Sunday, April 26, 2009


Spring in the park---
two homeless men play poker
for empty cans


East River hot day---
from a sail boat
she dangles her feet


Saturday night---
we drive her mother
to the airport


morning haze---
I forgot
my swimming goggles


boring Spring day---
a frog jumps back
into the pond


early morning---
seagulls eat garbage
a French bistro


East River warm night---
couples in cars
stop to view


blue sky---
I remember to buy
hand sanitizer


more April showers---
the barmaid tells
her war stories


Earth Day---
the government prints
more green


she gets upset and leaves
but her shadow does not


morning stillness---
the cat warms up
by jumping in the air


April drizzle---
an outdoors cafe
is crowded


before dawn birds sing---
a security guard
searches for them

Sunday, April 19, 2009


the sound of trumpets---
a bull fighter views
a ballet dancer


Sunday morning haze---
she wants
her coffee spiced


April hot day---
an Asian girl screams
ice cream truck passes by


April warms up---
the cat has
a new friend


the wake of a boat passes---
a row of East River
white Cherry trees


before dawn---
a turtle stops at green
a half moon


East River Park---
suddenly his hand disappears
as he touches her


blue sky---
empty pockets
after Tax Day


East River sad feelings---
Cherry trees blossom
on the other bank


Tax Day---
a banker sends
his mistress flowers


over night trash---
the smell of
acetone breath


East River courting teens---
behind her veil
she smiles at him


my yearly physical---
I only got
the recession


before dawn---
cigarette in his mouth a drunk talks
Wanning Gibbous

Sunday, April 12, 2009


New York Easter Parade---
a hat made from fake
hundred dollar bills


blue sky---
a sugar daddy stops
at an ATM


Hudson River Park sunset---
a same sex couple
on a bench hold hands


lonely Spring Saturday---
I look at the graffiti
for a haiku


pirates kidnap a ship captain
for ransom---
Good Friday


Good Friday---
seagulls gather on the roof
of a fisherman


East River clear day---
the algae reminds me
I need a shave


blue sky---
but tomorrow is
Good Friday


East River Spring drizzle---
I stick my finger in its waters


a sign on the door---
our sun tanning machines
are solar


a little girl blows
bubble gum---
cherry trees blossom


Holly Week---
I watch
a Woody Allen movie


rainy day---
I bet the barmaid
I can guess her age


April showers---
the man behind me
keeps cursing Poseidon

Sunday, April 05, 2009


April in Paris---
the rain shower scene
is as good as in New York


Sunday morning blue sky---
I need more


Saturday night---
empty bar she teaches me
to belly dance


the Obamas visit
Jackie who?


Spring thunder storm---
she asks me
what's the rush


finances US deficit
a haven for the rich---


Spring drizzle---
a newly homeless man
views an abandoned house


morning fog---
my neighbor can't find
his Siamese cat


leaves bud on some trees---
a cabbie makes
an obscene gesture


April Fool Day---
a liar stops saying
cross my heart

#Red 2

Fargo's Red River---
a snow storm calls
but no flood


Fargo's Red River* crests---
the moon shines
on disks of ice



Spring night lightening ---
as if the skyline
needs more illumination


I take a short cut
through a full cemetery