her bloody mary


Summer solstice---
the bar is full
of procrastinators


World Cup
Brazil wins---
in team shirts fans hail a cab


Father's Day---
a beggar says to me
thanks pa


East River---
an oil tanker passes
shut tight


June nice morning---
my neighbor works in her garden
without a bra


Summer late night---
the sound of
giggling from the roof


blue sky---
a florist has
white daisies on sale