Sunday, December 02, 2012


December First morning---
the sun is nowhere
to be seen


Friday night---
a black jack player
counts his chips


Christmas trees
are on sale---
November ends


well after sunrise---
a Winter blue sky is full
of contrails


November blue sky---
a fireman climbs
the long ladder


full moon next to Venus
I have a night cap


Winter sunset---
the whistle of a
Florida bound train


sunny after a storm---
Christmas shoppers are back
with vengeance

# moon

from behind dissipating
storm clouds---November
full moon peeps


afternoon fog---
a nor'easter beats
a desert storm any time


Samurais duel at sunset---
contrails crisscross
a blue sky


a snow storm is on the way---
a frog jumps
into a pond


today's forecast---
a nor'easter will dump
a mix of rain and snow


post Thanksgiving---
my neighbor keeps playing
Dance Macabre


there he goes---
burning the midnight oil
November full moon


nothing new under the sun---
a man finds
a shiny penny


Christmas shopping---
I buy a pianist
wind chime


Sunday sunrise---
when God rested
man shops


Saturday night full moon---
let the mooching


cold windy November---
a husky enjoys
his walk


all revolutions---
are outcomes
of politics evolution


a parrot says
what's for breakfast


November blue sky---
a shopper looks
at rain coats


Herald Square dawn---
Black Friday shoppers wait
in line


Thanksgiving sunset---
pass the cranberry sauce


half loaf beats null
a day moon


the day JFK was shot---
coincides with this year's


late November---
a class on how to be
a Santa Claus


at dawn---
Venus sparkles
Happy Thanksgiving


November blue sky---
I dip a pretzel
in chocolate syrup


crowded subway---
the touch of a hand
on my lower back


as a cat passes by---
softly dawn
slips away


East River grayness---
a black duck floating down stream
flaps wings to slow down


around closing time---
a night owl tries to pick up
the barmaid


Winter dawn---
a squirrel jumps
into a trash can


I go to buy bread---
above the skyline
a half moon


post sunset---
chocolate covered


for warmth in Winter---
share your bed
with some one


Winter dawn---
an old man walks
a grey dog


sunset alchemy---
gold turns into


Sunday sunrise---
its silence is


blue sky and red clouds---
a virgin says
I have no qualms


November sunrise---
the daffodils are


mid November---
many porches still have
their Halloween stuff


November chill---
a goose dives
under water


the grandchildren
of baby boomers---
they're trying to find a job


morning stillness---
a car driver yells
at a cyclist


Autumn blue sky---
a tourist climbs
the Statue of Liberty


Autumn dawn---
Venus in
the western sky


East River late Autumn wind---
only the lonely hearts
are here


Wall Street---
you can make a fortune
trading penny stocks


rain at sunrise---
reading today's news
makes me want to cry


Obama's second term---
let's give peace
a chance


Veterans Day morning fog---
unlike the fog of war
it's harmless


a contrail aims at sun
as it sets---


an Indian Summer day---
a man carves and lights
a pumpkin 


ask Petraeus---
about war
not women


skyline morning haze---
a man complains
the coffee is too cold


the Petraeus affair---
what would George Patton
had said


Winter indoor dryness---
I refill
my humidifier


General Petraeus resigns---
love is many
splendid things


on the roof of a bar---
pigeons perch
on the TV antenna


waning crescent moon---
the law of diminishing returns
kicks in


Autumn blue sky---
I return empty beer bottles
to the vender


Autumn sunset blush---
red roofs covered
with fresh snow


the only insects you run into
are cockroaches 


November dawn---
the sound of
shoveling snow


rain mixed with snow---
our storms become complex
climate change


Obama wins---
a second nor'easter is
on the way


Elections Day blue sky---
I vote for
Barak Obama


Elections Day sunrise---
we are not
a red state


a November sunset---
it beats all the Thanksgiving


living in a shelter---
after a storm leveled
their homes


Autumn sunrise---
the smell of


blue sky---
above a column of smoke
a day moon


a mix of blue and pink
is it a boy or a girl---


the country that sent
men to the moon---
can deal with Sandy's aftermath


it's Autumn
in New York---
Sinatra sings


November blue sky---
I wear my white cap
a day moon


the skyline sparkles
what hurricane


East River post Sandy---
sewage tainted


morning patchy clouds---
Big Apple fights to get up
from Sandy's knock out

December First morning---
the sun is nowhere
to be seen


Friday night---
a black jack player
counts his chips