Sunday, January 28, 2007


she does not notice
the new flowers


her lights
are still on


overcast winter day---
the old clock
is slower than usual


Saturday morning---
cold wind pushes
an empty swing


bitter cold morning---
smoke columns
take their time going up


cold night
I go home early---
in the moonlight


a kid
flies a kite---
too many seagulls


morning rush---
waiting for January
to end


pass me
the Tabasco sauce---
January sunset


who is she
behind the see-through veil?
crescent moon


Madison Square Park---
the plainness
of January


a tennis match---
where love
still means nothing


the lake swallows
the moon


I am cold Ma
I am cold


buds spring
in January---
an old dog walks on

Sunday, January 21, 2007


icy side walks---
the sparrows drink
from the gutter


bubble gum clouds---
the ice on the window
starts to melt


bitter cold---
I pass a swimming pool
emptied of water


an old man
plays in the snow---
more climate change


night of cold wind---
I take a shortcut
through the cemetery


Mexican restaurant---
her sombrero
touches mine


intense dark---
she says no need
to find the keys right away


morning stillness---
a cricket jumps
out of the ipod


dearest sun,
you missed
too many days


a clear winter day---
smoke columns
jockey for position


a normal day---
cold enough for you


morning rush
she has her shades on---
overcast sky


her little sister
asking her why she stopped---


a black and white cat
finally goes out---
can fox-trot

Sunday, January 14, 2007


gloomy afternoon---
a red haired woman
smiles at me


Sunday's silence---
a squirrel slowly
walks down the fire escape


Saturday night---
she waves goodbye
with her red rose


a new crack
in the window glass---
morning fog


after school---
she reads
a poem to her son


early morning---
I turn on the lights
to write a haiku


a soldier says goodbye
on his way back to Iraq---


beautiful morning---
I just ignore
the cold wind


snow flurries
falling from blue sky---
yesterday was summer


he still puts
catchup on his eggs---


at a general statue---
a dog salutes
by raising its leg


morning rush---
she pretends
not to see me


snacking on
blue corn chips---
moonless night


folding laundry---
the music
has too much static

Sunday, January 07, 2007


down town
Sunday morning---
nothing out there but geeks


in New York they wear shorts
all year round---


from behind grey blue clouds
into grey blue waters---
a winter sunset


overcast day---
my neighbor tells
another big fish story


camellia blossoms
in winter---don't fret
just enjoy it


morning stillness---
the winter wind
unable to move anything


an octopus stands
like a tree---winter night
Madison Square Park


morning rush---
her legs are bare
under her mink coat


new year---
more hunters are looking
for fewer boars


in the afternoon sky
a grey dinosaur yawns---


I turn off the lights---
a setting moon


crisp winter day---
I climb
a sun beam


morning rush---
a slower pace
after the winter holidays


boring day---
I rent
an anime movie


New Year's day---
a rain shower lets
the street weeds have a drink