Thursday, December 01, 2011


shoes at the entrance
of the prayer room of a mosque


I dig up my
heavy sweaters---
December First blue sky


a jogger wears
a sweatsuit and gloves---
November last sunrise


November mist---
for a better odor
visit the perfumes section

#clouds 5/7/5

morning low dark clouds---
a woman dressed in purple
wants to know my sign


morning dark clouds---
a woman asks me
what is my sign


East River sunset---
a black swan


a pas de deux---
it is obvious
she does not like him


Christmas decor---
a front porch Santa has
a tennis ball for a nose


East River Thanksgiving---
leafless trees and
algae covered black rocks


late November blue sky---
a sale on


late November---
the sound of an organ
as I pass an old church


late November sunshine---
potted poinsettias
on sale


I look up orange streaks all over
Thanksgiving weekend


blue sky---
a man belches
Thanksgiving leftovers


Black Friday sunrise---
the cheap stuff by now
sold out


East River Thanksgiving Day---
so many out working off
the turkey


blue sky---
plenty of room for the balloons
of Thanksgiving Parade


the smell of roast
Thanksgiving Day


Empire State Building lit
red and orange---
Thanksgiving is tomorrow


late November---
his wife says he can't even
cook an omelet


morning fog---
a man says he's just arrived
from London


evening fog---
a theatre still has tickets
for a partial view


ball games that mimic war---
at times play stops
and fighting erupts


overcast morning---
a toy train passes
through a tunnel


the skyline---
little dots of lights
where real people live


late November---
a Santa Claus
goes to work


East River late November---
grey sky and waters
a tanker sails by


Manhattan China town---
going to a foreign land
in the subway


Manhattan blue sky---
you can only see it
one piece at a time


Saturday morning---
a tennis player waits
for his mate


late November blue sky---
Indians send
a smoke message


hard times---
for many their holidays cheer
is a pretense


November blue sky---
a man dives
for wild oysters


kid asks who's the
sugar plum fairy---
Nutcracker opens tomorrow


the torrential rain stopped---
I crave a gumbo
for lunch


overcast sky---
a yellow submarine


lib ed---
it costs a lot to talk all night long
but it's worth it


a November tree is oven red---
going to buy
a turkey


afternoon fog---
a man keeps walking
and saying excuse me


as she feeds the pigeons---
watch out as you pass under
power lines


mid November rain storm---
nothing needs plenty water
but the car wash


Facebook wants your real name-
a rose by any other name
still a rose


occupy Wall Street is outed---
if you can't beat 'em
join 'em


cloudy morning---
a man munches on
a powdered donut


the pain of adults who were
molested by their teachers


November cloudy sky---
a woman wears cherry red
high heels


November the Thirteenth---
a man doodling keeps
drawing a rabbit foot


the windows of a vet---
dogs and cats look like us
when they're sick


can't get enough worship
of the lovelorn---
full moon at sunrise


Saturday sunset---
a kissed bride


Saturday blue sky---
the kids soccer game
is still scoreless


afternoon smog---
I go indoors to see
a whiter shade of pale


still out trying to score---
November full moon
at sunrise


fallen Autumn leaves---
rounded up and sent
to incinerators


blue sky---
a mourning dove calls---
Veterans Day


the next time
you'll be dead


Japan's hand held
device of choice---
is now a Geiger counter

#Casablanca the movie

"of all the gin joints---
 she walks
 into mine."


morning dense fog---
football coach Joe Paterno
is fired


East River November---
a plastic bag on a tree
refuses to fall


morning haze---
a carriage horse wears


needs company
on a cold night---
full moon close to Venus


a triple whammy
quake tsunami radiation leak---
and still clicking


Empire State Building lit
in red white and blue---
Elections Day


past Sci Fi is future fact---
NASA to land astronauts
on Mars


the one who beat Ali---
Joe Frazier


morning blue sky---
a man driving to work
has a flat


East River balmy Fall day---
the playground is full
of screaming kids


an OTB office---
a man checks discarded tickets
for winners


morning blue sky---
a guard goes to his job
in a jail


after all the pumpkins are gone-
a setting November
full moon


East River November---
the ice-cream truck
is still here


God tests the faith of Abraham---
the Muslim Feast
of Sacrifice


blue sky---
a scholar reads
the Dead Sea Scrolls


New York blue sky---
runners take off their sweatsuits
to run the marathon


Geometry board
tangent to a curve---
moon and contrail in a blue sky


my website is down---
I watch a spider
working on its


morning blue sky---
a photographer runs out
of film


as I look west
glass of windows on fire---


all these lonely people---
where do they
come from


East River November---
choppy waters and hobbling wind
a boat floats


Friday blue sky---
a woman wearing the hijab
looks up


the First Egyptian Revolution---
Nasser topples
King Farouk


morning clouds---
a woman knits a sweater


a man says his phone solar battery
is now fully charged


end of her shift---
a waitress goes
into a jacuzzi


November blue sky---
a dog pisses
on yellow leaves


Occupy Wall Street---
color of their tents blue
like that of cops cars


as the nights get longer---
a day moon becomes night moon
at sunset


morning blue sky---
a man takes off the wrapper
a dark chocolate bar


a day moon changes to night moon
at sunset


East River November
bright sun shines on yellow leaves-
brisk wind