Sunday, June 28, 2009


East River choppy waves---
I wait for her
to tie her hair


Summer street fair---
a sign says
beware of kids


Summer sunset---
clouds as blue as the mountains
of an iced Coors can


blue sky---
I step
on dog shit


June evening thunder storm---
my neighbors stop


Sinatra sings on my ipod---
a man yells
Michael Jackson is dead


Iran's green revolution---
where would it be now
without women


clouds at sunset---
I see a mountain range
with fire beneath it


steamy June---
a Chinese take-out
keeps its door open


East River Summer---
workers give a tree
a trim


late June crowded subway---
but no one has
a sun tan


dictators don't
a woman is shot in Iran


June afternoon---
the same dark clouds
I pour more Cabernet


Summer morning---
it's too cold
to wear shorts

Sunday, June 21, 2009


at the gym---
I watch a woman
learn how to fight


first day of Summer---
a son buys his father


Saturday night rain---
a couple eye the lobsters
in a water tank


East River dark clouds---
a little girl paints the sidewalk
pink with chalk


June sunset---
when we wake up
how many died in Iran?


lunch hour---
a long line of women
at the ice cream cart




Madison Square Park---
a folk singer sings
about no liquidity


Upper East Side---
their graffiti
is cooler


finally blue sky---
but still
no peace of mind


June East River---
girls versus boys rope pull
the girls win


June morning---
a line of ants
at the subway entrance


I go out
in search of a haiku---
a mosquito bites me


an old neighbor
unable to recall my name

Sunday, June 14, 2009


the New York Times is
now on Twitter---
all the short words fit to print


morning stillness---
the cat refuses to come
when I whistle


June Saturday night---
a priest stops
to buy flowers


partially blue sky---
a half loaf is less filling
than a whole


after days of fog
the sky clears at sunset---
she buys the champaign


on a street bench
a couple neck in the fog---


June evening---
the fog has left nothing
uncovered to write about


morning fog---
she wears sunglasses
in the subway


New York---
opposite a church a mosque
both have their doors open


morning fog---
a garbage truck
makes no noise


overcast skies at sunset---
I water
the lilacs


Summer night thunder
and lightening storm---
but no one here to hug


June East River---
a discarded condom
on new grass


June overcast skies---
she wears
a see through blouse

Sunday, June 07, 2009


Sunday street park---
wearing a burka she eats lunch
with her man


the name of the horse
who won the Belmont---
Summer Bird


Central Park aft days of rain---
healthy grass
pale crowd


morning haze---
a circus acrobat


June rainy day---
the park ball field
is full of mud


morning fog---
too much steamed milk
in my espresso


Obama speaks to Muslims---
a native American


a June downpour takes a break---
I go out to buy
more water


dense fog---
a blind man crosses
the street alone


almost Summer---
I come across daffodils
more than Wordsworth ever seen


the recession---
more nude entertainment bars


GM is bankrupt---
I pat a carriage horse
in Central Park


June East River rapids---
schoolgirls learn
to play rugby


blue sky---
my GPS
stops working