Sunday, June 24, 2007


crowded train---
a teen keeps saying
she needs to pee


as I come out
of the subway---
a day moon


Summer carnival---
a flat chested woman
enters the wrong rest room


business is slow---
a street artist draws
the customer chair


end of the month---
no bread left over
to feed the sparrows


Madison Square Park---
the party tent full
of men in blue long sleeves


Summer Solstice---
an air conditioner drips
on my neck


crescent moon
at the city sky line---
watching from a beach chair


cool breeze---
the cicadas
sing louder


going to pay my rent---
I pass
a homeless man


Summer pool---
she crawls
I butterfly


nothing left
of the melon wedge
but the skin---crescent moon


fireflies blink
and her diamond tongue ring


Father's Day---
he would have stopped
had a smoke at that sunset

Sunday, June 17, 2007


blue sky---
a June bride
finishes dressing up


Madison Square Park---
after the rain stopped
the sprinklers start


the fortune teller
tells me---say less
observe more


for a rainy Sunday
to have a fish fry


once more a sparrow
wins the race
but loses the prize---to a pigeon


a black cat
comes out to stretch


a squirrel on the fire escape
I go wear some clothes


sunrise behind
overcast skies---
the milkman does not show up


subway new trains---
hard low plastic benches
now don't doze


overcast Summer day---
I flush out the mildew
from an old cap


Summer downpour---
a poodle not covered
by his master's umbrella


Summer playground---
many balls thrown
but no catches


I made
the sangria


blue sky---
she puts her blond hair
in my face

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Summer afternoon---
a passing old man
whistles a happy tune


bird sanctuary---
all the chirping stops


an ice cream truck
stands on Fifth Avenue---
it tastes the same


Summer haze---
a yellow frisbee
hangs in there


at the gym---
I finally learned
how to dance the twist


sunny June morning---
two kids walk
silently to school


Madison Square Park
at rush hour---
playing toddlers scream


cool Summer day---
the wind turns
my fan


doctor's office---
I hear the buzz
of a bee


morning stillness---
a ghost
goes home


a cool breeze---
she says something


Summer dusk---
she shares her yogurt
covered blackberries


hurricane season started---
my neighbor buys
a hybrid car


heavy rain---
the canopy leaks
a luxury tower

Sunday, June 03, 2007


she gets up from the grass
to wear her shorts


stormy Summer clouds---
a yellow butterfly


Central Park Zoo---
young male goats show off
for a living


June First---
a kid walks
with his shoelaces untied


crowded swimming pool---
her finger nails
touch my toes


hot day---
a man shares his ice cream
with his dog


dance night in the park---
two trees
have branches entangled


Madison Square Park---
much bared female limbs
the trees' fully covered


at the French Open---
her tan is reddish


a Summer dawn---
the suntan lotion ad
turns off its lights


a day moon
at sunset---
a haijin ghost


too much pollution---
a squirrel keeps
scratching itself


Memorial Day---
two sailors chat
with a homeless man


Memorial Day---
starts Iraq's
scorching Summer