Saturday, April 17, 2010


morning fog---
a boy scout uses
his compass


Iceland volcano ash cloud---
will make sunsets
look prettier


kissing at sunset---
the skyline lights turn on
but her blush is still there


Park Avenue
Spring tulips---
they smell of Channel


Tax Day---
it is also the day
the Titanic sank


Madison Square Park
nice Spring day---
no stock brokers


blue sky---
the seagulls have
a field day


April overcast skies---
I cheer myself up
viewing graffiti


morning stillness---
a car alarm
goes on


April sunset---
from the patio of
a foreclosed house for sale


the subway is late---
a man takes out
his worry beads


a woman takes a picture of herself
Cherry trees blossom


April Sunday---
a banker prepares
his tax return


sweaty Spring day---
ants climb
my bared legs


clear skies---
she needs drops to get
the red out of her blue eyes


April cool---
I view the leaves on trees
as she makes a salad


South Africa---
nine year old boy
stumbles on bones of new hominid


cocktail lounge---
the more we order
the more the waitress leans forward


April cool front---
goose bumps bud
on clean shaved legs


as I pass her
she smiles---
moonless night


hot and dry April---
I share my ice cream
with a dog


morning clouds---
an old man looks
for a white shirt


Apple iPad---
so much cash
for no flash


Central Park Easter Sunday---
a clown pulls a bunny
out of his bag


Saturday night fog---
too many women
wear pants


blue sky---
an avatar has
no where to hide


Good Friday---
the sidewalk is clean
outside an OTB parlor


April First---
a homeless man argues
with the park fountain


April's Fool---
Obama invades


NYPD is recruiting---
that's when cops
are nice to you


like spear heads
ready to pierce---
buds appear on trees


heavy rain---
a dog walker stops
under a bank canopy


evening fog---
my neighbor opens
her curtains


morning fog---
a ghost takes
the day off