Sunday, September 02, 2012


September Sunday dawn---
I wait till sunrise
to get out of bed


East River Labor Day weekend-
the wild life also
took time off

#two parts

September First Dawn---
a full moon faints away
as the sun rises


September First Dawn---
a full moon
faints away


Labor Day weekend starts---
the ones still working
have bills to pay


the light of a solar battery
changes to green


the Republicans
Romney Ryan Reagan---


Beverley Hills---
a sign on a house fence says
armed response


August blue sky---
a window washer
runs out of soap


late night---
as city  lights dim out
August full moon


it's the law
of the land


August blue sky---
a Bengali man wears
a white kaftan


East River Summer cold breeze-
shivering as the waters
are rippling


I have a dream---
Martin Luther King gives
a speech


you can't avoid him
if you watch TV


once more they board New Orleans-
because of the threat
of a hurricane

#Beatles song

hey Jude---
find her for me and I'll go
and get her


sunny August---
a limo driver enters
a car wash


storm Isaac aims at Tampa---
can Romney's boat
stay afloat


not a sexual aid just
an old city


sunny Sunday---
I write a haiku
on NaHaiWriMo timeline


late August sunrise---
plenty of parking space
on the street


I turn on the radio---
and it's
a tequila sunrise


growing up---
I was no
Huckleberry Finn


the wild wild west---
shoot out outside
the Empire State Building


hi sun---
you are leaving us for the night
best wishes


a happy marriage---
after his death
she falls apart at the seams


a NASA rover looks for
signs of life on Mars


after sunset---
a man raises
the rising sun flag


election year---
if you can't stand the heat
get out of the kitchen


what your mind forgets
can be found in its trash basket


August morning---
New York Times reports
on a Wiccan prayer circle


Summer sunset---
a couple bark at each other
their dogs watch


the Beat Poets---
some drifted through life
like logs on a river


morning stillness---
a man talks to his dog
in a whisper


perched on the roof---
two pigeons face to face
touch peaks


after dancing together
till the wee hours---
she surrenders


what's on your mind---
Facebook will take it
even if it stinks


Summer humid day---
pigs don't sweat
humans do


skyscrapers lower
their lights


the Roaring Twenties---
crossing the Atlantic
on an ocean liner


Putin and the Pussy Riot---
he must be


New York City wee hours---
people walk home


August Friday---
a man asks his manager
if he can leave early


not her type---
a lioness turns down
a suitor


Obama runs
for a second term---
no birthers so far


an artist draws
with charcoal


you can see the sun sets---
while the rain is still
falling here


August rain---
like pearl necklaces
when they become untied


have a soar throat---
gargle with cayenne pepper
and lemon juice


August sunny morning---
tanned blond with long ponytail
jogs by


Age of Enlightenment---
an apple hits
Isaac Newton head


early morning---
a smoke alarm rings
needs new batteries


Wall Street---
it's all for the love
of money


Monday morning blue sky---
a teacher tells the class
to quiet


London blue sky---
a marathoner reaches
the finish line


on vacation---
a prude enters a nudist beach
by mistake


Summer cloudy dawn---
a cat


Summer sunset---
a beach lifeguard blows
his whistle


eating watermelon---
kids compete who can
spit the seeds the furthest


overcast morning---
I hear the squawk
of a seagull


a spiritual event---
Rastafarians smoke


overcast August---
a monk has rice
with his yogurt


East River August---
much ultra violet rays
joggers in a daze

#tide pool

look at a tide pool---
then look at the sky
there're stars in both


sunny Summer morning---
a fruit stand has


the best test of love---


Spider-Man on Broadway---
when in the Big Apple
don't miss it


skyline morning fog---
a man watches and puffs
on his pipe


myth becomes reality---
NASA lands a rover
on Mars


NASA lands a rover
on Mars


East River August---
mostly humans wearing


lottery tickets---
the sole  reason they buy them
is hope that they'll win


on stage---
a mime portrays
a haiku


Olympics synchronized swimming-
all look like they
had ballet training


Columbus statue near
where I live---
a huge sword in his belt 


overcast Sunday---
a black and white cat sits
in the window


the Olympics beach volley ball-
but where is
the water


on stage---
the lightness of a ballerina
as she leaps


August morning haze---
a kid with crayons colors
the sky red


bull's eye---
an archer shoots an arrow
at sunset


stormy day at the beach---
where lightning strikes
sand becomes glass


Summer morning haze---
a man sweetens his coffee
with schnapps


the twenty-first century---
it's all about


August full moon---
lovers at the beach
in a swoon


August morning haze---
a man had too much
to drink last night


get out your kayak---
a Summer rain storm floods parts
of New York City


Three-card Monte---
you find where is
the queen of hearts


morning drizzle
I run to catch a bus---
August First