Wednesday, August 01, 2012

1 August 2012


blue sky---
a birthday balloon flies away
July ends


a new graffiti mural---
as pudgy as this
morning sky


the Olympics---
riders make horses jump
over various barriers


a circus midget
can't find
his wife


Summer predawn---
watching a cosmic rays


Summer Monday dawn---
I finish last night
crab salad


July beach sunset---
a volley ball game
gets hot


a couple dance
cheek to cheek


July overcast sky---
a seagull lands
on spilled garbage


with the Olympic games on---
Yankees versus Red Socks
still gets 'em


London Olympics
bicycle road race---
lucky it didn't rain


skyline morning fog---
all you see
blinking red lights


their first fight---
a man turns away
and calls his fiancé "puta"


breezy July---
I open the windows
and turn off the ac


Ichiro Suzuki---
a new Yankee
let's play ball


sexual relationships---
if they last
they become platonic


Summer Olympics start---
I plan to watch
the diving competition


Summer sunrise---
the smell
of strawberries


the moment you're born---
you start to die
it's just a matter of time


a peeping tom looks
at a man's mushroom
as he pees


July blue sky---
a man has beef carpaccio
for breakfast


ballet class---
it always resembles
doing penance


light as a feather---
a boxer stands on a scale
to check his weight


Summer morning haze---
a man squints
his eyes


after not seeing him for years---
her dad shows up
at her door step


Monday sunrise---
a cherry red Porsche
speeds by


"who was that masked man?"
the Lone Ranger rides


Sunday sunrise---
pornographic pictures scattered
on a sidewalk


East River Summer blue sky---
black and white swans spread
their wings  in tandem


she keeps dreaming of snakes---
coming out from the pants
of men


Summer sun rises---
a car driver has
a flat


end of a rainy Summer day---
nothing to smile


Ramadan starts tomorrow---
Moslems will fast
from dawn to dusk


London sunny day---
a British gentleman carries
his umbrella


July rainy day---
a jogger runs


Syria's Assad---
finally China and Russia
put down their thumbs


read their privacy policy---
the online collection of


Japan's Olympic athletes---
the women fly coach
the men business class


thunder and lighting---
a down pour
but it's still hot


airport pat-downs---
they want to know if something
is hidden inside


the heat wave waxes---
I sit in the shade
of an oak tree


a hot day ends---
the sun sets behind
a chimney


as I wait my turn
at the dentist---
the sound of his drill


July morning---
the smell of coffee
from an abandoned building


a caravan of semis trek
on a narrow New York street


blue sky---
bikini clad women play
volley ball


July the Sixteenth---
neither fog nor mist
but a heat wave


July waxes---
a heat wave will arrive
at noon today


Tour De France---
today they go down hill
time to enjoy the scenery


a local Starbucks---
a fan asks me
for my autograph


July cloudy sky---
a mogul flies to the Hamptons
in a chopper


mid July---
a man dumps his old ski boots
in the garbage


Bastille Day---
how the French invented
the coup d'etat


Friday the Thirteenth---
you should check
the status of your portfolio


a Summer rainbow---
a yogi does
the locust


cultural shock---
leaving Little Italy
to enter China Town


Summer blundering---
a bird in hand is worth two
on the tree


morning blue sky---
kids shuffling
to Summer school


blue clouds---
red clouds and no clouds
a Summer sun sets


a broken promise leads to
a broken heart


July cloudy day---
a man walks into
a hookah cafe


hair cut day---
my barber says
I have nice hair


East River Summer day---
I make a duck call
a duck answers


July blue sky---
a fish monger
has octopus


July waxes---
it's still cool enough
to swing


Summer moonlight---
a sudden spark kills
the sparkle in her eyes


July Monday morning---
I say welcome
to a cool front


redness of a Summer sunset
peeps thru the curtains---
I open them


Sunday morning---
a congregation repeats
the Lord's Prayer


July Sunday morning---
a Yoga class in the park
has few students


Summer Saturday night---
you spend most your time
waiting in lines


when the temp hits ninety---
listen to
"Flight of the Bumblebee"


July's hot day---
a mother keeps checking
on her son in the carriage


East River July heat wave---
a lone seagull
stands on a rock


if you are reading this---
you already know
my name


it was a failure of Man
not Nature


moonless night---
a night watchman talks
to himself


a herbaceous plant
mostly of interest to rabbits


July heat wave---
a man receives the power bill
for June


July Fourth---
after the sun's fireworks end
humans show off theirs


Picasso's "Woman's Head"---
it lacks


July Fourth morning rain---
a man wants a rain check
for tonight fireworks

#Park S

Madison Square Park---
the nonhumans are
more friendly than the humans


on a mountain top---
an eagles nest with two eggs
July Fourth


July blue sky---
a skin-diver views
the coral reefs


a July sunset---
the only one that matters
is the Fourth


in the Garden of Eden---
an apple dangles
from a branch


July Second blue sky---
I buy condiments
for the Fourth