Thursday, March 01, 2012


a rain storm---
makes a leap day feel
much longer


leap year---
Bronx Zoo tree kangaroo
doesn't know what all the fuss about


half moon---
a basketball player
sticks out his mouthpiece


blue sky---
Monet's Reflection of Clouds
on the Water-Lily Pond


New York skyline---
the only green energy
is the moon


East River signs of Spring---
the ducks are back in force
the swans are few


morning blue sky---
last night Oscar winners


a bakery has fresh
croissants on display


Oscar night---
the stars come out
crescent moon next to Venus


Saturday night---
a go-go dancer can't
zip open her blouse


Sunday blue sky---
a church choir


Winter Saturday night---
the lonesome need company
crescent moon


Wall Street blue sky---
a banker says you can lose
your shirt here


Spring late night---
a man's yellow stream
irrigates the tulips


rainy day---
by the time the sky cleared
crescent moon had set


out on a date with a man---
his x-wife
passes by


clouds cover skyscrapers tops-
a veil wearing woman


new haiku groups are blooming---
like daffodils on a sunny
Spring day


afternoon blue sky---
a CEO puts his legs
on his desk


Saturday night---
a transvestite brushes
his wig


Ash Wednesday---
a Hindu woman sits
facing a Catholic


Spring Equinox---
it was so cold
I forgot it


where the melting pot
might cause another melt down*

*a very interesting article on Okinawa
appeared in the New York Times on 2/21/12.
Go to


after their first fight---
she vents the smell
of the roses he gave her


Winter sunrise---
as I slide from under covers
the sun does the same


windy day---
pieces of paper compete
with pigeons for airspace


she can also stand
under my umbrella


George Washington birthday---
a man stares at
a dollar bill


a talus slope---
I climb it
wearing sandals


February almost over
and still no blizzards---
global what?


East River Winter---
a hawk perches on a tree
ducks swim by


Caribbean blue sky---
a skin diver walks
wearing flippers


Sunday blue sky---
a woman hangs white shirts
out to dry


Presidents Day weekend---
Empire State Building lit
in red white and blue


nice Winter day---
the rattle of a Harley Davidson
as it starts


Saturday blue sky---
a coffee shop waitress counts
her tips


Winter sunset---
from a train window
as it enters a tunnel


yesterday's rain clouds are clearing-
wish them well
where ever they go


New York Kennedy Airport---
planes wait in a queue
to take off


skyline lunch hour fog---
it's a boring day whether
you are out or in


Assad allies---
China and Russia back him
'cause they shoot protesters


March Madness---
the office pool starts


overcast February day---
an ant walks up
my kitchen window


bad economy---
long lines form
at tenant-landlord court


Mozart's Don Giovanni---
heavenly music
action is lechery


Valentine Day---
a pregnant woman has
a shower


Valentine Day---
I eat her


down hill skying---
your adversary
is a mountain


February blue sky---
a cat


we'll always love you---
Whitney Houston


Winter chill---
a financier goes to the Islands
to do his laundry


Sunday morning blue sky---
the wind chill is nine
a seagull soars


Winter Saturday night---
going to the corner store
to buy more beer


race for president---
if you can't stand the heat
get out of the kitchen


snow flurries but no
a kid asks where does it go


jazz at Lincoln Center---
every night is
a jam session


blue sky---
stores decorate
for St Valentine Day


Rockefeller Center ice ring---
flies swarming over
cheese cake


a woman screams
peeping Tom---
February full moon


snow falls on New York City---
a garbage truck stops
to pick up


a bar with a fifties jukebox---
no one


they did not wear hats
or any thing else---
the rock musical "Hair"


late night---
comes back to charm the maidens
full moon


East River Winter---
the pool emptiness
chills more than its wind


back in Boston---
Patriots fans grief
over loosing to the Giants


late night---
I Google the moon
it's hundred percent full


Jaspers Johns "flag"---
there is no frame
around it


late night full moon---
a masquerade party
is in full swing

#Super Bowl

Super Bowl
Manning  passes to Manningham--
Giants win


nice Winter day---
let's kick a field goal with it
the moon


Super Bowl Sunday morning---
it's cold in


after a night out on the town---
will his sperm
fertilize her egg


Saturday night---
a condom machine
is not working


overcast sky---
a greyhound chases
after a bus


as I eat spareribs---
a dog watches me
and salivates


great horned owls nest
in Prospect Park---
must be the high class surroundings


Waxing Gibbous---
a pregnant woman says
the moon got knocked up too


February blue sky---
a snowy egret


a catfish looks nothing
like a cat except in
its whiskers


Janacek Lachian  Dances---
makes your heart
and your foot pump harder


an assembly line
they refer to the new guy
as "just off the boat"


after shaving---
she powders her
"man in the boat"


Winter sunset---
the music of a "Midsummer
Night Dream"


under an apple tree---
gravity hits Isaac Newton
on the head


Steve Jobs Apple---
few could resist
to bite