Sunday, April 27, 2008


overcast Sunday---
the lilacs
remind me of last night


Spring drizzle---
her frizzy red hair
gets wet


check out---
the clerk wants to know
how many bags of rice I got


overcast Spring day---
an empty plastic bag rolls
my shoe untied


Madison Square Park---
no sub prime anything


April ends---
the sun shines
on a dead fly


blue sky---
the parrot
is very quiet


needs another night cap
for the dawn---
waxing moon


Union Square---
but no one speaks out


blue sky---
my neighbor tells
another big fish story


dull April afternoon---
one of my exes


primary Tuesday---
it's about time
the fat lady sings


hot sun and cold wind---
I drink another beer


morning fog---
she wipes the dust
off her portrait

Sunday, April 20, 2008


mass at Yankee Stadium---
his Holiness decides
to play hardball


the price of rice
goes up---
I start hording sake


hot April day---
Cherry petals scatter
her new toenail paint


Madison Square Park Spring day---
dog and his mistress
walk shaking their tails


her blond hair shines
over her business suit---
full moon at dusk


out for a walk
my shadow scares me


hot Spring day---
the cat thinks
this is a jungle


the subway surfaces---
a symphony
of ring tones


April warms---
I chat with a woman
who wears a Sox cap


blue sky---
I step on white
Cherry tree petals


give to Caesar what---
the Pope visits
on Tax Day


Tax Day---
the sun shines
on a house for sale


I stopped to view
a Cherry tree---
April sunset


blue sky---
her windows are all
fogged up

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Greek bar---
I use sign language
to chat up the belly dancer


blue sky---
a grey horse pisses
on new grass


Cherry trees blossom---
construction workers
nonstop whistling


new driver---
my bus arrives
on time


foggy day---
the rest of this
is at present not available


the birds sing
the cat pretends sleep


warm Spring day---
the woman in the token booth
smiles at me


new Olympic sport---
hide and seek
the Torch


evening rush---
a kitten sticks out
of a crowded duffel bag


green plastic stirrers
too narrow for sniffing


April cold wind
and hot sun---
Chinese what?


a voyeur
needs more time


Spring cleaning---
I misplaced the Drano
in the frig


Cherry trees blossom---
she asks have I seen
her new tattoo

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Spring sun warms---
she jogs on Third Avenue
wearing shorts


Madison Square Park---
people sit in Spring sun
wearing their Winter coats


nice Spring day---
I help a neighbor
go up stairs


economy is bad---
my barber switches
to sheep*



early morning---
the sound of rock 'n roll band
from a church


with so many keys on her ring
she may have your heart's


heavy rain---
I bend down to tie
her shoe laces


waiting for my Cuban cigars
to arrive by Fed Ex---
Bill smokes


an old pair of pants
fit too loose---
Spring morning walk


sunny Spring day---
at the corner store
firemen buy charcoal


a pile of black trash bags
wait for pick up


April showers---
who cares
about getting wet


April's Fool---
she tells
the truth


a cat runs
the parrot barks---
a dull March ends


March drizzle---
a long line to buy
baseball tickets