Monday, November 01, 2010


Halloween Night on Sunday---
pagans don't
go to church


dawn blue sky---
a man takes his black dog
out for a walk


October Saturday night---
goose bumps
and hot lumps


the landlord turns on the heat---


October sunrise---
a cat returns
with blood on it's claws


the labyrinth deepens---
Vargas Llosa teaches Borges
at Princeton


Friday evening rush---
standing in line
to buy a drink


a man comes out of a drug store
carrying a skull


I visit a cattle ranch---
just like us they live well
but die young


Obama on the Daily Show---
we still need
to change


blue sky---
a whale


October wind storm---
a witch walks


morning fog---
a graffiti artist is
busy at work


Astoria Park Autumn leaves---
a beige poodle chases
a squirrel


blue sky---
an East River sidewalk angler
catches a Striped Bass


Indian Summer night---
she does not want
to socialize


Indian Summer day---
a heating oil truck
breaks down


Monday morning---
an unemployed man watches
people going to work


Saturday night---
a man carrying a rose
knocks on the wrong door


contractors kill Iraqis
Iraqis kill more Iraqis


East River bridge---
whistling wind above
whirling water


Muslim man on an airplane
a black man on a dark street


I turn off the pumpkin lights---
a predawn
harvest moon


October cemetery---
all the dead are haunting
the grave digger


blue sky---
the teacher is out
of chalk


is that why at times it looks blue---
the moon
has water


October morning fog---
a witch


Times Square---
the smell of its cigarette smoke
lingers on for ever


some are faster---
a tree with red leaves
among others still green


October day moon changes
to night moon in seconds


France retirement riots---
too many run too soon
out of gas


sex crimes against gay men
in the Bronx---
what does the preacher say


East River Autumn quiet---/
a squirrel walks/
on dead leaves


a witch takes the broom
out of the closet---
October full moon


Autumn nice Sunday---
a church keeps
its door open


blue sky---
a kid draws in chalk
on a side walk


Saturday night---
the clicks of high heels
on a dark ally


the War on Horror---
G.I.'s on hashish kill
Afghans for sport


a front yard Halloween display---
the squirrel plays


as I pass under---
October wind
shakes a tree


evening fog---
the cars parked on the beach
have their windows fogged out


October morning chill---
a kid gifts a scarecrow
a coat


all the miners safely rescued---
now let's have
some Chilean Cabernet


miners rescue succeeds---
we are all
Chileans today


October sunset---
no one wants
to talk baseball


October rain storm ends---
ghosts come out
of chimneys


East River nice October day---
a woman in black---
sits on dead grass


some one put flowers
at Columbus Triangle


Columbus Day---
a long time jobless man
wishes this were the Indies

# 10/10/10

many think it's the perfect day
to get married


October sunny day---
a scarecrow does not scare
even the birds


October Saturday night---
a witch puts a spell
on a satyr


Hungary toxic spill---
the Danube
is still waltzing


East River October wind---
spirits dishevel
my hair


October blue sky---
a witch


October sunset---
a vampire
gets excited


South Carolina does not ban
bear baying


nice Autumn day on Broadway---
dancers go out
during their break


October blue sky---
except for a couple
of cute ghosts


October dark clouds at sunset---
I carve
a pumpkin


Facebook the movie---
he looks better
in real life


October evening fog---
too many ghosts
out walking


this October---
all it wants to do is rain
who put a spell on it


Sunday afternoon grocery store---
a long line
at the bakery


October sunrise---
a ghost disappears
behind a garbage bag


Saturday night---
a dolphin dances
for fish tips


blue sky---
as if yesterday rain storm
never happened


evening rush---
storm clouds move out
but the puddles are still here