Tuesday, May 18, 2010


May warms up---
the door of a sweat shop
remains open


crescent moon
above the skyline---
both the Yankees and the Mets lose


the street is their playground---
two kids fight over
who shot the other first


blue sky---
giant oil plumes deep in
the Gulf of Mexico


Saturday night---
I tell her skip the desert
and let's go home


May waxes---
a butterfly lands
on a garbage truck


a bald man
blocks my view


First Avenue---
Obama passes by
in two separate cars


Hudson River Park
nice Spring day---
no one takes off his shirt


Whole Foods cafeteria---
rich people eat
poor people food


misty night---
a black and yellow cat


afternoon fog---
a dog follows
me around


May drizzle---
a couple have
a fight


morning rush---
the man next to me reads
yesterday's newspaper


cold wind dark clouds---
black birds take over
the Park


Astoria walk---
end of thirty eight street
a Steinway plant


the girls lacrosse team practice
no touching


blue sky---
a white carriage horse
waits for a ride


Mothers Day in a diner---
a young couple
talk relationships


Mothers Day---
I go to the park
looking for bird nests


Saturday sunset---
as I wait for her
not to show up


rainy morning---
she has her blond hair
up in a bun


blue sky---
the sun shines on
an ocean oil spill


East River Spring---
the foul smell of water
followed by freshly cut grass


morning haze---
my GPS devise
makes a mistake

Thursday, May 06, 2010


May nice day---
I throw a dust ball out the window
it moves up


Cinco de Mayo---
an Arizona Anglo
eats a burrito


Times Square---
right now it's the safest
place in the world


blue sky---
a woman wearing a burka
looks up


May heat wave---
Upper East side legs
age further


May sunset---
a fly tries
to be noticed


East River warm May---
I make
a mint julep


Times Square car bomb---
don't allow cars
to park in there


Kentucky Derby winner
is Super Saver---
that pays the airfare


May Day---
a pagan worships
a flower


Friday night---
I ask her if
she has a Twitter account


Gulf oil spill reaches
the wet lands---
bird songs black out


a yogi faces
the wrong direction


Venus alone above the skyline---
my cab driver says
bad omen


windy April---
a homeless man wraps himself
in cellophane


Wall Street---
Congress investigates
if Goldman Sachs is a casino


it rains all day---
I go take
a sauna


as I wait in a bar
for the rain to stop---
I get drunk


evening fog---
a funeral procession
drives slowly


nice Spring day---
a walk along the Brooklyn-Queens shore line
depresses me


late Friday night
in a bar---
the aspirin is for free


the catholic church crisis---
the light
at the end of the tunnel


blue sky---
there is no loophole
to quit work early


sudden April showers---
a man stands under
a canopy that leaks


dangerous intersection---
always fresh flowers
on one way sign pole


the Polanski Bridge---
don't look down
up a lots of sky


April Twenty First---
getting one day closer
to the Summer


Earth Day---
a spider web catches
my dirt


crescent moon over the skyline---
the only light
that is green


a volcano is


Madison Square Park---
a new statue
naked man with penis uncut


East River cold gusts---
cherry blossoms petals
hang in there


Spring cold Saturday night---
lovers in bed
stay warm