Sunday, February 22, 2009


the rain clouds
start to move out


it starts to snow---
the cat wants
the milk warmed


the recession---
under achievers
are happier


blue sky---
the jasmine tea
is ready


she says ah
crescent moon


windy night---
a smoker finds shelter
behind a garbage truck


it's occupied
by Yankee factories


the night watchman
almost closes his eyes---
waning crescent


late night drizzle---
she carries her belongings
in a kids cart


Winter morning---
I read a recipe for
Ful Mudammas


they are lost---
newly weds
shop for a home


a cowboy saddles his horse
crescent moon


sunny East River day---
a talkative old man
asks me my name


outside a closed bar
a couple are still talking

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Greek diner---
there is no recession here
only income tax


blue sky---
I finish last night


the gym
is crowded---
Valentine's Day


recession blues---
it's the kiss that counts
on Valentine's Day


blue sky---
but is it


Friday the thirteenth---
I buy her a black dress
for Valentine's Day


President Obama
gives a speech---
Lincoln is two hundred


a cockroach climbs the wall---
Charles Darwin is today
two hundred


warm February day---
on Coney Island
an old man streaks


the recession---
long lines to file for
income tax early


lonely night---
I call the automated
telephone operator


at a news stand---
a kid asks
what is A-Rod


blue sky---
a soldier returns
from Iraq


kids chase the ducks away---
calm East River
Winter waters

Sunday, February 08, 2009


a kid goes
to fly a kite---
windy Winter warms up


a baker goes home---
full moon above
the skyline


Saturday night---
a church service with a good
rock band


blue sky---
but where is
my double espresso


the cold spell lingers---
a banker tells me his woes
in a jackuzzi


late night---
a gal walks with a sway---
waxing moon


the last of Mr B's swans---
Darci Kistler*



cold morning---
she offers to teach me
the polka


the recession---
four star restaurants
accept walk-ins


blue sky---
a banker smokes
a US made cigar


snow storm at dusk---
the smell of
marinara sauce


she blows out
the blackberry candle


I view the East River
through a bodega's glass---
I feel hunger


a beggar outside a bank
asks me for some TARP

Sunday, February 01, 2009


warm Winter Sunday---
a kid on a toy horse
yells go Steelers


Super Bowl Sunday---
the high school soccer game
is crowded


my neighbor missed
his evening prayers---
crescent moon over the skyline


blue sky---
she says she likes
bald men


as I walk on thin ice
I remember her


early morning---
a nun reads to her class
"Romeo and Juliet"


he takes off his wedding band---
crescent moon visits


January ends---


the recession---
bankers girlfriends*
form a support group



a snow ball fight
ends with a hug


cold night---
I dream of what women wore
in the heat wave of last year


train station morning fog---
a woman walks
into the wrong restroom


I rewind my Timex---
no more
analog tv


a cops car
stops at red