Sunday, May 28, 2006


at a V
shaped by two branches---
a kid aims his sling


memorial day---
a four-year-old boy looks
at Iraq's map


beaches open---
the girls of last summer
are in bigger bikinis


the old lady
who feeds the pigeons
sends her daughter


in line to see
a Tom Hanks movie---
two nuns


at the station---
a soccer ball stands
at the end of the platform


late spring afternoon---
the sky is full
of cats and dogs


early morning---
the crow doesn't get
the song of the mocking bird


no one noticed
her antique ruby necklace


early morning
blue sky---
I wipe my eyeglasses


she's cooking peas
from her garden---
the dog wags his tail


a clear day---
the hum of a chopper
circling above


on the subway---
a woman next to me
has big hips


eating ripe strawberries
for breakfast---
gusty wind


the gypsy woman says:
when it's hot, it's hot
when it's not, it's not

Sunday, May 21, 2006


sunday afternoon
rain shower--- cleaned
my boots


late spring---
the daffodils


saturday sunset---
everyone getting
ready for the night time


morning stillness---
dew drops
on the fire escape


afternoon thunder storm---
she fluffs the curls
of her blond hair


for online dating---
what is your sex?


rainy morning---
a dripping faucet
woke me up


I put a seashell
to my ear---
it says stop polluting


beyond good and evil
is a jungle---
full of funny beasts


walking to school---
a contrail marks
a blank sky


eating the rest of the
cherry pie a la mode


early morning---
a happy ending
to last night rain storm


sidewalk cafe---
a pigeon waits
the server bring out food


morning haze---
I keep hearing
the buzz of a fly


clouds clearing
the sun comes out---
horses race in the sky


morning fog---
the tops of towers
are blanking out

Sunday, May 14, 2006


mothers day---
slow traffic
at the cemetery


overcast morning---
a cat stares
at a crow


dark clouds moving in---
kids blow at them
soap bubbles


someone knocking
on the door---
I can't find my eyeglasses


fog at dusk---
my gray hairs
pass unnoticed


walking fast---
my umbrella
has a hole in it


gloomy day---
I bought strawberries
and put on them yogurt


morning rush hour---
the conductor announces
the wrong station


the smell of peeled
at daybreak


overcast day---
I watch out
for worms on the sidewalk


moonless night---
a mosquito
keeps on trying


day laborers
waiting for the contractor


an old man gazing
at wilted lilacs


early morning---
a girl with heavy make-up
going home

Sunday, May 07, 2006


rushing home at sunset---
the smell of cooking
in the elevator


my neighbor's
flower garden---
her favorite color is purple


spring cleaning
my room---
I found a new spider


saturday morning
softball game---
a crow making catcalls


late spring---
a warm sun
brought out the tight t-shirts


the ants
are looking blacker


going home---she dozes
while reading the flyer
of a hypnotist


city sky line---
trying to tell
the clouds from the smoke


dark clouds at sunset---
hope they are gone
by moonrise


looking out
of the window---
wishing I were a falcon


picking the last


cloudy sky---
nothing left
of last night rice pudding


a kid next to me
having his hair cut
for the first time


may day---
the idea of paying all workers
is very recent


spring light rain---
I close
the umbrella