Sunday, June 25, 2006


beach rainy day---
can't remember who said
life is a beach


sunday morning---
a priest asks me
for directions


in an old box---
I found "Paradise Lost"


walking fast---
my eyeglasses
covered with rain drops

#doctor tanka

they yelled is there
a doctor in the house?---
as a kid I had a toy
doctor bag to induce me
to grow up to be one


slapping and bubbling---
the two parts of a mermaid
are estranged


foggy morning---
the two parts of a mermaid
are estranged


long day in the park---
a mosquito
comes back to bite


union square station---
the less clothes people wear
the hotter it gets


an older girl
on the swing---
the others giggle


the world cup game
is still scoreless---
summer solstice

#summer solstice

summer solstice---
too short a night
to remember her name


breezy day---
a butterfly
and I collide

#squeak tanka

the laundry rope
across an ally squeaks---
while the woman
pulling on it squeaks
about the landlord


early morning---
a bird hasn't sung
any thing new for hours


lying on his surf board---
near a toy
black sailboat


first summer moon---
light in my heart
clouds in my eyes


the orange volley ball
served into the sea

Sunday, June 18, 2006


fathers day---
he would have asked me
why haiku


clean streets,
shiny cars---
and no pedestrians


long summer walk---
she massages
her calluses with a pine cone


early morning---
last night disagreement


there is more foam
to my beer than the surf


morning sky---
the pigeons
are hungry


a little girl dances
in the park---
partner is imaginary


Summer time
in Union Square---
Oh! Calcutta


sunlight strikes
the wine decanter---
the frizzles of her red hair


the third time
the guest wants a fresh towel---
the waiter drops the towel


rush hour---
sitting next to a woman
going to the beach


all park benches are taken---
she sits at
the other end of mine


hitting a ball
against a park wall---
the cracks of my past


she pours me jasmine
flavored tea


early morning---
a man yelling
at a barking dog

Sunday, June 11, 2006


cold night---
an ant creeps
under my foot


the party is over---
silently the leaves
dance to the wind


under my desk---
a spider builds
its own wires network


down town
after hours---
high heels echoing


a cricket
sounds lonely


the woman who
moved next door---
gets many late night callers


friday morning---
a school kid
yells: "I don't want to go"


hazy evening---
a distant light
has a tail


street soccer---
for the next world cup


chili dinner---
a heart-burn
cooked by a heart-throb


heavy rain---
an open umbrella
floats down the street


on the floor, the paper string
from a Hershey's kiss---
acting like a worm


a drunk raises
his bottle and winks---
a half moon


morning stillness---
she combs
her hair


dense fog---
a bat can't see
where he's going


behind me---an old lady
carrying an empty
bamboo cage

Sunday, June 04, 2006


the coffee
is almost done


overcast sky---
a smoke column
moves horizontally


overcast day,
drawn in chalk on a
playground wall---the sun


at a meeting---
some one with
the same ring tones as me


sudden downpours
both softball teams
go to the same bar


buying a metrocard
with a credit card
from a machine---thank you


in the subway
a Darwin look alike
stares at me


morning fog---
a white rabbit
takes it easy


sunset--- the clouds make
the end of a long summer day


the noise from the street
blocks the noise
of the neighbors


water shoots up
from fountains---
calla lilies bloom


hot day---
a smoke column
shaped like a dragon


the sun shines
while it rains---
I think of my ex


early morning---
watching fishermen
talk more than fish