Sunday, November 26, 2006


outside Bloomingdales
a tart in red---
Jingle Bell


morning stillness---
a towel covers
the parrot cage


the trees are bare---
a squirrel
climbs up my shoulder


viewing holidays
sun rays on my pen


a woman stole
our designated driver---


Black Friday---
so many turkeys
at the sales


rainy Thanksgiving Day---
a Bostonian
walks his Irish Setter


a dog patiently
waits for his plate---
Thanksgiving Day


a bartender
needs more olives---
the bridge lights turn on


brisk morning---
Mickey Mouse
floats by


a hare sinks further
in a bed of leaves---
late Autumn sunset


grey morning---
I check out a new
tanning salon


strings of lights
on bare trees---
and buy this!


Fifth Avenue station---
the sound of hoofs
on the pavement

Sunday, November 19, 2006


in a Jacuzzi
a ticklish man
keeps yelling stop


mid November---
a seashell
in the back of a drawer


Saturday night traffic---
a cyclist
rings his bell


a middle-aged man
blow-dries his hair---
late Autumn trees


Autumn sunset---
a birthday balloon


I will invite
a turkey to dinner


morning rush---
a blonde
with no lipstick


dark night---
a cat stretches
before going out


morning haze---
a street artist
paints the skyline


drizzly night---
I pick the anchovies
from my side of the pizza


the glass of a tower
facing east


a haggard old man
smokes a cigar---
late Autumn leaves


morning rush---
abandoned old shoes
at the last stop


morning stillness---
a deaf man listens
to the song of a bird


broken glass---
a prima donna
goes back to work

Sunday, November 12, 2006


the football game ends---
heavy rain makes
the loss heavier


morning haze---
so many sparrows
where the leaves used to be


on a bed of sapped leaves
a beauty sunbathes---
global warming


Veterans Day---
the children of Vietnam
are now of Iraq


a new grocer opens---
the flies still go
to the old one


end of the line---
a blind violinist
counts his change


warm day---
a green leaf in the midst
of yellow ones


he is tall and skinny
the other short and chubby---
so are their sticks


Autumn storm---
multicolored leaves
carpet a church driveway


the day after---
no one cast a vote
for Superman


coffee, cigarettes, beer---
and Windex to clean
after all that poison


perched on a tree
still can't see the forest
from the trees---full moon


cold wind at sunset---
I drink the last
drop of Chablis


pudgy seagulls
perched on the shore rocks---
Manhattan skyline

Sunday, November 05, 2006


On the road---
I pass a tree house
while riding in a mobile home


harvest moon sets---
a baker goes
to work


Saturday night---
moon light shines
on an empty bar


he vacuums the lawn
from the dead leaves
who vacuumed Summer air


full moon behind clouds---
she slips out
of her white satin gown


morning rush---
a subway rat
walks to work


I take a bite
off a little green apple---
the moon


sunny day---
shoveling dead leaves,
for more callouses


lanterns in the park
an ocean of yellow leaves


warm Autumn day---
Central Park Zoo
full of human smell


Halloween party---
a scarecrow
did not need make-up


Autumn sunrise---
a witch


hot sun
and cold wind---
a goblin torture


early morning---
sun rays strike
a little girl witch's hat