Sunday, January 01, 2012

1 January 2012


blue sky---
I need to buy a calendar
New Year's Day


New Year revelers raise
their Champaign glasses---
crescent moon tops the skyline


Year's last sunset---
dark clouds crack long enough
to show it


East River New Year's Eve---
some one dropped a basketball
in the waters


present day Iraq---
all our invasion did
was a dictator change


New Year's Eve---
a Salsa studio is
having a party


the Year's last sunrise---
a blue


end of the year---
a parrot keeps saying
no more smoking


tourists cruise Times Square---
tomorrow is
New Year's Eve


he raises his coat collar
to stay warm---
December crescent moon


Winter cheer---
a driver is under influence
of his own hormones


late December blue sky---
a man says he's
off to Miami


New York Winter---
some hibernate
others go to Florida


Winter sunlight---
an aging Olympic athlete
wears his gold medal


December blue sky---
a tulips market
has no whites


December rainy day---
New York Christmas tree
gets plenty of water


Winter afternoon fog---
it's sure better
in the Bahamas


end of the year---
a Wall Street banker takes stock
of his stocks


Christmas leftovers---
birds and squirrels have
plenty to eat


as of Friday---
price per barrel of oil
is hundred and eight dollars


day after Christmas---
now the real sales


Christmas Day sunset---
gray clouds are
painted red


smiling faces---
a dove bears an olive branch
Christmas Day


blue sky---
a kid wraps his best friend present
Christmas Eve


Venus rises
Christmas cheer


leafless trees glow
in the sunlight---
tomorrow is Christmas Eve


at the beach
in the shade of a palm tree


last night rain clouds clear---
a Salvation Army truck
stops for a pick up


a grizzly bear hibernates
with her cubs at her side


the best gifts are those
you can share with the giver


Winter Solstice---
too long and too cold
to stay up all night


stormy day before Christmas---
instead of walking
I take the subway


stand up comedy show---
the audience still awaits
the punch line


morning fog---
a tourist asks
where is Central Park


army thugs disrobe and beat
women in Tahrir Square---
shame on you


December sunset---


across the East River
the Upper East Side---
we've better view than them

#good S

it failed---there is always
something good
that comes out of the bad


at the black jack table
he card counts


cloudy December morning---
a kid plays with
a toy carousel


Empire State Building lit
in green and red---
Santa Clause says ho ho ho


a bird sanctuary
is empty


December sunrise---
the window glass is
too cold to touch


Gardens of the Queen---
pristine coral reefs
off the cost of Cuba


Winter sunset---
I watch it with
the lights off


December blue sky---
a man proposes
to his fiancée


December blue sky---
a man goes to buy
potted poinsettias


a marine in Iraq
goes home for good


December blue sky---
some one is playing
the Waltz of the Snowflakes


December blue sky
I listen to the moonlight---
Beethoven birthday


the shoot first
ask questions later war ends---
US exits Iraq


East River Winter---
just the seagulls
and joggers


mid December---
Christmas trees on sale
block the sidewalks


a day moon travels
behind clouds


present day Greece---
being happy
is the best revenge


East River anglers---
they toss their lines
then wait inside heated cars

#haiku story

they meet in Macy's ---
he asks her out
she says: "but I'm married"


mid December blue sky---
Santa Claus on his way
a day moon


a man wants a train set
for Christmas


mid December---
college students hit
the books


blue sky---
contrails crisscross
a pattern on a Winter sweater


East River cold December day---
the seagulls don't
seem to mind


he's ignorant---
Gingrich says Palestinians are
'invented' people


December blue sky---
a man daydreams
of a one-horse open sleigh


holidays indigestion---
eat a


out west---
dust storms passing over snow
cause a melt down


December sunset---
people wait in line
to watch a basketball game


Saturday blue sky---
a blond is in the basement
doing laundry


New York City West Village---
after all these years
I still get lost there


December nice day---
a Salvation Army soldier
rings his bell


Christmas pomp---
a ladies' man


I forget a curtain open---
December full moon
wakes me up


a brass band plays
Jingle Bells---
full moon at sunset


Occupy Wall Street---
all that's left of it
cops watching emptiness


Times Square December---
every month of the year there
is a holiday


December blue sky---
a carriage horse


stormy December evening---
there are no rain checks
for the Nutcracker


a solar battery still empty----
second day of
a nor'easter


going out on a date---
a man brushes
his teeth


morning fog---
man covers his window
with a poster of the skyline


a December rain storm---
the stores do worse
but the bars do better


afternoon dense fog---
a street magician uses
mirrors and no smoke


a December shopping mall---
the bigger the box
the less the price


a rainy day---
a retiree asks
but where is the meat


some leafless Autumn trees bud-
wish my hair
would do the same


New York pigeons---
like the rest of us nest
in flat covered surfaces


skyline dense fog---
only black smoke
is visible


East River December Fourth---
it's still warm enough
to sit on a bench


considering the alternatives
I'll still vote for him


morning fog---
blinking red lights
talk to each other


cloudy cold Autumn morning---
I can't find
the rice pudding


a day moon
turns on at sunset---
all night lights do that


after a wedding---
I French-kiss
the maid of honor


December blue sky---
shoppers pack
Fifth Avenue sidewalks


East River December---
joggers go uphill
against the wind


December sunset---
plenty of red to go around
and eggnog


a wreath on the door
of a house of ill repute


you feel as if
this is hell---
California Santa Ana winds


Empire State Building
lit in red---
December First